Taiyou Shoujo Sol (PG 13)

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This idea just pop out in my mind after reality hit me so hard on the truth that only few people know what Boktai is.

So, basically, this is not a full genderbend of the whole series. Just some edit in the original story itself and I have plans on spreading it on other sites. My goal of creating this fanfic is to spread the story of this series.

First chapter done!
It was a lot longer than I expected...
I'm starting to wonder if this is secretly a novel -_-
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Chapter 01:

Taiyou Shoujo

Part 1

This world where once a peaceful place...

Until out of nowhere, the Immortals arrived.

Lots of people died... lots of people lost their home... every one wishes for a savior.. and one day, those wishes were granted.

A vampire hunter carrying a weapon that can actually kill an Immortals arrived and purifies the immortal one by one...

They are called the 'Solar Children'

But the Solar Children wasn’t enough.

Hundreds of years have pass and hundreds of Solar Children were born and died, the Immortals still rule this world.

And today's Solar child, Ringo, turned to a father of two children.

He named them Cressent and Sol.

Even if he had two children, only one of them can be the Solar Child.

It's because the mother of this children is the Moon Beauty.

But another unexpected thing happen...

Cressent were kidnapped by a vampire and Ringo were killed by that same vampire. The Moon Beauty suddenly disappeared, leaving a two years old Sol alone.

She was instead, raised by Ringo's friend, Steel Smith, and teach her the basic of using swords and the weapon that pass down from generation to generation: the Solar Gun, Gun Del Sol.

Unlike an ordinary weapon, the Gun Del Sol can only be used by the Solar Children and no one else. Being Sol is the last Solar Child for today, she must learn everything before she set out on this journey...

Part 2

9 years have pass on, a girl with a long blonde hair suddenly come down from the stairs of a certain house. She wears a black long sleeved shirt, a grey skirt and a pair of black metal plated boots. On her forehead, there is a grey colored headband like helmet that protect her face and doubles as her eyes sun protection. On her waist, there is a belt with the gun case containing the Gun Del Sol attached to it and on her neck, a long red scarf was tied. it was the crimson scarf... a scarf that was pass down from her father, Ringo.

"Smith!" she called out the man who was forging a sword downstairs. "I'm ready to leave!"

"Oh, already?" Smith questioned her before putting the sword he forged on the bucket of water. "I thought you will leave this afternoon."

"C'mon. If I actually leave that late, who knows what can happen to me during my journey."

"You're right. It will be bad if you fought Immortals during the night... especially the Gun Del Sol need sunlight to recharge its battery."

"Well, at least you realize that..." the blonde said, grabbing the apple in the table before taking a bite.

"and that's why I forged this for you."

"A sword?"

"Yes. So in case you need to continue your journey at night or the Gun Del Sol ran out of battery when you are still inside the dungeon, you still have some weapon to use." Smith continued and show her a sword.

It was a dual edged sword. But it's not too big for Sol to slash around. She walk over her adopted father with a curious face. She grab the sword with her free hand, while the other still hold the bitten apple, and toss it in the air before caching it again with her hands .




And more before she looked at her reflection in the blade.

"Hey! Not bad! It's not that heavy to swing around at all! Thanks, Smith!"

"No problem. As long that I can help the last Solar Child then I'm fine." he commented.

Putting the sword on the sword case and wearing it on her back, the Solar Girl leave the house and give her goodbyes to the people she pass on.

But before she leave the front gates of the city, a voice suddenly stopped her in her tracks.

"Sol!" Called by a middle aged man.

Sol looked behind her and saw a man with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He waves at the young Solar Girl while walking towards her direction with a smile. Instantly, Sol waved back.

"Keep!" She called.

Well, that man's name is not really Keep. He never reveal his true name to anyone. But since he ran the coffin shop in the town of San Miguel, people call him "The Coffin Shopkeeper". And that seems to be too long for the Solar Girl to say it specially while on the rush, so she calls him Keep. And it seems like he don't really mind being called like that.

"Why did you call me for, Keep?"

"Well..." Keep replied while scratching the back of his head. "... Father said that you will leave today and go to the City of Death to fight Immortals. But then something come up in my mind."

"What is it?" Sol asked curiously.

"If you defeat an Immortal... Where you should put it?"

"Good point..." She said to herself, scratching her chin and looking at her metal plated boots at the same time.

"WHICH!" Keep suddenly said a bit proud of himself, making Sol stepped aback due to surprise of his sudden tone of voice. "Is the reason why I made you this!" And he toss a blue card in the air.

Sol's eyes followed the blue card in the air, waiting it to fall back down to the ground. But instead of falling down, when the card reached its highest point, it shone so bright, forcing her to cover her eyes. When she opens them again, she saw a yellow coffin complete with eyes, a mouth that shaped like a pipe, four feet under it, a chain on the front so you can drag it and a red sun logo on its cover.

Sol looked at it like she was staring at a ghoul about to split its liquid kloroforun on her direction.

"What's that?" She finally asked.

"It's my newest creation! The living Coffin, Elefan!" Keep introduced Elefan to her and kneel down to tap its cover. "It has magic, wont break easily even if you slash it with swords or shoot it with Gun Del Sol, it has feet so you can drag it easily, turns to a card when not in use so you can fit it in your pocket, and IT TALKS!"

