Old Bruce Lee books and Celestial DVD lot sale

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Hi folks,

I am selling some of my books and DVD's on eBay. Send me a line if you are interested in making a deal:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/261372926589?ss ... 1555.l2649

Original DVD's for sale without shell boxes, covers and DVD's only:

The Battle Wizard/Zoke Culture Celestial

Return to the 36th Chamber/IVL Celestial

The Kid with the Golden Arm/IVL

Holy Flame of the Martial World/IVL

The Brave Archer/IVL

Two Champions of Shaolin/Well Go USA Inc. Celestial

The Heroic Ones/Well Go USA Inc. Celestial

Flaming Brothers/Universe DVD

Crippled Avengers/IVL

Return of the One Armed Swordsman/IVL

Eight Diagram Pole Fighter/IVL

Life Gamble/IVL

The 14 Amazons/IVL

Invincible Shaolin/IVL

Soul of the Sword/IVL

Possessed 2/Joy Sales

Rare Bruce Lee books:

Bruce Lee Motion Pictures on Paper Volume 1 flip book circa early 70's, comes with two flip books/Excellent condition.

Bruce Lee the Immortal Dragon/Way of the Dragon photo book circa mid 70's/Excellent Condition.

Bruce Lee's "My Martial Arts Training Manual" by Jacques Anton and Claude St. Denise/good condition

Auctioning only for US(no overseas, sorry)