A bit of bowie on Belgian tv last night

A bit of bowie on Belgian tv last night

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Last night during the "last show", a bit comparable to the Jay Leno kind of thing in the US, Marc Didden,
a Belgian rock journalist came to talk about Bowie.

He stated he had seen him in Woodstock 2 years ago in a shop, hearing a familiar voice.
It was Bowie, where he was ordering a fly screen. Apparently he has some property over there.

Sometime later he entered a bookshop and he heard the same voice again,
again it was Bowie, buying books about the history of Woodstock.

That was it really, the interesting stuff for us that is... no remarks of new albums tours or a bad voice or ill health.
Just a normal, retired guy... shopping.

I'll try to dig up some video about it but that won't be easy I'm afraid.


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Typical Bowie learning about his surroundings !