Asylum 7

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British Asylum Wrestling presents
From St. George’s Hall, Bradford
Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


One Fall Match
Brittany Williams vs. “Princess” Diana

Brittany Williams has had a torrid time of things lately. But after introducing the Local Talent Initiative a while ago, CCM has found a fresh local talent for Brittany to get her teeth into! Princess Diana? Hope she doesn’t crash and burn!


Tag Team Match
Gaston Gillet & Steph Stefano vs Rudo Galactica

Gaston & Steph have a love life that turns most people’s stomach, especially that of Gaston’s sister Christelle! Now they go two on two with a team that turns EVERYONE’S stomach, namely those meddling Mexicans! And don’t forget, Meteora’s 24/7 Championship could be up for grabs if one of her opponents can land a fall on her!


One Fall Match
Kristopher Wright vs. EDL Eddie

England have had real problems with the English Defense League recently. Bunch of racist assholes. So when you see a guy like EDL Eddie showing up from the Local Talent Initiative, here’s hoping Kristopher can give him a good buttfucking! Don’t waste your lube, Krissy!

Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Number One Contenders Match for the UK Tag Team Championship
Drink & Bounce vs. THE Team vs. Mika & Leona

THE Team (we have to say it like that) got a big win over the previously undefeated Drink & Bounce on Asylum 6, and they meet again for the big prize! CCM has thrown Mika & Leona in, seemingly because he thought Mika scaring Giles was funny... eh. We’ll see what happens!

One Fall Non-Title Match
BRITISH EMPIRE CHAMPION Cara Stone vs. Mr. Showtime

The CHAMP is here! Cara Stone has her first match as champion, where she faces Mr. Showtime, a man she has a history with in BAW! Neither of these two competitors have ever pinned the other, and you know if Showtime can manage to pin the champion tonight, he’s got to be next in line for a title shot!


Thursday, June 13th, 2013
2:00 AM EST
7:00 AM GMT