How Bruce Lee fought with ingrown toenails

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How Bruce Lee fought with ingrown toenails – thanks to a scalpel-wielding Shanghai pedicurist in Hong Kong

Who better than the man who tended to martial art legend’s painful toenails to take care of your ingrowns, verrucas or warts? Lam Kwun-ching is one of a handful of Shanghai pedicure masters still wielding their scalpels in Hong Kong

Lam remembers one particular client – Hong Kong action film legend Bruce Lee.

“He was a wonderful man – very eloquent and nice. When he died, I was very upset,” says Lam. He says the actor suffered from a serious case of ingrown toenails and had to come to the pedicurist to deal with the pain.

“Bruce Lee also just liked a good chat,” Lam adds. Being a good conversationalist is part of Lam’s recipe for being a good pedicurist. Many of his customers come back because they just want some company. ... l-do-where