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April 22nd, 2018, 4:06 pm #1

 Last night was the first session with our revised time slot of 6.30pm - 9.00pm. A quieter than usual game for us with just 16 players (probably due to the fact that we have so much going on right now with FDT Speedball, TI and Stadium and because Saturday was the first sunny day in Scotland in about 6 months) the lower numbers made for faster game play, which was really exciting. With 4 adults playing (I’m including Big Aid in this as he is an experienced older player used to playing with higher powered blasters), we had two on each team which seemed to work well. 

We started with two rounds of Lockdown with a quick win for each team.

Next was Flux, again two rounds with 7 discs in play. Each round was closely fought with a lot of back and forth. At one point during the 1st round the bibs had 6/7 discs but the non-bibs fought back and took the win with all 7 discs turned to their colour. The second session saw the bibs completely pinned to their base and the non- bibs took a very easy win, again with all 7 discs turned. 

We switched two of the adult players for the next game - Duck Hunt. This game is always lots of fun and with Super Duck being thrown into the mix for an extra 5 points it's always a fight to the end. The bibs took the win in both rounds, in the second round a non-bib player managed to steal Super Duck right on the whistle, but this didn't affect the score and it was still a win for the bibs despite his brave efforts.

We finished with one round of HVZ. It lasted longer than usual due to the smaller numbers and we saw some epic chases up and down the ramps! As usual our regular player Luke was the last human standing, but it was a close call this time with three very fast players outrunning the zombies and keeping them tagged for much longer than usual. Great fun!

Thanks to everyone who turned out to play 😊
Sanding off the pink because we all know Rebelle blasters are the best 😃  

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April 22nd, 2018, 8:13 pm #2

The lower numbers made for a very different night of play.

With teams of 8 a side there were way less bodies on the field, which meant dodging darts and fast movement were the order of the day.

I started out running Liara, (my Rayen with Magnus Masterkey ) but after game 1 it was obvious that I need something more manouverable, so switched to my Helios. This was great so long as it didnt jam, but my Kronos had to get me out of more than one sticky spot during Flux. Being able to run and gun, scavenging rounds as I went, really changed how I played - I normally stay towards the back and support the team, but tonight I was leading from the front. :)

For Duck Hunt and HVZ I switched again to a *really* old skool pair of blasters - my barrel break (thanks to MTC for a bag of whistler darts!) and my spiderman wrist shooter. Given the up close and personal ranges these games can happen at I liked the low power output and manouverability of these, and more than one zombie got a suprise 3 dart spread to the chest while trying to tag me, thinking they had dodged the shots from the barrel break. :)

A really fun, fast paced night. Thanks to everyone who attended for being so welcoming to two brand new players, Colin and Steph, who had a fantastic time with everyone and will definitlley be back!

Hope to see you at TI.

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April 22nd, 2018, 9:20 pm #3

Not much more to add from me. I had been ill and was struggling with a really sore throat so having a smaller crowd to speak to helped a little. Definitely a different vibe to the games with the smaller numbers and HvZ was particularly fun as the quicker players had plenty of space to run about in and much less Zombies than usual to evade so there were a few epic chases. Here's a few pics.

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