Shoo Be Doo - mild Bowie connection...

Shoo Be Doo - mild Bowie connection...

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been a while since I heard this

Shoo Be Doo - Madonna

"Nile Rodgers was chosen as the primary producer of the album, due to his work with David Bowie" - cool!

The next EMI Expanded Editions:
* What are your hopes for these releases?
* Let's have The Man Who Sold The World with the complete Paris Cinema Studios, Feb 5, 1970 radio concert, and the complete April 1970 radio session. Hunky Dory - add the complete Paris Cinema Studios concert, June 1971 in stereo, from the BBC Stereo Transcription LP if the master is lost!
* Any future live 1974 release MUST include a recording of Drive In Saturday from the early part of the tour, it's classic!
The next DVD release?
* Cracked Actor / Omnibus documentary must be released on DVD!

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