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Torque has made a good overview of what kind of mood and atmosphere you're entering into. Now I'm here to give you the straight and narrow.

First off - Da Rules It seems many people have no idea where to find our rules. Any Moderator (Green Name) or Admin (Red Name) will be happy to answer your questions via PM about our rules. Follow them and we will have no problems unless you want to try matching internet egos.

Next, some house keeping things from Torque's thread about starting off.
(1) It is considered rude to go into someone else's thread and introduce yourself there. Make your own and we will happily throw you to the 40K equivalent of lions.

(2) Torque is correct that many of us, myself included, are blunt in our criticism. However, as he has also said, we are a community and you have just joined it, no strings attached. If you are unhappy or uncomfortable with our perceived tone, either tell the person or ask a member of the staff to take your case. None of us are bad guys - we weeded those out.

That said, however, this is the internet and everyone is entitled to their opinions and voice. You are amongst adults and are expected to be mature. The adult world can be harsh and strict but it can also be lax and highly entertaining. At BC, we strive for the latter.

(3) Similarly, if a topic or post makes you uncomfortable, speak to one of the staff. Your concerns are our concerns. Your problems are the community's problems. We DO care otherwise we contradict our statement that we are a community.

Now, one might say, "Sigma, Torque's your buddy and you're just spouting this stuff to look official and welcoming." Yes, Torque is my buddy but even friends disagree. Yes, most of this is the "official" line. There is probably some kind of cult of Sigma where people enjoy seeing my exaggerated ego in action. But honestly, I'm not a fan of elitism and perhaps my online personality has created this elitist mindset. Who knows?

Sigma's thoughts:
Now that you're here, explore the various sections of the forum. We have a place for in-depth IG talk as well as a forum for other GW games and armies. We have a role play section with a core of dedicated gamers. We also have a General Chat area for just about anything else. Only go there if you feel like you can handle insanity though. I don't mean regular stuff, I mean INSANITY!

More to be added once I decide what else might need to be addressed off the bat
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