"Pao!" The coffin Keep called Elefan, suddenly speak and closed its eyes.

"And this is made only for you, Sol!" He continued and the coffin suddenly returned to a blue card with a strange *POOF!* sound. Keep grab it and give it to Sol. "That's why I painted it yellow with Sun logo!"

Sol only stared at the Keep then the blue card and smiled rather weirdly.

"O-okay...? T-thank you very much for creating a coffin for me to use, Keep..." She said and took the card from his hand.

"No prob. Just visit me if Elefan start acting to weird. It still need for repair if you use it too much."

"Ahh... I'll remember that. Anyway, I have to get going."

"Yeah. Me too. There's no one in the shop right now. Who knows what may happen." And with that said, Keep turned around waving a goodbye at the young Solar Girl from behind. Sol only waved back before staring at the card once again.

"Living Coffin, huh?" She whispered to herself.

Part 3

-Istrakan - City of death-

Istrakan or also known as the city of death, is very big compared to other city. It is located on the western part of the country, not too far from San Miguel. It will only take you an hour to get there if you walk. Upon arriving in Istrakan, Sol were greeted by a strange white light in the front of her. The light was so strong that it even force her to use her arms as a shield to protect her eyes. When the light disappeared and a strange creature welcomed her. It was a sunflower but not an ordinary sunflower. it's a floating sunflower with eyes and mouth that shaped like nose. It faces Sol... or rather HE faces Sol.

"I've been waiting for you, Solar Girl."

"Huh?" Sol asked out of curiosity while staring at the talking sunflower in the front of her.

"My name is Otenko. I am the messenger of the Sun sent here on earth to guide the Solar Children and protect all living things. Also, your father, Ringo, is one of my greatest partner."

"Wow, really? You and father were partners before?"

"Yes. In fact, he was the strongest Solar Boy I've ever guided. I wanted to see if you can be as great as your father or even greater than him."

This statement of Otenko made Sol rub her nose using her index finger and wink at the messenger of the sun.

"Of course I'll be a greater Solar Child than my father! If I can't surpass him, then I will never kill the vampire that killed him or find my missing brother." She replied.

Yes. One of her goals on this journey is to find her missing brother. It will be difficult for her because, unlike the others, she was actually searching for someone she doesn't remember any longer. No sign where her brother is, no clue that can tell her who is he and no marks that can tell her where her brother was last seen.

All she know was the 4 years old appearance of Cressent she saw on a fading picture on her old house and nothing more. But its still not enough. What if Cressent's face change after 9 years of not seeing him?

This is going to be hard for Sol but still, she's very determined to find Cressent no matter what.

"Alright. I will look forward to it." Replied Otenko before staring at the north. Sol, being curious, she followed Otenko's gaze before turning all serious.

Up on the mountains of the north, there is a giant castle. They are not sure if someone actually still lives there but still, its pretty strange to find someone living in the City of Death itself.

Sol finally rise her head.

"Is that where we going?" She asked with a rather serious tone of voice.

"Yes. I sense a very strong vampire there."

"Does that mean-"

"Yes." Otenko cut her sentence out. "The one who killed Ringo might be there."

Sol gulped and keep on staring at the castle from afar. The wind breeze brushed her long blonde hair back and fort and the two long part of her crimson scarf but it seems that she doesn't care at all. She took a deep breath and finally made her decision.

"Lets go." She said and ran inside the forest to reach the castle in the top of the mountain.

Otenko followed her from behind, making sure that he will guide the Last Solar Child on his best. After all, she was the final hope of the world...

Part 4

- Fog Castle-

- May 16, 10:40 AM-

- Time before sunset: 7 hours and 10 minutes -

Forty minutes have pass on, Sol finally reached the top of the mountains. The castle she saw from afar, below the mountains earlier was now in the front of her, letting her examine it clearly.

It was pretty old. Like no one lived there for hundred of years. The castle walls were filled with molds and crawling plants, and bats were flying around the top.

"This is it." Otenko said behind the Solar Girl. "We are now in the Fog Castle. Solar Girl, this is where your first mission will start. You have to purify the vampire lord sleeping inside that castle."

"Yeah. But... For my first mission, isn't that pretty... Harsh?"

"No. I'm very sure that Count haven't recover yet from the piercing shot of the Gun Del Sol your father have delivered. Vampires takes a lot of time to recover from it. Some take days, some take months and some even take years to fully recover their strength."

"Gun Del Sol sure is a powerful weapon." Sol commented, staring at the solar gun on her waist.

"Indeed. It's the only weapon that can kill Immortals. But the solar gun alone isn't enough to stop the Immortals from reviving."

"Huh? They can revive?"

"Yes. In order to completely kill them, you should use this." And with that said, Otenko glowed in a golden colored light. The earth began to shake and loud rumbling noise can be heard. "TAIYOU!!" he shouted making the ground bellow them shine in white light.

Sol, under this new experience, start to panic and look at her surroundings. The ground is not cracking at all but its shaking non stop and not to mention, glowing too. She wanted to step out of it but her legs was too weak to do so. So instead, she just closed her eyes, waiting for the ground to finish shaking.

In less than 10 seconds, the ground stop shaking. Sol opened her eyes to see what happened and the first thing she saw made her gasp.

