There are more than 5 ways of attack!

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In keeping with my previous message to help keep this great forum, which is very wonderful, from becoming too superficial, I've figured out that there are more than five ways of attack!

It is very difficult not to duplicate the method and in a way you could call the 'new ways' just direct attack, but I've worked long and hard on these to try and make them unique, so let's just agree that we will not hide them by insisting they are 'direct attack'.

First we now know that there are more ways of fighting than 'striking'. We know there is a range for takedowns, there is a range for groundfighting (that is beyond the collection of tricks that most japanese jiujitsu is (JJJ)), and we know there are transitions and fighting outside the actual contact range. To digress for a second I call those 'preparations' and 'attacks on the preparations'.

One example of this extended range, which was used by BL, but perhaps not systematically is what the DOg Brothers call 'snakey stick'.

If there is interest in this topic I will expand the discussion and talk about these other ways of attack. Let me know.

Good luck to the owner with the new forum!


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So, here are the expanded ways of attack based on Ranges of fighting and not just the Striking or stand-up range:

A better method of analysis is achieved by grouping attack methods by range.

· Single Attack (SAA) - a single, simple attack.
· Attack by combination (ABC) - using a planned flurry of blows to open lines.
· Indirect attack (PIA) – attack with faking, feinting.
· Hand/Arm/Leg/Body immobilization attack (IA) - any attack, including grabs, parries, blocks or traps, which opens a line.
· Attack by Drawing (ABD) - opening a line to draw an attack, which bring the opponent into range or creates vulnerability.
· Attack by Sacrifice (ABS) - taking a hit to open a line. In chess giving up a piece to open a line, gain territory or advantage.

Standing Grappling
· Attack by Leverage (ABLE) – attack by various whizzers, trips, sweeps.
· Attack by Penetration (ABP) (takedown, tackle). In wrestling, you lower the level and then acquire the hold via the penetration step.
· Attack by Unbalancing (ABU) – attack by removing the center of gravity beyond the base of support.
· Attack by Lifting (ABLI) – attack by suplex, body lock twisting lifts, spiking and spearing.
· ABD - same as above but with specific elements, including sprawling.
· Attack by Sacrifice (ABS) - Sacrifice throws, giving an advantage to get leverage, pulling guard.

Ground Grappling
· Attack by top control or position - (ABTC) In ground grappling, top control serves as an attack by positional dominance.
· Unskilled opponents can tap to being under top control in a panic.
· Attack by Submission (ABSub) - a type of positional dominance attack, but with ability to end the fight immediately.
· ABD - An ABD but with specific grappling elements.
· Attack by Sacrifice (ABS) – attack by giving up a limb to get a sweep

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