Happier, Funny, Informative Times Fantasy Ride w/ BL & Taky Kimura

Happier, Funny, Informative Times Fantasy Ride w/ BL & Taky Kimura

Mike Bruce Sullivan
Mike Bruce Sullivan

October 16th, 2008, 7:28 pm #1

the following is for your entertainment. a lot of it is true. some of it may not be true, but based on fantasy, a creative whirlwind of learning more about Bruce Lee and thereby keeping him alive in our memories and hearts. I don't know what movies Bruce saw. I don't know what his favorite songs or bands or music was. I can guess that he probably liked the Beatles in their late era 1968 to 1970, when he was dating a beautiful Japanese artist, Yoko Ono. Brandon Lee even declared in high school as student body president that classes would end early in December 7, 1980, the day John Lennon was assasinated.
I know for sure that he would exercise and practice martial arts to the music of Lalo Schifrin's "Mission Impossible" theme song.

So, here, sit back, take an adventure. Where possible I have cited my authority. So, it's partly fact, and partly fiction:

Bruce Lee and Taky Kimura used to go to the movies a lot. (from Taky's own admission) In 1965, in Seattle, they went to a local movie theatre. The movie playing was "Dr. Zhivago". Bruce expressed an interest because he was interested in Russia. The Russo-Japanese War and the neighboring countries of Mongolia and Manchuria interested him, as well as parts of Asia Minor like Kazikstan and Afghanistan where the benevolent, genius ruler, Genghis Khan lived for some time.

Taky and Bruce walk into the theatre. "Man, I was bored out of my mind when Linda and I saw "The Sound of Music early this year, Taky," Bruce said with a confident and annoying way. "This movie's much better, it's a better love story. Plus you get to learn more about the Russian Revolution. They taught us that at my Hong Kong high school."
"Yeah, I hope it's good. I hope they have fighting scenes we can learn from."
"No, I doubt it. They mostly use rifles. Anyway, what I hope is that they show those hot Mongolian girls who have asian, slant eyes just like a Chinese woman, yet they speak perfect Russian. Also, their eyes are the bluest of the bluest waters--can you believe that?! A chinese woman who speaks perfect Russian and has blue eyes. That's hot!" Bruce became excited, he then added, "It's a long movie too, like the sound of music, but I heard the lead role, Dr. Zhivago, isn't only a doctor, but he also is a very talented poet. You know how I always liked poetry."
"Yeah. How are things with you and Linda and her mother?" Taky changed the subject out of an impulsive curiousity.
"Well, you know since she said under her voice that I didn't even bring flowers to our wedding, that kind of made me mad. But, I won't judge her yet. I'll give her some time. I don't know her well enough, yet, to hate her or dislike her. But, it did put a bitter taste in my mouth. Sometimes I wish I was like a Muslim and had enough money to support my wives and spend time with them. I'd have a caucasian wife like Linda, a Korean wife, a Japanese wife, a Thai, and an Indonesian wife who was a 100 % muslim. Then you would see all the beautiful variations of the Bruce Lee offspring, heh, heh! I would project myself into the future and thereby achieve a level of immortality!" Bruce chuckled.
"Now do me a favor "Pongo-breath" go and get us a large popcorn with lots of butter, a coca-cola and a pack of m&m's. I'll watch the seats." Bruce said cooly.
"Yeah, okay, but why do you keep calling me Pongo-Breath?"
"Because in Korean, Pongo means "Fart" and your breath, Taky, sometimes smells like a fart!" Bruce burst into laughing. His cheeks were inflated with air and laughter. "No, I'm just kidding. It's just that you eat a lot of Sushi, so it's a good idea to brush your teeth after every meal, like take a tootbrush and toothpaste with you or you should floss more, or even breath mints. It's not so bad."
"Ok. Thanks for letting me know," replied Taky. "I'll be back." He left to go get refreshments.
"Taky, baby, you know I love you like an older brother, ok? I'm always trying to help you, to be your motivational coach."

