Penalty for leaving early when it says NO PENALTY

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This has been a bug for over a year, tons of people have talked about it and still no fix. If you have a game with a leaver that doesn't come back, and the banner says it has been two minutes and you can leave with no penalty, and you leave, you will still be penalized. Two games ago I had a leaver in my game, and the rest of my team left after the time limit so I did too. I lost 25 which is pretty normal, though I normally lose 24. Next game was a normal (no leaver) loss and I lost 48. Completely abnormal, no I wasn't on a loss streak or anything. I won 3 in a row, then left the leaver game after it said it was OK, then lost another game and lost 48 for it. I literally got the same SR punishment as the leaver minus 1 or 2 SR?

Please help.

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