The ground suddenly flattened and there is a strange glowing mark below her feet. It looks like Crop Circles but with a coffin mark on the middle and a glowing emblem at the southern part of it.


"This is the Pile Driver." Replied the not glowing anymore Otenko. "It's the strongest weapon that ever invented by the Solar Children to fully kill an Immortal. It was blessed by Father Sun and Mother Earth and like the Gun Del Sol, only the Solar Child can use it." He explained.

"Oh." Sol said and kneel to the ground. She examine the Pile Driver by running down her fingers on the coffin mark which is right below her. The Pile Driver seems to react on her touch since it glowed for a second with its white colored light. The light all started from the coffin mark she touched and travel down to the other parts of it like a ripple.

"We better get going." Otenko's voice snapped her back to reality. Sol just nod and finally stood up from her kneeling position. When her fingers left the emblem below her, it stopped glowing and it now waiting for her to use it.


Part 5

When they reach the front gates of the castle, something weird catch the attention of the two.

There are no undead anywhere. All they can see is the dusty ground and many giant crates covered with white cloth. There are no weird sounds either. Only the wind breeze and her metal plated boots hitting the ground can be heard and nothing more.

"Its too quiet..." Sol commented, still looking around the area like she was waiting for something to appear. Well, for an abandoned place like this, its pretty impossible that there are no single undead living on it.

"Be alert, Solar Girl." Warned the talking sunflower. "Undeads are not picky when it comes to location."

"I know that mast- WHOA!!"she tried to reply but cut when she trip on something. Sol tried to stand up, but it feels like there are someone or something stopping her to do so. Annoyed, she looked behind and gasp.

Her legs were glued to the ground by a sticky spider web. Finally, the sound she was waiting made its entrance. Scratching noise of something sharp being rubbed in the wood welcomed her ears and when she looked at the origin of the sound...

"Oh dear..."

She finally saw an undead.

It was a spider. But not the tiny little spider you can see on old houses or buildings. This black spider in the front of her is as big as a human itself. Its six eyes stared at her like she was nothing but a lunch for it to eat.

Sol hurriedly push herself up the ground using her arms until she was in a kneeling position and start shaking her legs to remove the spider web that glued her to the ground. However, she also notice that the black spider was charging at her direction as fast as it could.

"Come on... Let go already!" She cursed.

The spider was just a few feet away from her when reality finally hit her that it was impossible for her to escape this 'sticky situation'. So instead of trying to break free, she just grab the Gun Del Sol on the gun case clipped on her belt and quickly fired a Solar Shot on the spider's face.

The Sol powered bullet that the Gun Del Sol shoot out was enough to pierce on the spider's body and it didn't stop going until it finally hit one of the giant crates. The spider fall down instantly with green colored blood sipping out from its dead body.

Now that the spider was lying dead beside her, she can now focus on escaping the trap she was in. In less than a minute, she finally escaped and for some reason, the web that catches her turned liquid and evaporate.

'That's weird...' She thought and finally stood up from the ground. But once she took her first step and look in the front of her, she gasped once again.

"I'm starting to believe that bad luck does exist..." She said to herself.

In the front of her, she can see three more black giant spiders crawling out of the old crates. Her senses also told her that they are still more behind her. And it looks like all of the spiders were hungry and think of her as a food. She's nit making any moves yet. Rather, she just grip her Gun Del Sol more tighter and ready to pull its trigger any time now.

Finally, the long staring contest between her and the spiders ended. The first spider charged at her with its claws ready. Using her quick reflexes, Sol quickly grab the hilt of the sword behind her and use it to slash the three legs to the right of the spider. Its green blood painted the dusty ground but even with its three legs separated from its body, its still alive. So, before its body hit the ground, Sol used her Gun Del Sol to fire a Solar Shot directly on its face. Like the other spider, the Solar Shot pierced through its body and bore a hole from its head to its big stomach.

Still after seeing this, the other spider still attack her. The second one shoot out a spider web at her direction but she used the blade of her sword to shield it and fired a Solar Shot on its body. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth spider charged at her direction at the same time, trying to use their giant bodies to slam at her. Sol only stabbed her sword in the ground and point her Gun Del Sol on one of the spiders. However, instead of just clicking the trigger like what she does to fire a Solar Shot, she hold it down making the gun release its infamous Solar Spread. Without letting go of the trigger, she rotate the direction of the gun clockwise, making sure that it will hit all of the spiders before it hit her.

All the spiders fell on the ground with its legs curled on their body like they are wishing to lessen the pain they feel. But after some seconds, they stopped moving.

Sol finally averted her gaze from the dead spider and took her sword that was still stand on the ground.

"Gun Del Sol really ARE strong!" She said in a rather amazed tone and Otenko suddenly appeared behind her.

"Don't tell me you haven't use it yet!?"

"I did. But not on real undead. I thought it was weak since it can't even bore a small hole on the old wooden walls of our old house!"

This reply made Otenko sweat drop. "You use the Gun Del Sol to destroy your old house?"

"My trainer said I can since our old house was already destroyed after the undeadening."

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm glad that you didn't have all the lenses of that gun..."

"Wait! This gun have other lenses except this yellow one!?" She asked, tapping the yellow lens right on the top of the solar gun.

"Yes. 5 more I guess... And I believe one of them have the power to burn woods..."

