Cave war 3.0 10/march 2018

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March 11th, 2018, 4:11 pm #1

So had a low turnout which was I think the weathers fault. as having to change the date with a weeks notice was a pain. (hopefully this wont happen again)
Games were good, got to try out some different ideas which I feel worked a lot better this time around (few more tweaks are needed). Had a few issue with Lights and engagement distances so got to look at that, but the extra life balloons worked really well and I got lots of ideas for them now. And though I did not get to see tribes working it did sound like a hoot!

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March 11th, 2018, 6:44 pm #2

Low turnout was a disappointment.

However, it did mean that everyone there knew what was happening and things didn't need much explanation. Games were smooth and the air horn worked beautifully. 

It was nice to try out each of my different rigs too - Nemini was brutal with the paintball pods allowing me to just keep going meant our defence was phenomenal.

Balloon pop showed nicely how its not just about the blasters as well - well played on the part of blue team for being sneaky!

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March 11th, 2018, 6:56 pm #3

Much better games this time around. Enjoyed understanding all of the objectives easily. Working on dimming my torch due to the complaints, will be less impacting next time. Very pleased with the air horn, a nice confirmation of start/stop.

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March 12th, 2018, 12:20 am #4

Air horn was a good idea. No problems hearing it from the other end of the caves.

Rules were a lot more coherent this time around which got the games going much more quickly. Everybody knew what was gong on and when.

3/15 was a good game besides the slow start (both teams decided to set up defensive positions). Once it got going there was some intense game play and good sportsmanship all round.

Attack and Defend was great and the defensive spawn points were well thought out. A rare bit of tactical gameplay from Tropicana Thunder put us on top both rounds but left us all feeling dirty (nothing that some banter and innuendo couldn't fix).

The balloon game (paste more 'manly' title here) was great fun. Both teams trying to push through the bottle neck at the toilet block made for some really good CQB. We managed to push the blue team back quite far but we ended up so far from the respawn point that a sneaky flanking maneuver from the blue team sent us home early.

Tribes (aka blob/clans) was my favourite game of the evening. It's a game I've played a million times at DSS and at airsoft but it's always been in open ground. In the caves it's terrifying. It starts off lonely and quiet, sneaking around in the darkness trying to stay safe/hunt and ends up running through the caves trying to flee the larger tribes. After I was pinned down in a building and eventually shot in the face, I was tapped on the shoulder and heard the immortal words "Friendship is magic". I knew then the game was over for me.

The real bummer is that I've got lots of great footage from my helmet camera, but since my laptop is kaput, I don't have a computer powerful enough to edit it. You'll all have to wait I'm afraid.

As always, a massive thanks to Chris for hosting.
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