.450 Snider Rook Rifle

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.450 Snider Rook Rifle

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28 Sep 2017, 03:34 #1

Hello everyone,

I have this little beauty and it shoots well.. It was in the one family until I obtained it about 10 years ago. 
I want to sell it but have no idea of value.

It was made for the colonies ans sent to Australia I am guessing for shooting wallabies.

We use a .44 magnum case cut down, and a .45 calibre ball. FFF black powder.

Tom Donald
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28 Sep 2017, 08:44 #2

tom,  what a great rifle.. I'd love to own it but cost and getting it out of Australia would probably be too much.

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28 Sep 2017, 08:49 #3

"....but cost and getting it out of Australia would probably be too much."

Not to mention the reams of paperwork required by the Dept. of Defence & Aust. Customs.....believe me, I've gone through it! I hope you can find a buyer closer to home. It is a nice rifle, & being .450 caliber is really too big to be considered a Rook & Rabbit Rifle & they were marketed as Kangaroo Rifles.
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28 Sep 2017, 22:32 #4

I like `Sniders and odd calibres also so in the UK I would probably give it a punt if offered for sale here

The slightly larger calibre makes it more interesting

My Rook Rifle (sized) in .577/450 appears quite delicate

Good luck in whatever you wish to do with it