Durham Community Nerf - 5th of May 2018

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Durham Community Nerf - Saturday the 5th of May 2018

Players - 10+
Age range - 8 to should know better!
Birthdays - 2
Weather - Sunny and hot especially approaching Midday.
My loadout -
Primary: A Nerf Elite modded Retal w/ a Worker 1/2 length dart kit fitted and pump kit.
Secondary: DT Snapfire 8 (Vintage)
Extras: 3 * 15 Round 1/2 length dart mags

Game 1 & 2
Defend the fort (Attacking team)
This was awesome fun. I was on the attacking team first and was tagged out while wall hugging. Beware of ‘Tag from above’! Attacking team won with last defended been tagged out by Sledgefire shot blast burst.

Defend the fort (Defending team)
Great fun especially for myself as I got to use my modded Retal firing Worker Stefan type darts. Able pin down two attacking players behind one tree. When one bravely decide to make break for it he was tagged by the other players on my team. Defenders succeeded in tagging all of attacking team.

Games 3 & 4
Six shot
Two teams, one starting on high ground (most cover) and the other further down the park. My most notable moment was tagging a fellow Admin within 10 seconds of game starting, he took it very well.

Games 5 & 6
Very fast paced game play with my team snatching defeat from the waiting jaws of victory, twice :-) ! A super game type, as it kept players playing with minimal time on the sidelines. Really wish I had recorded both games.

On a personal note I learnt that a Worker modded Retal with amazing accuracy and awesome long range capability is not the best choice when fighting at mid to close range in fast paced game style like Resurrection :) . New load out coming.
It will be large, front loadable and very yellow!

Break for Lunch at 12:30. So that was 6 games in effectively 2 hours, as the first 30 mins was a 'Hello’, catching up with friends after the break and trading blasters etc. A social 30 mins, which was very nice :-) .

At this point I had to go to lunch in Durham city centre for Pizza (My Birthday meal owt). Tough job, but pizza does not eat itself ;-) .

From speaking to my fellow admins they played another three games after lunch but reported it was almost too hot to play! Not a complaint you here from a UK based Nerf club very often.

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