"...Oh... Now I get it why you said that your glad I didn't have all of them!"

Part 6

Sol opened the old wooded door of the castle slightly and take a small peek. The room was a little dark and the sunlight that was escaping from the glassless window was the only light source in the area. Realizing that there are no undead at guard, she opened the door more widely and enter the room, making sure that she's not forgetting to close it behind. She looked around while walking slowly and carefully, not wanting any noise catch the attention of any enemies. But while she do so, something bothered her again.

"Is this what real castle looks like? Pretty different from the one I read on the countless books in the Library..." She said to herself.

Its not look like it but when she was still young, Sol spend her day reading books in the Library. Well, that only happens when her 'trainer' give her a day off... But at least it happens. The stories she liked the most was something about kingdoms and royals and even the librarian was amazed of her after she borrowed that book more than ten times in three months. But unlike the description of the interior of a castle written in that book, this place is rather... Empty...

No colorful glass window, no red carpets, no curtains, no chandeliers, no suit of armor, as in nothing. Only the moldy brick walls and candle stand full of melted candles can be seen... Oh, and a small table full of more melted candles. Well at least it have candle stands... Still, even the castle of the main bad guy wasn't this empty. She can't even see a single mirror or even a broken mirror inside.

"Well this place is abandoned for countless of years." Otenko replied behind her. "And I believe that they don't understand the word 'decoration'."

"Maybe you were right..." She said before climbing the stairs. But once she reach the top, she quickly hide in the nearest wall.

A ghoul was guarding the door that leads to the next room.

'One Solar Shot should be enough...' She thought and grab the Gun Del Sol once more. Aiming for the ghoul, who haven't notice her yet, she pulled the trigger but something is wrong...

"What?" She whispered in a confused tone.

She pulled it again. And again... And again but nothing's happening. Only the clicking sounds resulted by pulling its trigger can be heard.

"No way!" She said in disbelief, still keeping her voice low so the ghoul wont notice her. She pulled the trigger more and still nothing's happening.

'I RAN OUT OF BATTERY!!' Sol mentally shouted and start to panic. Because of this, Otenko curiously appeared beside her and look at the Gun Del Sol on her hands.

"Is something wrong?" He asked in a low voice.

"The Gun Del Sol ran out of battery!"

"What!? You can't be serious, right!?"

"Of course I am! If not, I'm not panicking here and shoot that ghoul out of the way!"

"Buku!" The signal was made. Because of Sol's sudden rise of voice, the ghoul suddenly notice them. She looked at the ghoul again and saw that it was walking on the hallway that leads to their location.

"Looks like I don't have any choice..." She said, slowly grabbing the hilt of her sword.

"Wait!" Otenko warned her still in a low voice. "Ghouls are undead type! You can't defeat it without the power of the Sun!"

"How am I suppose to do that now that the Gun Del Sol have its battery drained?"

"For now, we should sneak out of this place. Find any ray of sunlight so you can charge your gun back." It was Otenko's advice before he suddenly roled to a ball and disappeared in thin air.

Sol gave out a sigh and finally let go of her sword. She peeked behind the wall, trying to see what she can do to attract the ghoul's attention while she escape. Upon her investigating, something catches her attention.

Two large crates with a big gap in the middle not too far from her.

She was now confused on the fact that this castle had so many crates on it. Both inside and outside. Is this really a castle or a warehouse? But at the same time, she mentally thanked the one who put those crates. Seeing that the ghoul was still a little far from her and those crates, she quickly changes her location from behind the wall to the gap between the two crates. And the fastest way she know to do it is to roll.

Lucky for her, the ghoul haven't noticed her yet. Sol took another glance on the ghoul, who was still looking around for the source of the voice it heard earlier. She flattened against the wall and knock three times.

"Buku!" It was successful. She successfully get the attention of the ghoul.

When she heard this signal, Sol quickly hide right behind the crate so it wont see her. She waited for another signal. A signal that will tell her to stop hiding. She took several deep breath with her sapphire blue eyes closed, like she was preparing to run on a marathon.

"Buku?" Her signal arrived. She quickly left her hiding place and run pass the ghoul who was in the wall that she tapped earlier. As far as she knows, or she read in a certain monster guide in the library, ghouls move very slowly and will only speed up once a loud noise catches their attention. So way before the ghoul can turn around, Sol was already out of the room.

She wipe the sweat on her cheek and put her hands on her knees.

"I don't want to do that again!" She said, still catching her breath. But then, something catches her attention...

Above her... It feels... Hot. Not only that, she can also feel some energy entering her body. It was weak, but she can feel it. And there is only one thing that made her feel this way... This is...

"The Sun!" Sol happily shouted and look up above her. The shadow casted by her headband like helmet protect her eyes from the rays of sunshine above her. She was outside. A corridor in the second floor of the castle... Or warehouse? Whatever it is, she doesn't care anymore if this Fog Castle was really a castle. All that matters to her now is the sun was shining right above her.

Without having a second thought, she rise her right hand in the air, like she was grabbing the sun, while holding the Gun Del Sol in the left. She took another deep breath and yell out...


Out of nowhere, a burst of wind suddenly circled around her and the rays of sunshine suddenly focuses on right hand. it seems that her whole body also glowed in yellow color for a bit, but its hard to tell because of the strong sunlight .

