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Loved it

Was tempted to leave it at that but I'll go into a little more detail.

So not everyday you fly hundreds of miles to another continent to fling some foam.

Foam Con was a great day to meet everyone and chat and mingle and look at awesome stuff. The SENC were running their ion rush 5v5 game out the back and all sorts of blasting going on inside the hall itself. The weeks leading upto this trip were hectic for me with lots going on at home and work so I was completely shattered when I arrived and we didn't get much sleep the night before FoamCon so I was getting through the day on pizza, coffee and energy drinks, so by the time Foam con finished and it was time to roll out for endwar mission 0 I was done and decided not to play as it was a freebie mission with anyone turned returning to human at midnight. So I decided to just follow the squad around and film some footage. This was a late mission, dusk going into night and we were rolling out with the SENC squad who were all determined to play every mission and play as hard as they could all weekend, these guys were great, pure enthusiasm for the event and commitment to the game, a lot of players only played one or two missions so they could turn up to the final stand but not the senc guys they were there to play and take what ever the game threw at them, hats of to them.

Mission 0 was fun, humans were split into several groups, our mission was to follow out moderator character about and play a game like "Simon says" He would Ricky Requires... and the players had to obey, if he thought they weren't trying hard enough he had the power to make them Zombies. He would mix this up with timing his silly requests with zombie attacks so one attack all players had to hold their blasters upside down while fighting off the zeds, a particular problem for anyone with a nemmy Also anyone that carried out one of his silly requests with out him saying Ricky requires also got turned into a Zombie. Once the humans had be decently thinned out it was time for them all to be hurded into a narrow Street and and the full horde unleashed on them till there was an absolute slaughter. Anyway this was a freebie mission so no harm done all humans safe and only the Ozs left again for mission 1.

Again not a lot of sleep was had that night bit we were up early quick coffee and a slice of toast and off for mission one, the real deal this time. It was fun jumping out of the mini bus armed and in play, taking turns to cover the carpark while everyone hot their gear out then a short walk to the safe zone central building for the mission briefing, watching our back all the time, we actually saw people get ambushed on the way into mission one and zombied before making it in to mission 1.

We had a big squad for mission one with the entire SENC and Naptown Nerf Club plus others we also had every FDL on our squad I think which put a massive target on our backs for the Zombies and we were hassled from the get go by the horde. The Zombies were on top of us from the start and this year as there were so many human players the mods gave the zeds power ups from start, pool noodles, stunning dodge balls, sheilds and special Zombies, boomers and tanks. We took casualties quickly including Britnerfer spectre who had also traveled over to play.
A few skirmishes later and we were at the main objective and we had a massive horde on us to deal with. The rolling 5 min zombie respawn meant the zeds attacked in waves every 5 mins unless a boomer spawned then we had a bigger battle so we had to fend off wave after wave of attack while completing the objective of collecting flags from a special character fighting us off wirh pool noodles, it took a while and we lost Jesse from FDL in the process and a few more.

Getting back to the safe zone after this mission was the most amazing feeling I've ever had after a game of Nerf, so intense. Never played this style of game before and I must say I loved it.

Next was lunch break and heading into town armed and walking down the main street in formation was hilarious Groups of zeds were out hunting and people got nabbed while out.

Next mission 2. Wow this was epic. Pretty much same squads again, part one of the mission was a search for keys, we were given general areas to sweep and look for keys and once we had them all we had to rendezvous at a rally point. Not much zombie encounters on the search part of the mission just the odd stalker but once we arrived at the final point the horde was waiting for us with all the power ups a specialist Zombies you could shake a stick at. Every veteran HvZ player I spoke to said hands down this was the craziest mission they had ever done. There were four boomers one on each side of the courtyard that spawned in a cycle so we faced a constant wave of attacks from everyside. The keys we collected earlier had to be used to shut down the boomers but this took a while and then once they were done there were water balloon bombs to carry across the field using only a couple of pipes. This was madness and it was the constantly changing boomers that caught me out. Having just fought off a wave of attack a boomer spawned right behind us and all the zeds we had just tagged sprang into life right behind us, I spotted the guy that got me and had spun and shot but I reckon he had his hand on me before the dart hit him, fraction of a second in it but I took the tag and bowed out of the battle.

Big Aid was still in and due to the rules I had to stay with him as an accompanying adult as he is under 16 so I grabbed the gimbal and became a cameraman for the rest of the game.

The humans failed to complete the mission in the time frame so it was back to the safe zone for the next briefing.

Mission 3 was a nightmare. All players pretty much agreed it was impossible to complete. It was more of a Zombie mission as they had the chance to win more upgrades and it was the humans that had to stop them bur the way the game mechanism worked it was a lost cause and after the first attempt trying to complete a section the humans realised it was not worth the risk a called a retreat back to to safe zone.

Mission 4 was a more achievable objective and gave the humans a chance to take back some of the extra perks the Zombies won in the in 3. Unfortunately the mission relied on a bunch of objects that had to be used to take down bosses around the campus and one squad, the first one out of their briefing room ran off taking all the objects for themselves and leaving three quarters of the human team behind with no chance of joining in on the objective. The rest of the human decided to head and see if they could find them and join in but this led to a large group just wandering aimlessly around in the dark. TK1138 decided to take a fast squad and run off to see if they could catch them and then the remaining humans were ambushed in a dark alleyway taking massive casualties and splitting the group up, small teams that were left filtered back to the safe zone feeling a little hard done by.

Day one over, tired beyond belief, only 3 hrs sleep then up again for mission 5 Sunday morning.

Mission 5 was funny, it would seem it was shoehorned in by the sponsership from xshot as it revolved around their new flying bug toys and had little to do with the story arc of the event. The mods and players wernt really happy with this so they decided to make it a freebie mission and zed tags won't count and they're would be amnesty till the final stand to alow for a massive campus Dart sweep. After the last two missions not quite hitting the mark this actually turnes out to be a fun mission with a relaxed atmosphere and lots of good battles as the humans had to go from point to point do the silly bug toy thing and battle the horde. Not a long mission and some good action and no one permanently turned.

Next was the massive Dart sweep, lunch and then meet up for the final stand. This was epic, head over to my Facebook or youtube and watch the video. Humans had to march from the safe zone to the same battle field as the epic mission two climax where they faced off against a now massive horde of zeds. There were some objectives to complete bit as soon as that whistling it was just chaos and the most epic battle I've seen. Big Aid from Monkeytron was still alive at this point after attending every mission and he strode into battle with the Fdt saltire flag on his back it was amazing [WHITE SMILING FACE] he went down fighting side by side with Jangular towards the end of the battle.

Amazing weekend. Loved the game, not without its hiccups but a throughly intense and we'll organised in general. Massive thanks to all the mods involved, massive thanks to the project FDL team for helping organise our trip, massive thanks to tk and the rest of the senc for letting us roll out with them and massive thanks to our own @scootergirl as non of it would have been possible without her We all definitely want to go next year.

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