L’altra Domenica '77 interview and forthcoming Italian documentary

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Finally surfaced - the interview for L’altra Domenica by Fiorella Gentile, shot in Rome October 1977.

https://davidbowienews.com/2018/05/excl ... ober-1977/

And a new Italian documentary out in mid-June by BowieNext, on RAI TV.

http://stonemusic.it/10113/david-bowie- ... a-su-rai5/

Article via GoogleTranslate:

Stories, memories, flashbacks: artists and showbies told David Bowie, so the new film by Rita Rocca "Bowienext" was born, first on Rai5
But is the White Duke really dead? One would not really say, taking a look at the countless initiatives that have arisen around his name and his work after January 10, 2016, the official date of his departure from this valley of tears. In a post-Bowie that does not cease to reserve surprises, the latest arrival is the "choral" film Bowienext by Rita Rocca, which will be broadcast in absolute premiere by Rai5 in the coming days of June. This is a true work of love by the Roman director - and self-declared by the bowie fans since she first saw her idol sing Heroes on the TV program Odeon - since, she says, "Bowie's direct and indirect teachings perhaps they determined my life choices, and they led me to do a beautiful job ".
For this reason, Bowienext has been, says Rita,
"Basically a gesture of gratitude. [...] I thought it was nice to give him a film, a collective tribute. And so I felt this need to put fragments together. As if a crystal had broken, something precious ". Using the web and social networks, Rita first asked fans all over the world "to send video contributions that could be short films, animations, life testimonials, video art contributions. Anything: theatrical performances, performances, original pieces dedicated to Bowie ... But the fundamental thing was: do not copy it, do not take pieces of repertoire, do not take Bowie's stuff, but create something original inspired by him and by him. This was the tribute, the gift ".
Born as a "pure and independent" international project and subsequently "adopted" by RaiCultura and Rai5, during the two years of its work, Bowienext has been enriched with a series of interviews, "no more only to fans but also to musicians who they worked with Bowie "such as Rick Wakeman, Lindsay Kemp, Earl Slick, Mike Garson, Gail Ann Dorsey and Sterling Campbell," characters who knew him "like Dario Argento and Sydne Rome, and scholars who studied the figure like Simon Reynolds. Ultimately, as his author defines it, "a big cut up. It does not have a chronological thread, it is not didactic (I would never have allowed myself to make a strictly biographical film about David): they are stories, memories, flashbacks, that go to make up this puzzle that is, in fact, David Bowie. Everyone has his Bowie, everyone puts his ".
Bowienext will be broadcast on Rai5 in premiere on June 13th in prime time and subsequently sent in reply. It will also be visible in streaming on the RaiPlay website.
This article, edited by Francesco Donadio, originally appears in the number 67 of Classic Rock Italia, available from the end of May.

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Looking forward. Btw it is about time Bowienews made their website responsive. It cannot be read completely on mobile.