In less than a minute, the wind and sunrays around her died down. This only means one thing.

"Yep. The battery is full once again!" She said rather cheerfully and walked to the next room.

Part 7

The next room wasn't really that big. Rather, it was just some stairs. Three stairs to be exact. Sol reached the room in the top of those stairs without even breaking a sweat. She stared in the wooden door in the front of her and didn't even move.

Something's not right on her. Beyond this room, it feels like there are darkness enveloping around it. She was like ten feet away from the door but she can still feel the darkness around it. It send chills on her spine and suddenly, she felt nervous.

"This is it." Otenko suddenly appeared behind her. "The Count was just beyond this room." He said again but then, he notice something.

Otenko stared at the Solar Girl and gasp. Her face was actually showing intense fear, her right hand was curled in to fist but it was trembling. He can hear every deep breath she took.

'I see... I guess its normal for her...' He thought to himself. For an eleven years old girl to face the vampire lord,who was, by the way, also killed her father, right on her very first battle, of course she will be nervous or scared.

"Don't worry, Solar Girl." Otenko's voice seems to snapped her back. "You are not alone. The Sun is watching over you. And I know Ringo will be there in your side to."

It doesn't do to much for her. But at least, her hand stop trembling. Using her left hand, she grabbed the part of her crimson scarf and closed her eyes. She was thinking of her long dead father even though she can't even remember what he looks like.

After a minute, she finally calmed down and her terrified face earlier were replaced by a determined smile.

"I'm fine now. Lets go, master Otenko!" And she opened the door without second thought.

Before she can even take a step on the brand new room she just opened, a large group of bats suddenly charged on her direction. Like the spiders i the front gates, they all looked hungry and try to bite her. But before a single bat can even land on her skin, she quickly grabbed her Gun Del Sol and use it to create a Solar Spread. The yellow burst of light from the gun was enough to kill the bats in just one hit.

Feeling that all the bats are dead, she let go of the trigger and put her gun back on the gun case beside her.

"A trap..." Sol said to herself.

"But that's not enough to bring you down, right?"

"Of course not. It will be a shame that after my 4 years of training on using the Gun Del Sol and a sword will be thrown away after little bats suddenly bit me!" She said in annoyance and walk to the center of the room.

There is a coffin on that room and for some reason, it had a chain attached on it.

"Is this..."

"The Count? Yes." Was Otenko's short reply. "He must be asleep so its your chance to defeat him."

Sol just nod at her master's words. But then she realize something. She searched on the pocket of her skirt and smiled awkwardly on the blue card Keep gave to her a while ago.

"Sorry, Elefan... But I think this vampire already got a coffin on his purifying package..."

"Pao..." She can hear Elefan's disappointed cry even though it was inside that blue card.

Part 8

A crow rested on the wood inside the room were Sol and Count's coffin is located. And for some odd reason, this crow doesn't have black feathers like any normal crow. Rather, it was chocolate brown.

It seems like it was eyeing on Sol ever since she enters the castle but she never really notice it. Which is, for it, was a great thing to happen. The crow watched Sol to drag the Counts coffin out of the room and it start to follow her again without her noticing. Much to its surprise, she was strong to actually drag an actual coffin with a vampire way bigger than her, out of the castle in less than 15 minutes.

When she reach the front gates where she fought those spiders earlier, the crow rested on one of the crates.

Part 9

Sol finally reached the place where Otenko summoned the Pile Driver a while ago. As the mark on the middle like to represent, she dragged the coffin to the it.


The Pile Driver let out a loud noise and it glow for a second. Much to the Solar Girl's surprise, four green machines with mirror like plates suddenly rose up from the four circles on the ground.

"Whoa..." She said in amazement. Otenko appeared behind her and examine the situation.

"This is your first Pile Driver experience so I will explain how this works." He said. "The green machine that you see there is called the Solar Generators. These are the machine that will purify the Immortals. But they are not activated yet."

"So how can I activate it then?"

"Simple. Just shoot them with your Gun Del Sol. The Pile Driver will react once you shoot down the last generator. And when it do, go to the southern emblem and do your Solar Charging. And of course, you need sunlight to start the Pile Driver."

Following Otenko's advice, Sol pulled out her Gun Del Sol once more and shoot the generators one at a time. Every time she shoot a generator, the Pile Driver glow in white color and spread in like a ripple.


The Pile Driver give out a loud noise when Sol shoot the last generator. She ran to the now glowing emblem in the south, aim for the sun using her right hand and yell...


Loud rumbling noise followed her words and the generator roared to life. Each generators shoot out a laser that was now hitting the coffin. The lid suddenly opened and a purple smoke come out from it.

"IT'S HOT!!" a very unfamiliar voice shouted out. Sol looked behind and gasped. The purple smoke was actually trying to do something to the generator.

"Solar Girl!" Otenko's voice interrupt. "You can't let all the work to the Pile Driver! The Immortal will try to fight it using ectoplasm and they will shut down all four generators! Your mission is to stop it before they do!"

