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Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:45 pm #221

Lauren, there is a copy of Laline Paull's "The Bees" on its way to you! ETA: (I hope it gets there sooner rather than later with the work stoppage at Canada Post!) ETA2: Good news! As I understand it, a 30-day cooling off period has been declared where neither the union can strike nor Canada Post lock their employees out, so the post ought to be moving until August 8, anyway. Your book should arrive safely within that time. ETA3: So much stress! Future once again uncertain. :cry:

For ease of access, here are my wish lists:
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ETA: Word has it that there is likely going to be a work stoppage via Canada Post, so please hold off on sending a physical wishlist book until we can confirm the post is moving again. Electronic gifts are, of course, not effected by lock outs and strikes ;)

ETA4: I guess shipping should be OK. No real word re Canada Post, but it doesn't look like lockout is imminent anymore.