I Wanna Leave!!!!

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We open up to the office of CCM and it is there where we are able to see the loveable, dorkable, and nerdable Brittany Williams skipping to the office. She runs right up to CCM’s desk and she looks at him in the eyes as she offers a sigh.

Brittany: So I just want to say that it really has been a fun time. I actually got the chance to be a wrestler and I fulfilled some type of nerd’s dream by trying to be all strong and stuff but I am going to have to back out of my contract. People are always acting mean to me, Mexicans are trying to like interfere with me and it;s getting annoying. So as much as I would love to say I got’s to gooooooo.... So as they say in your language of British... Umm arreadirche?!

Brittany puts on a fake smile hoping CCM would let her go. The BAW boss narrows his eyes.

CCM: Firstly, it’s Arrivederci, and secondly it’s Italian. Besides, Brittany, we’ve been over this. You’re contracted to compete here, and you will continue to compete here. You are under contract for another nine months, and that is that.

Brittany: NINE MONTHS?!?! So yeah I kinda got umm... Pregnant that... Yes I got pregnant so I officially totally cannot compete! So ummm bonjour.... adios.... However you say it in English I think I will be going now if you don’t mind... Look here’s my doctors note... Mind if I borrow a pin so I can make one for you?

Brittany smirks as she grabs a pin off of CCM’s desk and begins to scribble something on a notepad and handing it over.

Brittany: See it’s signed by Dr. Mario... I totally can’t compete anymore.

CCM: Look, Brittany, I didn’t just come in off the banana boat. You’re facing Princess Diana tonight, and that is final. And on Asylum 8, seeing as she wants a piece of you again, you’ll be facing a very angry Stardust. Now I suggest you get out of my awesome hair before I do something I regret.

Brittany begins to throw a temper tantrum as she jumps up and down stomping her feet on the ground.

Brittany: BUT I DON’T WANNA!!! Please do I have to go out there? Look it’s been fun it really has but every week I am getting killed. Every weeks someone is always messing with me. I need someone to watch my back at least. It just isn’t fair!

CCM: Look, do I have to come up with everything? I’m very busy trying to run a company here. Don’t you have some dumbass idiot whose soul you’ve stolen or something? Seriously, you want someone at ringside, bring them, you can bring the Duchess of York for all I care, just wrestle your bloody matches!

Brittany: Wait I can have a manager?! Sweet!!!!!!! Well I do have a brother and he’s been bugging me to help me and stuff. How much are you willing to pay him ot help me out? He’s been freeloading off of me for a long time and I am happy that you are willing to just give him a job. That’s very sweet of you!

Brittany smiles as she begins to do a victory dance inside of the room as she winks at CCM.

Brittany: You really are a sweetie, you do know that right?

CCM: Um... sure. And don’t worry, I’ll cover his expenses... on ONE condition. And that’s that you stop coming in my office and asking to leave. Do I make myself clear?

Brittany thinks about it as she looks deeply into his eyes.

Brittany: As long as you plan to treat me nice I guess I can stay. Just stop getting these meanies to step in the ring with me, and I have a very serious question by the way. am I like automatically going to win? I mean isn’t Princess Diana dead... I thought she got killed or something. So I can just stay here and not wrestle right...

CCM grins.

CCM: I suggest you go to the ring just in case. Tyler will start as your manager on Asylum 8. For today, Jamal will be watching you again. Good luck Brittany. Oh, and tell your mother I said hello.

Brittany opened her eyes wide up as she looked back at CCM.

Brittany: This better not be some trick... I knew interpol faked Princess Diana’s death... I knew it was a big conspiracy! Ummm so thank you for understanding... You take care ok?

Brittany smirks as she begins to skip towards the exit of the office.