Exceedingly Obsessed
Location Bonaire, Georgia, USA
Interests [b]Foods: [/b] I love salty snacks

[b]Candy[/b]: Dark chocolate, toffee, chocolate with nuts,

[b]Colors:[/b] all shades of blues and greens and oranges

[b]Music: [/b] classic rock and old time country/bluegrass/Appalachian

[b]Scent: [/b] florals and citrus and clean scents

[b]Playthings and hobbies: [/b] besides Books? I do cross stitch, and collect cobalt blue glass, flamingos and any types of miniatures, bookmarks

[b]Allergies: [/b] none except maybe work

[b]I really don't like: [/b] coconut, raisins, or this horrible hot weather

[b]Pets: [/b]2 cats Tiger and Goldie and 1 fish Bubbles

[b]Favorite genres of books: [/b] paranormal, sick shit, true crime, mystery, romantic suspense.

[b]Family[/b]: One son, Martin 16 years old.
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