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Well, I can't remember my old password any more, nor which email account I tethered myself to, and the old username was unwieldy anyway. Decided to dive back into the hobby now that 8th edition is among us - with qualifications and employment (neither of which I had when I originally signed up... it's been a while, huh) the cost no longer seems prohibitive. The game looks almost playable now. :rolleyes:

In my time-honoured tradition I'm going to loiter about without actually collecting Guard, for now anyway. I have some filthy xenos on order, so might have something to post soon if there aren't any mods left to keep them under quarantine...

Signing off for now,
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Welcome back, Dante'. I just signed back up myself but I remember you. :thumbs-up:
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Terrible timing but welcome back, the forum images just commited suicide. So far we are unable to contact any surviving admins so instead insanemachina just set us up a Boot Camp 2.0, so you get to register again! Find the link in the "Saving Boot" thread.
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