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Following Decembwar, Britnerf's 1st official NIC war, it was decided that we could do with a set of rules.


You must establish a set of specific dates on which you intend to host your war. For example, simply “some time in June” will not do. It is best to suggest a couple of dates so everyone can decide which date is best.

Allow yourself plenty of time to plan your war. You will need to announce your war at least one month before the proposed date so others get a chance to respond. If you organise a war for the following day, you’ll probably be the only one there.


State what time you’d like people to arrive and ensure that you are at the RVP at least 30 mins before the scheduled time. Your guests may arrive early and may not be familiar with the area.


Host your war in a place that is familiar to you. Don’t ask people to turn up somewhere you have never been before. That’s just silly. You will need to know about the local amenities such as places to buy food and drink, car parks and toilets. Make sure this location is easily accessible and that it is a public place (or you have the land owner’s permission to be there). Also make sure that your war won’t affect other people using the space. We don’t want innocent pedestrians getting caught in the crossfire now do we?


Decide well before the war what game types you’d like to run. This will help you work out things like how long the war will be and what people need to bring. This will help you no end when it come so planning. It will also avoid that “what are we going to do” moment when everyone is ready to play. It’s your war.


Eye protection is mandatory for all Nerf wars, even stock wars/rounds. If you feel that this rule doesn’t apply to you, you are wrong. As my Nan used to say, “It’s all fun and games until someone looses an eye. Then it’s just a game. Find the eye.”

Anyone under the age of 18 must have permission from their parents before hosting/attending a war. For anyone under 16, if your parents won’t come as a chaperone then neither should you. It sounds harsh but if a minor gets hurt, people are going to start asking questions. This is a hobby. No one wants to get in trouble for a hobby. It’s not worth it.

Certain blaster and dart types are widely banned within the NIC. There is a very good reason for this. Think very carefully before allowing certain blasters to be used in your war.


Don’t be a dick. Don’t condone others being dicks. We all know what happens to people who play with dicks. They go blind.

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