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This is a list of the on camera staff in BAW. The interviewers can be used by anyone, as can the announcers, but please pay attention to their personalities. They are rather well defined; not to control how you write your stuff, but to make it easier for you to enjoy writing them. However, Johni & his staff will be happy to play them for you if you’re more comfortable with that. Also, the creative team reserve the right to modify your segments and matches as they see fit, either for story purposes or to fit in with the general flow, however they will usually confer with you before doing this. If you want a segment with da boss, please hit up Johni OOC.


Crazy Crazy Millar [CEO] (Derrick Bateman) - “Like A Boss” by The Lonely Island

CCM is the boss of BAW, and with no other authority figures, he runs an iron-handed dictatorship of sorts. He tends to favour those wrestlers who are popular with the crowds, but this is more to make money rather than due to any kind of human decency or anything. CCM is obviously a complete eccentric, and will spend half of the time at the shows drinking at the bar. You’ll generally get by okay in BAW as long as you remember the one vital mantra... “His Company, His Rules”.

Rainbow [Colour Commentator] (Dulce Maria)

Rainbow is a Scottish announcer who tends to get over-excited and animated. She tends to play favourites a lot, generally those who are popular with the BAW fans... this is partially because she’s a fan herself, and partially because she likes getting fan mail. As a result, she will viciously condemn heels, and incessantly talk up babyfaces... even if the faces are screwing over the heels. Perhaps a skewed moral compass?

Jeeves [Play by Play Commentator] (William Regal)

Jeeves likes to think of himself as the consummate professional, but spends rather more time babysitting Rainbow, and trying to focus her on the job at hand. He is typically sympathetic towards heel wrestlers, taking a much more pragmatic view of things than his emotional broadcast colleague, but to call Jeeves a heel himself would be unfair. Has a soft spot seemingly for Gaston Gillet’s sister and valet, Christelle.

Steve "Stingray" Irvine [Ring Announcer] (Steve Irwin)

Steve is your typical Aussie bloke. He is about as professional as amateur rugby, and tends to babble on, offering his insight about the wrestlers coming down to the ring, as well as commenting on the matches after they finish. Mainly got the job because CCM found his theatrics more amusing than more professional ring announcers.

Kendra Taylor-Fletcher [Head Interviewer] (Nicola McLean)

To call Kendra Taylor-Fletcher smart would be bit of a stretch since the poor girl is not just a complete ditz; she is as dumb as a box of rocks and there are insisting rumours going around that Kendra only got her spot as the “Head Interviewer” by sleeping with Crazy Crazy Millar, while no confirmation has been made on the suspicion there has been no actual denials either.

Johan Wagner [Interviewer] (Klaas Heufer-Umlauf)

Herr Wagner is as evil as they come obviously. He despises working for BAW and shows blatant favoritism towards every one who is foreign or heel (preferably both). The evil German interviewer claims to have some ties to the famous composer by the same last name, that however has gotten him nowhere as far as his job goes. Johan will not try to hide his dislike towards BAW and everything British if you plan to trash the company or local heroes he is your Obersturmführer of choice!

Giles Nigel [Junior Interviewer] (John Krasinsky)

Poor Giles is the youngest of BAW’s interviewers. The poor boy had big dreams of becoming a world reknown correspondent at British Broadcasting Corporation until after one faithful lapse in judgement CCM tricked him to into giving a shot at interviewing. He further on tricked Giles in to sign a full time employee agreement (in Greek) and while he is easily closest to being a professional on the interview team (which is not saying much mind you!) Giles still has faults: he gets nervous, he gets anxious, he gets names wrong and apparently he gets everything wrong right down to never getting a suit that actually fits him!

Thomas Harrison [Referee] (Nick Patrick)

Thomas Harrison is BAW’s regular referee he has been around the block few times so you a tough breeze won’t knock him out cold for fifteen minutes, he knows some tricks and prides himself being a full blown professional wearing his stripes striving to do what is right and by the book at all times, sadly even the best of us make mistakes at times and not even Thomas can see everywhere all the time.

Mike “The Fire” Flare [24/7 Referee] (Charles Robinson)

Mike “The Fire” Flare is the man in charge of refereeing the 24/7 matches, moving into the field of wrestling after some years as a pro rugby player Flare seems to be always where the action is. He won’t chance after the contestants but whenever and wherever a pin is ever made, he will be there counting the 1! 2! 3! Do not mess with this rough and rugby ref because he might just set you in flames (not literally!)