I have to take a minute to credit Coy Cup volunteers

I have to take a minute to credit Coy Cup volunteers

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March 20th, 2012, 8:29 pm #1

We had a great organizing committee, chaired by Wendy Kraft, and a group of some of the best volunteers I've ever worked with in bringing hockey and supporting hockey at all levels and standards in Kitimat in 25 years.

Our work was rewarded by the fans that turned out, including the nearly 2000 fans who crowded into the Tamitik Arena on Saturday night for the final.

Not everybody got the result they wanted ... but in my experience one team wins and one team loses. But there were no REAL losers if we saw a great week of hockey - no blow-out scores -- in fact quite the opposite -- games that were virtually all open to instantaneous change as they wound down.

The committee and the Ice Demons extend our congratulations to the Smithers Steelheads and our thanks to BCAHA and Mike Fraser, our hockey-liaison, Greg Morgan, the on and off-ice officials and everybody who had anything to do with such a successful week over all. We could not have done it without our sponsors - thanks, thanks to them all and all to all our rink people behind the scenes who kept Tamitik a great place to play..

The beer garden folks, as always, keep me shakin' my head in wonder -- and thanking beer-drinking hockey fans!!! And the beer garden fans, I know, appreciate the servers who never get to see a game.

I need to single out some other guys at RT Alcan -- the ones who made our unique polished team and game-star award pucks.

They went down like a house on fire... Thank you for all your work -- I know these took a whole lot of hours to make -- so thanks also to Rio Tinto Alcan for allowing you all that time away from making metal to do this for us!

If we'd had 50 on the souvenirs table they'd have been gone first night. A great job -- and I'll always treasure mine.

Alcan guys have been making these for us ever since be started helping to bring different hockey into Kitimat -- that's more than 30 years. There's not a heck of a lot of them -- but where there are, they sit in a spot of honor.