Her speed wont make it in time when she use her sword. So instead, she just use her gun to fire a Solar Shot at the ectoplasm. The ectoplasm moved away from the previous generator and landed to the next one. Annoyed, Sol quickly ran to it and fire another Solar Shot but this time, she calculate her attack's direction. The Solar Shot hit the ectoplasm so hard that it was pushed so far away. But the area where it land is not on the other generator. Rather it landed back to the coffin itself. Because that part was the most strongest point in the Pile Driver, the ectoplasm dissolved in the thin air way before it can escape again. The same unfamiliar voice roared in pain and the generators stopped shooting out lasers. In a flash of light, they returned down to the ground.

"Great job, Solar Girl!" Otenko appeared again in the front of her. "I congratulate because you just purify the Count."

"I... I did?"

"Yes. You did a very good job Solar Girl... Oh..."

"What's the matter?"

"Erm... Come to think of it, I don't even know your name..."

"Oh, right. It was a rush so I didn't had a time to introduce myself. I'm Sol."

"Sol? So Ringo named you after the father sun?"

"Well, lets say that Sol is-"

"So, you are the daughter of Ringo, eh?" The same unfamiliar voice cut out their conversation. Both Otenko and Sol looked around but saw no one else around them. Thick black clouds suddenly cover the Sun giving out their location a really dark atmosphere. "Do you think I will die that easily, Solana?" This sentence made Sol's eyes widen.

In all people of San Miguel, only four person know that name. She don't want to hear that name on someone that she doesn't even know but for some reason, this unfamiliar voice knew it.

"How... Just who are you!?"

"If you wanted to know who I am then give the mansion in the north a visit. I'll be waiting for you there... And so thus Mani... Mwuhahahaha!" The strange voice start to fade as well as the dark clouds that was covering the sun.

"Solana? Who-"

"Me." She answered Otenko way before he can even finish his question. "My full name is Solana. Sol is just my nickname. But that didn't matter right now. He said that he had Mani. We better hurry to the mansion in the north before something happens to her."


And without having a second thought, Sol and Otenko quickly leaved the Fog Castle.

I haven't check this yet so forgive the wrong grammar and/or spellings
So tell me what do you guys think of this idea.

edit again: this is the link for the cover of book 1. yeah i know it sucks...

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Oh hey, I also had a Solar Girl idea back in the day. Only difference was that mine was gonna be the daughter of Django and Lita.
But I say you should go for it! I'd love to hear about it.
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Thanks for the support.
Seeing that someone want to read this fanfic give me the inspiration to write :3

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Go for it, This place needs more, And some nice Fanfic is one way to go for it, Also it really is sad how no one knows about Boktai

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Chapter 2 is here!
I took a lot of time thinking how do I novelize the first dungeon...

Forgot to tell: In this story, Gun Del Sol will only have one frame (Dragoon) but can do the other frame effect.
[+] Spoiler
Chapter 2

Bloodrust Mansion

Part 1

The same brown colored crow flew up in the sky. And like before, it was still watching the blonde haired girl and her talking sunflower partner.

It landed for a second on a tree branch, and finally start to rest its wings. Even for a bird, it still tiring to fly above the sky for countless of hours just to follow a girl running as fast as she can. Especially, if its a very hot midday.

After its little rest on the tree, it look for its target once more. However, when it do so, it realized that the blonde haired girl was gone. If she's gone for more than five minutes, there is no way for it to learn where she is unless it goes back up to the sky and see the whole Istrakan from above. And that will eat all of its energy.

So instead, the crow just jumped from the tree branch to the ground. But something weird happaned. The crow's body glowed in crimson color and when it hit the ground, it suddenly transformed into a wolf.

Like its crow form, the wolf also had a chocolate brown fur and a crimson red eyes. The only thing that makes this wolf different from others is it wears a tan colored cape on its back and some sort of headband like helmet on its forehead. Using its very sensitive nose, the wolf sniffed the ground, trying to find the scent of the blonde haired girl.

When a very familiar scent finally enter its nose, it ran deep inside the forest as fast as it can.

Part 2

The Solar Girl breath out a large amount of air.

Sweat was falling down from her cheek to the Crimson Scarf tied on her neck. Leaning on one of the large yet leafless tree next to her, she finally let her legs be weak and fall flat on the dusty ground. On her left hand, she holds her Gun Del Sol, which looks like it ran out of battery once again.

"I... I really don't want to do that again..." She said between her deep breathing.

Just what on earth happened to her?

Well, to tell the story, she suddenly trapped inside the forest together with 5 creatures that looks like a ball of clay that Otenko called 'Golems'. Since she can't find the exit to the forest, she have no choice than to fight all of them. However, right after she defeat the third golem using the Gun Del Sol's solar spread, it suddenly ran out of battery once again and since that the large trees cover the sunlight, she cant charge it inside. She also tried to fight them using her sword but for some odd reason, her sword 'slipped' out from her hands, leaving her to her last resort:

Run for the sake of her safely from two golems who was rolling on her direction as fast as a motorcycle.

Luckily, the two golems ran over each other, squeezing each other until they explode in tiny burst of clay. And that leads to our now exhaust Solar Girl.

"Sol are you okay?" Otenko asked with a very concerned look on his face.

"...I think I ran as fast as a cheetah... But rather than exhaustion, I'm fine..." She replied, forcing herself to give a grin at her sunflower partner. She keep on taking deep breath until she finally calmed down. Still sitting on the ground, Solana rises her right hand above her head, making sure that the sunlight will hit it.

