Chart question for Leo

Chart question for Leo

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January 11th, 2017, 9:06 am #1

Bowie held the record for most album weeks on chart in a single year in 1983
Hunky Dory, Ziggy, Scary Monsters, etc all charted while Let's Dance spent most of the year in the chart.

Can you remember this record and how many weeks it was? Maybe I read it on the Jump They Say booklet.

I ask as I think he's broken the record in 2016, partly due to having more albums for sale.

I've just gone through the official charts archive and extracted this info (took ages!)

Best of Bowie - 43 weeks
Blackstar 28 weeks
Nothing Has Changed - 22 weeks
Hunky Dory - 15 weeks
Ziggy - 15 weeks
Aladdin Sane - 9 weeks
Low - 6 weeks
Heroes - 6 weeks
Diamond Dogs - 6 weeks
Legacy - 6 weeks
The Next Day - 5 weeks
Station to Station - 5 weeks
TMWSTW - 4 weeks
Scary Monsters - 4 weeks
Let's Dance - 4 weeks
Young Americans - 4 weeks
Space Oddity - 3 weeks
69/74 - 2 weeks
Pin Ups - 2 weeks
Lodger - 2 weeks
80/87 - 1 week
ChangesOne Bowie - 1 week
WCIBN? - 1 week
NIN LIVE - 1 week
Five Years - 1 week

I think that adds up to 196 weeks in 1 calendar year. So, I wonder if that is the current record for most album weeks in a single year on the UK chart.

By the way, it looks like Legacy will break the top 10 finally, Blackstar will go back in the top 40, while TND, Hunky Dory & Ziggy re-enter the chart on Friday.
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I wonder if all these albums recharting will scupper any new special editions - IE the money men could've looked at reissuing any of the albums that exist only as the 1999 reissues (SM, LD, Eno trilogy etc) in the last year, but now looking at the figures they'll see that everyone who wants a copy will already have one so any release will only appeal to a far smaller population (us). Certainly not the floating buyer who now is satisfied and not bothered about them being slightly below par.

Although perhaps it works out better - the market is now wide open for stuff people won't have.

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The vaults may open.

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hi bender.
Yes I do remember that in 1983 but I can't remember or find the figures for it atm. 183 weeks seems to ring a bell but that may be slightly out.
I also had no idea the total amount of weeks spent on the album chart for last year so thanks for that.

I've noticed this week that some of his albums are set to climb up the charts again. at the midweek way point legacy was no 5, blackstar 28, next day 72, and hunky and ziggy a little lower down but that may change a bit by Friday.
the no plan ep has also been no 1 on the iTunes chart.


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January 12th, 2017, 9:11 am #4

Thanks. 183, that seems familiar!

So, unless an artist like Rihanna or Adele has managed to have 4 albums on chart for a calendar year (to get 208 weeks), I think Bowie has broken his own record. Surprised there's not been an announcement about it, unless I'm the first one to notice.

Yeah, you also noticed the midweek chart showing those albums climbing. A new high for Legacy. Midweek charts tend to favour new releases which sell more in the first few days, so these albums may well hold position or climb. It'd be down to all the things for his 70th, the Brixton gig and the anniversary of his death. Best of Bowie not being on chart is odd, perhaps they've stopped printing it to get people to buy Legacy instead.

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January 13th, 2017, 8:38 pm #5

Legacy hits its highest position of 5. It hadn't been in the top 10 before.

Blackstar is at 30 (exactly 52 weeks after it first charted), while TND, Hunky Dory & Ziggy are at 69, 71 & 76 respectively.

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January 13th, 2017, 8:56 pm #6

it is strange about the best of bowie and nothing has changed not reappearing but I guess most would opt for the newest most up to date compilation.
Yes I saw the chart positions bender.
legacy has performed well no 5 after 9 weeks not been outside the top 20 since release. I really thought after the success of best of bowie & nhc it would flop but it hasn't. incidentally nothing has changed peaked at no 5 too in the wake of his death.

the Brit awards noms tomorrow where there will be another tribute to bowie and I would hope nominations for bowie and blackstar.