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:lol: Since we ignorant warmongering Americans love nothing but war I thought I would explore European history of war by playing Black Powder. I have to say I'm impressed by most European nation's choices for uniforms, all the way down to the extremely awesome hats. Getting down to it, I'm getting into Napoleonic era and what not.

Currently, I'm building up my Russian forces, which will consist of a Russain battalion and some cannons , I'm making sure to paint and model them for the 1798-1805 part of the history during 1st and possibly second coalition against France. Then I also have a Swiss Troop battalion I am working on as of right now.

The game is pretty interesting and has a lot of showmanship when it comes to army models. Not to mention the gentleman's rules of the game are good ( i.e. you don't have horses, so your opponent won't use them to make it fair, because cavalry is horrifying, :wacko: unless you have square formation or want a challenge). The one problem I have though is the wound system and makes it hard to understand for me still, but I'm just starting. The wound system in comparison reminds me of Kings of War.

Has anyone else played this game yet? It's made by Rick Priestly, so I trust that the game is good.
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