When Taky came back. They watched the movie. Bruce and Taky were quiet throughout the movie. Bruce was intrigued by how Dr. Zhivago, a married man with children, was madly in love with a woman named Lara. He had lost ties with Lara and couldn't find her in the middle of the turbulent Russian Revolution and Bruce found Zhivago's persistence in finding Lara very interesting.

There was a part when Zhivago wrote his wife and then his father-in-law asked what the date of the letter was and his wife said "July 20th". To which, the father-in-law responded that during the Russian civil war, it took 3 weeks for mail to reach them. Bruce as he watched this had no expression on his face. He noted the date July 20th, but at the time, it had no significance for him. (July 20th as Bruce Lee fans know was when he passed on).
During the second half of this movie. There were four white kids sitting in front of Bruce and Taky. They were obviously bored by the historical context of the movie which they didn't understand. So they were making loud jokes which disturbed both Bruce and Taky. They made some jokes like "The Commies really ****ed up their country. Look at the commies takin' a **** and pissing in the train cars. Yeah, right! that's proof that communism is better than capitalism!" one of the white youths said sarcastically.

Taky who was usually the quiet, shy one, didn't ask them to please quiet down. It was Bruce who made his characteristic annoyed face and said something. "Excuse me, my friends, could you please lower your voices? I'd really appreciate it. I know you're having a fun time, but I have to study this for a college term paper."

One of the men, turned around, snarled and said, "No! It's a free country," he turned around and looked at his other white friends then returned his stare at Bruce. "This ain't communist China or Vietnam, or even Commie North Korea. We got the right of free speech here! If you don't like how loud we talk, go sit somewhere else. Besides, we don't like no commies sitting behind us!"

Taky was sure, he would see Bruce backfist the man in the face. Bruce didn't do that. He nudged Taky on the forearm and said, "Let's go sit over there, it's much more quiet."

Taky thought about this and when the moment was right, asked Bruce why he didn't fight for his rights and tell those guys off for calling them commies. Bruce answered by saying, "There's only waste of time when trying to argue or convince the stone-heart ignorant. One of the philosophies which I've tried to incorporate in my life, Taky, is that I, Bruce Lee, am a man that does not get easily irritated, nor do I allow anyone to easily irritate me. I try to avoid conflict when possible. Conflict is the last resort."

Finally Zhivago finds Lara, his mistress and arguably his real, true love. But, their days are numbered due to the Russian police state and civil war crackdown on poets and other "dissidents" and "traitors". Soon, they part, but not before years later Zhivago runs off the bus after he spots Lara, and out of breath tries to say her name, but then mysteriously collapses and dies before she can hear him from behind.

From Tom Bleecker's "Unsettled Matters", Bruce had tried to contact Amy Sanbo even after his wedding to LInda. Amy had left him in 1964 to work at The World's Fair in New York. After watching Zhivago and Zhivago's romantic thirst to find Lara in the middle of the turbulent Russian REvolution, he thought about Amy. "Shall I, like Dr. Zhivago, go and find Amy? I tried to find her by calling her friends and parents. Once I called and I think her new husband answered the phone. Then I stopped calling."

Years later, again from Tom Bleecker's book, U.M., the woman Bruce chose as his mistress, Betty Ting Pei, according to Tom Bleecker, "looked strikingly/amazingly like Amy Sanbo, especially her face." Was Betty Ting Pei, Bruce's Amy Sanbo? By inference, was Betty Ting Pei, Bruce's Lara (Amy Sanbo) from "Dr. Zhivago"?

By Mike Bruce Sullivan, copyr. 2008

This is all very interesting to conjecture. Who knows, if Bruce Lee, ever even watched Dr. Zhivago. But, it's all good fun and entertainment to make these creative guesses.

I hope you enjoyed this...and comments or questions, as always are welcomed....See you later, fellow Bruce Lee fan friends...

By Mike Bruce Sullivan, copyr. 2008