Great Game Last Night for Riverking's

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January 9th, 2017, 7:27 am #1

So I am gonna keep this short as I do not know if many read this lately..

I wanna say wtg to Riverking's for keeping your head's for most of the game in play best ya can taken it 4-1

As for the ******* who cross Checked Orey that was strait up bs man not Hockey.. Pro or not strait up uncalled for Good Luck Boy's in Smit also I wanna say Steelhead's ya's used to be classiest team in league not sure why thing's went the way they did. I love each chance I get to watch ya's play one another but Win or Lose that was the worst piss poor sportsmanship game I have seen ya's play since coming into league.. 1st Period was good rest smh. Good luck both next match up hope to see Hockey n not MMA Penalty's don't count on score board as a goal..