french 1883 mas revolver case forming

When you have a non-functional gun that requires drastic measures without regard to historical value.

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french 1883 mas revolver case forming

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June 14th, 2018, 3:57 pm #1

i know this as been done a few times with .44 mag cases shortened and the rims trimmed etc.
well i had this revolver a few years and decided to form some cases for display etc.....did it with the .44 mag and thinned the rim.......chambered and revolved.
i looked at some .45 acp cases and wondered lol......
i do have the h and c reloading so i set about and tried another way.....
i annealed the brass.....
put some imperial wax and tapped it into the resizing die to start it off....then transferred to a big vice with washers on each jaw to protect the case and die.
wound press in half way then removed case and clean and relubed then wound in all way.
case came out perfect and chambered ok.....neck inside diameter is .430 so will accept the heeled bullet
job done lol
supposed you could swap vice for a hydralic bearing press for less strain