"Taiyou..." She said but not like before, she doesn't shout it out. Her throat was too dry to shout out anything even that one word. Still, it looks like the sun heard her voice since the ray of sunshine centered at her like it was entering her body.

As the light stop centering on her, Sol force herself to stand up and look on the northern part of the forest.

It was a giant mansion. The gates were open, which only means one thing for her.

"Were here..." She said, glaring at the open metal gate right in the front of her. "Lets go, Master Otenko!" Without caring how tired she is, Sol still ran inside the giant mansion.

Part 3

The brown wolf stopped on his tracks when it see Sol enter the mansion.

Thinking that it doesn't have any business with the person or Immortal inside that giant mansion, the brown wolf just sat in the ground and start to remove the dirt on its paws. But not like any type of wolf that will lick its paws, the brown colored wolf rub both of its front paws together to remove the dirt.

Until something stopped it.

"Tell this message to him..." A voice suddenly spoke up. It was a voice of a woman. However, there is no one near the wolf's location. Its like the woman was speaking inside its head and no one else can hear it.

After the woman's voice inside the wolf's head finished giving orders, the wolf only responded with a simple nod. It jumped as high as it can before glowing in crimson color once more and transforming back to a crow.

The crow flew inside the mansion. But unlike before, it does not come inside to watch the blonde haired vampire hunter and her sunflower partner...

Part 4

- Bloodrust Mansion -

- May 16, 2:15 PM -

- Time before sunset: 3 hours and 45 minutes -

Sol and Otenko reached the front gate of the Bloodlust Mansion. And like the mansion itself, the front gate of it is too big. As big as a two basketball court joined together. Seeing that the front gates are big enough, Otenko nod at himself.

"Alright. Sol, this is where I will summon the Pile Dri-... Sol?" He cut out his sentence when he finally notice that the Solar Girl wasn't there beside him. Looking around the area and finally notice Sol not too far from him.

She was there near the fountain, drinking the water on it. She's not wearing her Crimson Scarf and her helmet instead, she just let it lay on the ground for a minute. Sol rises her head up fast and gasp for air, letting the excess water fall from her cheeks back to the pool of water. Noticing that Otenko was looking at her, she give out a nervous laugh while scratching the back of her head.

"Sorry, master... I can't hold myself on drinking that water after a long run..."

"Its okay. I understand." Otenko replied shortly. Sol walked closer to him, still trying to tie her Crimson Scarf from behind.

"I wonder who was the owner of that voice..." Sol started.

"It was the Count."

"Him? But I thought we purified him."

"Yes. We did but it looks like a part of him escaped out while were doing so. One small part of him is enough for him to recover."

"I see. So all we have to do is purify him again, right?" She said in a rather determined tone of voice. "I know this will not be as easy as earlier but we have to do it in order to save Mani... Master Otenko, please summon the Pile Driver here. I think this is the only place in this mansion where we can fit in the Pile Driver."

"Understood. TAIYOU!!" The earth start to shake violently once again. But unlike earlier, Sol was prepared for it and she didn't panic this time. As the white light died down and the earth stops shaking, the same glowing mark appeared in the bottom of her foot.

Sol smiled in the Pile Driver before entering the front door of the mansion.

Part 5

The place is dark. Darker than a blackout. She can't see anything even her own body. There are no windows and any kind of switch to turn any source of light. Still, even deep in to the darkness, Sol continued on walking, trying to find her way out. She took every step very slowly and she's using her hands as her guide so she wont bump in any wall.

It took Sol almost 10 minutes to find the door that lead to the next room. An lucky for her, she don't bump in any wall or fall in the high stairs. She opened the door and the first thing she saw was...

"A garden?" Sol whispered to herself with a hint of confusion on her face.

Its pretty normal to find a garden in the middle of a giant mansion but a garden THIS beautiful in the middle of a giant mansion occupied by an Immortal and undead is not normal. The walls are filled with plants looking so healthy with its green color. Most of them were filled with flowers in all possible colors. Blue, red, pink, white, name it and its there.

"I never thought Count have this garden inside his lair..." She whispered again to herself. Sol continue on walking, like always, alert to any undead she may encounter. But on the same time, she was enjoying the beautiful background she walk to right now. She find it weird that the garden have one of a kind road... Like it was something spiral. She ignored it for a while and advanced to the next room which lead to a...

"Switch?" This time, it was Otenko who said that word.

The next room have 4 switch on it with the label 1 up to 4. Right in the middle of the switches, there is a wooden door that probably lead to the next room.

"I got no idea what this switches does but I think we should ignore it. We still have someone to save." Sol said. Without having a second thought, Sol entered the wooden door but something made her stop...

She's on a garden again.


Sol looked around the garden and noticed that it was the same garden she was walking on a few seconds ago. The same arrangements of the flowers, the same color of petals in every direction and the same spiral road that she walked on.

"Wait! Sol!" Otenko break the silence between them. "The road on this garden... Does it represent a number?"

"Now come to think of it..." She wondered and start to made her way to the next room that was filled with switch. But this time, instead of focusing on the flowers and being alert for undeads, she focus more on the shape of the road. Every step she took, she was examining the shape of it of the road and memorizing it at the same time. Until she reach the front of the door, she already solved the puzzle.

