Best Line in the CIHL, in my opinion

Best Line in the CIHL, in my opinion

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September 13th, 2009, 9:32 pm #1

In my opinion, for the last few years it has been Francis Johnson, Wilfred Robbins and Robin Gilbert. They have massacred the league in the last few season proving they are the most feared trio ever to set foot in the CIHL. Countless breakaways, one timer goals these guys play with the chemistry and speed that every CIHL team wishes they can replicate. Another decent trio was the Wolverines only good line featuring Mitch Marshall, Stu Barnes and Amedee Marshall circa 2006-2007. Another deadly group of players that really worked well together and got the job done. They combined for 100 of the Wolverines total 195 points scored in the 2006-07 season... Just that stat alone proves my point.

Overall though the Stampeders line is still the most deadly in CIHL history and will be for years to come

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