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January 30th, 2009, 12:17 am #1

I didn't want to continue the discussion in the other forum. I know you're retired, but I'm really trying to see what you're trying to get us to understand. I don't want this to turn into a name calling/negative thread, I'm just seeking clarification and hope to have a mature discussion.

Thus far I have gathered that:

1. You had a series of horrendous incidents happen following hockey games that may or may not be attributed to something your refereeing husband called or didn't call and you felt that your children were put into danger.
2. Because of that, and to rightfully protect your child, you will not be attending any CIHL games with the possible exception of those in Prince Rupert where you said the fans are alright.
3. The behaviour of CIHL fans in general is something that you feel the league and the team executives have to address, possibly with enhanced security, otherwise there will be more problems down the road.
4. You came on here hoping to get people thinking more about the way that the fans act, something that in my view has happened since there is a discussion, but were met with stubborn, immature, condescending, inappropriate and insulting remarks, some of which were blatantly sexist and brutal.
5. When you called them on it, they retorted with more of the same, and cut you down more when you turned to their tactics.
6. That made you, rightfully so, pretty angry.
7. As well, you don't feel that the referees are treated with the respect they deserve and are made to be punching bags when the work they do should be appreciated because they are what makes the league happen.
8. You feel that the fans on this forum are a big part of the problems you see around the league because you don't feel they know enough about the game, they put too much importance on the CIHL and they're attitudes are often less then pleasant.
9. By pointing this out to people you hope to bring about change, and are hoping that some will change their attitudes or, at the least, be respectful to those they disagree with and those who referee the games.

From what I gather, we should understand that the attitude of the fans needs to change or else there won't be a league (refereeing) or it will become nothing but, for lack of a better term, a total gong show.

Is there anything to add? Point blank, what is it we are to understand?

Hope you will un-retire at least this once.