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New Imperial Guard Player

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24 Nov 2016, 18:05 #1

Hi all!

Been a while since I have been here (back when I first collected IG). However moved to BA, then Tau, now IW (inc a heresy army).

Looking to develop my IG

Essentially, I play casual and in the odd tournament (for fun), but I don't like getting crushed all the time due to my own poorly made army list.

In a 1750-2000pt IG army, what kind of Armour do you guys bring for a half decent fighting chance?

I'm trying to gauge what new toys I'll have to buy! I love artillery, but they have generally been useless. Also, what's the current buffs people employ to given their armour some more resilience or power?

Many thanks,

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27 Nov 2016, 15:23 #2

Hello :salute2:

Wait, artillery useless? I mean, while I personally keep to all-infantry lists, I do find it hard to believe a vehicle-containing list wouldn't benefit from the basic Basilisk SPG. I mean, it's not noly fairly good antipersonnel-wise, but about the best antivehicle weapon with range better than 12".

Obviously, with all the flyers, You should squeeze in a couple of Hydras. Basic Russ w/lascannon sponsons would do well as all-rounder (antipersonnel battlecannon and antivehicle lascannons).

Tbh I'd suggest playing a few games with different options to check them out and see what fits You best. Alternatively, go with whatever setup fits best with the fluff of Your regiment.
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12 Dec 2016, 07:10 #3

We've got a lot of new good formations like the 'Emperor's Blade' Assault company and the 'Emperor's Fist' Armored company. Note that the latter can't take Pask as the HQ, but it's great without him. The Blade company gets objective secured + Preferred enemy vs foes within 6" of a objective. The Fist company gives a 12" BS 4 bubble off the command tank, lets any tank that gets penned roll two dice and discard the highest if within 6" of a enginseer, and gives ram/tank shock mods if 2+ tanks roll over the same target.

Here's a nice, fluffy and competitive list at 1.850 using these two:

Emperor's Fist:
Leman Russ Command Squad:
Punisher (Punisher cannon/Lascannon/multimeltas/dozer blade/camo netting)
Executioner (Executioner Cannon/Lascannon/Plasma Cannons/dozer blade)

Demolisher (Dem. Cannon/x3 Heavy Flamers/Dozer Blade)

Vanquisher (Vanq. Cannon/Lascannon/multimeltas/dozer blade)

Exterminator (Ext. Cannon//Lascannon/Heavy Bolters/dozer blade)


Emperor's Blade:

Comp. Command Squad (Warlord w/Bolt Pistol; Carapace/Heavy Flamer/x3 Melta guns) + Chimera

x10 Vets (Grenadiers/Heavy Flamer/x2 Melta guns/Bolt Pistol on Sgt.) + Chimera

x10 Vets (Grenadiers/Heavy Flamer/x2 Melta guns) + Chimera

x10 Vets (Grenadiers/Heavy Flamer/x2 Plasma guns) + Chimera

Hellhound (Required)

1,850 pts.

Pretty much it's an aggressive force where your Chimera are out snagging objectives while the tanks handle the foe...the flamers are on the demolisher when a foe gets too close or you feel like wading into a gaunt mob where your 11 rear armor will protect you as you mangle the mob. The vanq is dedicated anti-armor, the executioner anti-2+ saves, the exterminator deals with MC's and the commander can split fire with orders and can take down anything with both punisher rounds, and armor with multimeltas/lascannon. Camo netting gives him a better cover save as well, and the enginseers should keep the tanks alive longer than expected with pen result double dice affect + reparing hull/immobile or weapon destroyed (and remember they can allow a unit to split fire, so you can save tank orders if you don't want to waste one making the executioner attack another foe than the Commander)...