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Location Florida, USA, (GMT -5)
Interests Food: dark chocolate (but hate Hershey's) as candy or drink, mushroom, ice cream (esp Cold Stone and gelato), sweets with sesame or azuki beans, tea, mango, noodles, tofu, cookies, cakes, Indian, Japanese. I eat mostly vegetarian and am known for ordering weird items from a menu so I certainly don't mind experimenting.
Colors: I like most colors though pink and lavender a bit more than others, and dislike murky color.
Music: classical - favorite is Mahler, new age, soundtrack (w music that makes me remember a scene, not those song compliations)
Scent: jasmine, almond, lavender, ylang ylang. Like scents that are fresh, natural and floral, (think L'Occitane and LUSH ) not musky.
Playthings: my blogs, Voodoo babies, LUSH, toy voyagers, Gothic Lolita & Lolita,
Hobbies: Do I need to mention reading? genres: Asian, travelog, manga, food, microhistory, memoirs, YA, historical fictions (but not about wars and not romance heavy), non-genre, a little bit of paranormal stuff for quick reads. Definitely not a fan of romance, chick lit or mystery/thrillers. Reading is like 90% of my hobbies. The remaining 10% includes drawing manga, simple cooking, watching foreign films, dragon boating, cooking, board games, watching anime.
Flowers: Sunflower, tulip
Hate: cinnamon, licorice
Favortie animals: chicken, bunnies and cows.
I have "adopted" a girl in Peru on and a chicken on
Favorite Charity: Farm Sanctuary, Kiva (I view them more as donation rather than loan), Best Friends
Favorite Websites:,,
Book Wishlist: On BookCrossing. I know some titles are hard to come by but I can always use food themed books and books about Asia or travel for my various vbb and swaps.
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