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June 16th, 2018, 6:09 pm #1

So the weather wasn't great. But at least it didn't hammer down.  We were back at Wigton Crescent Chapel, with a slightly lower than usual turn out. But that didn't stop us.

We started with 2 HvZ, one of which I was tagged out really early. Then we did Lockdown and Flux, both longer format games... green team won Lockdown and orange team won Flux. The new team buffs were excellent. No mistaking who was on whose team.

After lunch, and a Ceda unboxing, we did Team Death Match which Orange won by 2 lives.  A really close game.

We ended on 2 HvZ.

Favourite moment of the day... probably accidently tagging James in the face, he walked into the shot too. I was outside shooting into the T junction and James walks into the shot a second after I fired... was a bit funny.

Over to you guys....

HvZ - Game 1
HvZ - Game 2
Team Death Match
HvZ - Game 3
HvZ - Game 4
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June 16th, 2018, 6:23 pm #2

Overall really fun day, lockdown was a blast besides the occasional quick counting. Flux was mostly enjoyable but partially ruined by a problem that shall be later explained. I did ok in hvz for all of the rounds which is new for me (On the first round of HvZ I hid in a room the entire game and never died). The inflatables were lovely, got my eye pro knocked off my head in flux by a rogue inflatable box. I’d say my favourite moment was diving over an inflatable and shooting the person crouching down on the other side of it from above. The experience was only hampered by the prior mentioned problem of the spawn immunity timer: during flux one of the teams was abusing this slightly by starting counting only after they are in enemy view (Usually a good few secounds away from spawn) and counting about a third of actual speed - enough for them to run to our spawn still immune. I might suggest removing that immunity entirely and just telling players not to spawn camp. A certain group of that teams players tended to do various types of cheating throughout all the games. Although not all of that team did abuse this, it was enough to make a noticeable difference to the game.

Edit: sorry if this comes off a bit angry, it was still a great day and I have no intentions to seem bitter.

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June 16th, 2018, 9:05 pm #3

Today was a bit of an odd one for me. I was trying a new minimalist load out, with just two small mag pouches holding 6 Katanas, a covert dump pouch, and a stefan pump Retaliator with 12kg spring, various fancy Worker parts, and a very fancy new reflex sight I'd picked up earlier that morning. While it did make my battle belt considerably lighter and allowed me more freedom of movement, the change to my usual set up left me feeling a bit weird; something I'll have to get used to I guess.

The Retaliator was a mixed bag. It's hitting around 115fps fairly consistently, but because I've been spending so much time messing about with high powered stuff at home, when it came to using it in battle it felt very under powered - though still incredibly accurate: there were several occasions where it was comfortably delivering one shot, one kill at around 40 feet. I guess I'm used to the punch and higher RoF of my Desolator. In fairness, once I'd got used to it in a battle setting the Ret was performing amazingly, right up until the stock bolt sled snapped cleanly in two. Thankfully we realised that each of the 3 new Cedas comes with a spare bolt sled, so I set about trying to fix it with one of these (thanks Fusion!). Unfortunately the stock metal bolt pin doesn't fit the Ceda bolt sled (looks like it's designed for a long self tapping screw). I missed most of TDM trying to fix it, but managed to grab a few minutes of game play with my Kronos. 

I'm happy to say that I did fairly well in most of the HvZ games, usually last 5, and in the final round I managed to make it all the way to be last man standing. The Kronos is great for HvZ, as long as I remember to top off as I go as much as possible - and don't stop running to see who's following (as the great wizzard Rincewind says, it's not about where you're running to, but where you're running away from).

Thankfully, from what I saw, people were taking their hits a lot more today, but there were still a number of the younger players not taking hits: though if called they usually did accept them. I did encounter one person really abusing not taking hits though; during Lockdown, after I called my hit on them and their team mate also confirmed it, they waited about 3 seconds and then carried on running and firing at people. It took several more hits from me and a lot of shouting to accept they were hit and frozen.

I didn't see anyone abusing the spawn immunity count, but that's definitely something to mention to one of the organisers as soon as it happens so it can be addressed immediately. I did notice a few zombies in the habit of "onetwothree.......fooooouuur..... fiiiiiiiivvve.... siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix", but I found that was easy to counter by me also counting out load at a more reasonable pace and shooting them when I got to six. 

The new inflatables were well received, and once they can be pegged down they'll really play a part in breaking up the larger open spaces of the Wigton venue. I'm also happy to report that I didn't see a single FVJ all day either!

So all in all, a mixed day for me. Maybe my heart wasn't fully in it; maybe I was too tired from going to bed late and getting up silly early; maybe the lower numbers changed the game play; who knows? I still had a good time, and KFC afterwards was great as always. Actually, that's a good indication that I wasn't my usual self: I didn't order extra food, and I struggled to finish my meal! 
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June 17th, 2018, 6:21 pm #4

After a year and a half of wanting to get to BB and previous plans to get there having to be scrapped due to family commitments or work, I finally made it.
I wasn't disappointed and was worth the wait (and 3 hours drive each way to get there)
Was good to see a few familiar faces from BoB last year and meeting others I only knew from their screen names.
First up on the games was 2 rounds of HvZ with original zombies armed with pool noodles, this was a great fun way to get started but did learn a valuable lesson from it, I'm not as young as I used to be lol.
Should have warmed up before hand as ended up with a bit of a twinge in my hamstring and despite having fun sprinting away and dodging the reaching hands it came as a relief when I got caught.
Next up was lockdown and had this had my favourite battle of the day where I was against 4/5 of the green team at the top of the T. Managed to freeze 3 of them out but fourth made it across the corridor and they simultaneously healed each other to get me.
Next up was flux which produced some great battles especially in the corridors. It also produced my highlight of the day.
Whilst in the car park I got to use the wildfire for the first time, (for those who have never come across one of these the noise they make can be scary, rate of fire can match most highly modded full auto flywheel blasters but the range makes the deploy look good. ) the reaction of the player I unleashed it on put a big smile on my face. The "Oh S**t" moment when they first heard the noise was quickly followed by a smile when they realised that it didn't have the range to reach them. It did however cause enough of a distraction for me to get a clear shot with the stryfe.
Following lunch was a closely fought TDM before saying my goodbyes before the final two rounds of HvZ to start the long drive home.
All in all I had a great day that was well worth the journey.
Big thanks to the BB guys for organising it and for everyone who attended for making it a fun event.

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June 17th, 2018, 10:21 pm #5

Was a good day made better by there being less people and more regulars.

Got there early to help check for FVJs and try out new kit. Newly arrived Evike mask was awesome however I quickly opted not to wear it for HVZ! The armor also remained off too as the day was warm and humid. 

Rain stayed off mostly but it did get a bit slippy.

Inflatables were fun and had some good fun on lockdown and flux.

Freshly modded cycloneshock with accumegas was lovely and I was breaking shields all day long! Rayven was lovely and poor demolisher remained in the box all day. Nothing broke for a change and it was kinda nice and fun to not run rival and use megas instead for HVZ!

Having a full set of 22 round mags was glorious. I struggled to take hits at some points as I wasn't feeling them as they mostly hit my huge ring of mags! However whenever it was called I took them, apologies!

Best bits were using treezy n co as human shields and having them all go prone leaving me a sitting duck! Plus all the duels with the shielded Pete and James. 

Big shout out goes to all the kids at this BB they were really good. They played really well and give me some trouble at times! They also started asking me advice on first mods and kit which was a new one on me I gave what pointers I could and I also pointed them here!

More work to do now on my hot shock and sentinel ready for rainy July!