"The Shah threw a party that lasted all night,

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It's always a stretch with these things....but the Shaky/Shah thing is tantalizing.
"The band looked up at me for encouragement" is Ziggy Cyrus?
This is a good documentary and makes me ask to what extent 60s/70s Bowie was influenced by Peter O'Toole, Lawrence de Arabia
(Merry Cristmas, O'Toole) and everything ' desert sands' in international geo-politics.
... I'm every event - entertaining documentary. Benny Goodmand fans drilled holes in the sand?
No one took their eyes off the Lady in Waiting.
Heavens I like this album I dislike now and again~

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Willy Dixon?

Shapes of things before my eyes
Just teach me to despise
Will time make man more wise
Here within my lonely frame
My eyes just hurt my brain
But will it seem the same

Come tomorrow,
will I be older?
Come tomorrow,
maybe a soldier?
Come tomorrow,
may I be bolder than today

Now the trees are almost green
But will they still be seen
When time and tide have been

Boy into your passing hands
Please don't destroy these lands
Don't make them desert sands

Soon I hope that I will find
A seed within my mind
That won't disgrace my kind