"I think I get it..."

Sol quickly dashed to the room full of switch. This time, she didn't ignore the four switches in the front of the wooden door. She already guessed the puzzle of this room. The road out of the garden in the front represented a number. And based on her examination, that number represent the number eight. Since the number in those switches are only up to four, she pressed numbers four, two and one before entering the wooden door once more.

Part 6

The same wooden door she enters did not lead her to the same garden once again.

But rather to a room with floor switches with more numbers on it. The number in the tiles were arranged the same manner as a clock but without any hands on it. There are no other way out of the room except the path in the east that leads a way to a certain room.

The room on the east doesn't lead to any other part of the castle. But Sol still ran there as fast as she can because of one obvious reason. Books. The next room were filled with hundreds of books. Even if you stand to the entrance of that same room, you can notice the bookshelves holding all those books. And knowing Sol... Well, lets say that she was a big fan of books...

Once she entered the little library of the mansion, the first thing she does is grab the very first book on the bookshelf near the entrance and flipped through its pages. She doesn't really care about the title of that book, or what kind of book is it.

"Sol..." Otenko called her. "This is not really the time to read books..."

"I know. But please, just 5 minutes? You see, you can never find this book in the library back in San Miguel." It was her reply, looking at the messenger of the sun like a child begging for a father's permission to leave the house when she was grounded. Otenko only sigh at this and let out a simple

"Fine then" as a reply.

Sol, obviously, was very happy. She thanked him for letting her read the book on her hands before continuing her reading. When she flipped the next page, a small sheet of paper dropped to the ground. She took it and read it silently. But for some reason, its contents made her frown.

"What is this? The Count's schedule?" She asked herself with a very irritated tone of voice.

"Looks like it. But why did the Count put his schedule on this kind of place?"

"Wait... I think this is some sort of clue to the next room."

"You mean the tiles with numbers at it in the last room?"

"Exactly! Come on!"

And so, Sol and Otenko leaved the mini library inside the mansion with the piece of paper on her hand.

Part 7

Sol took a deep breath and stand on the middle of the tiles which was arranged like the number on the clock.

"Okay then. So let see what he will do first in the morning..."

'Woke on the seventh strike of the bell,' was written on it. She don't have any idea what on earth that means until the a bell rang. She look at the direction of the sound and see an actual clock with its hand pointing at 3:00 PM.

'So every hour that clocks rings... I got it!' She thought and quickly stepped on the number seven in the tiles. The tiles glowed in yellow color and it doesn't fade. Its like waiting for her to step on other numbers.

Looking at the paper once more, she continue to read silently.

'Had a relaxing dinner and left the house two hours later.' Was written on it. Without having a second thought, she counted up from seven before stepping on another tile with the number nine on it.

'Took an hour-long stroll to the library and read a few books.'

"Huh... So he DOES read those books!" Sol commented while walking to the next tile right beside the number nine. Like the other two, it glowed in to yellow color.

'The new day came - ate a snack an hour later.' She obviously got confused with that. At first she thought it was twelve so she stepped on the tile with number twelve on it.

And boy, she was wrong. A loud beeping sound welcomed her ears and all the glowing tiles suddenly lost its light. Annoyed, she stepped again on the numbers seven, nine and ten then instead of twelve, she stepped on the tile with number one on it.

'Played with the pigeons for two hours in the park.'

"HUH!?" was her automatic reply when she read that part. She can't really imagine the most feared vampire in the whole world playing with the pigeons. Removing that thoughts on her head, she walked to the tile with the number three on it and continue on reading.

'Returned, cleaned for two hours.' And she walk to number six.

'Broke my fast with blood for three hours,'

"That was a really long time to eat breakfast..." She said while walking to number eight. All the numbers that she stepped shine in yellow color before a staircase appeared on the middle of the room. She was confused at first, thinking that the paper still have something written to it.

'Then, at last, to coffin.'

"It was only an ending message. Ah well." Sol said but before she go down the stairs, she made sure that she returned the piece of paper back to the book she read earlier.

Part 8

The brown crow entered one of the window on the top of the mansion. It rested itself on a candle stand before a middle aged man turn at it.

His pure crimson colored eyes stared at the crow before he let out a smile wide enough to show his fangs.

"What brings you here?"

Before answering, the crow spread its wings and flew to the center of the room. It glowed in crimson red color before dropping down to the ground. It transformed. But this time, its not in the form of a wolf. Rather, in a form of a young 14 years old boy. He had a chocolate brown hair and crimson red eyes wearing a tan colored jacket, a long cape that reaches his ankles, the same headband like helmet like what Sol wears and a pair of red metal plated shoes. The bite mark on his neck and the fangs that was sticking out from his mouth is enough to tell that he was a vampire. But unlike other vampires, his skin is pale rather that bluish.

"I just want you to hear the news. And also, I'm looking after someone." Was his short reply before sitting in the stairs.

"What is it then."

"The Queen is not happy with your actions." He said before standing up. He walked around the room in a very slow pace while staring at the window. "Inviting a vampire hunter in your lair wasn't really a very smart move, Count. I'm very disappointed... I thought the Immortal who was called 'Vampire Lord' is much more smarter than I am. But I think I can surpass you in a snap."

"She's just an eleven years old girl. What else she can do?"

"She is the last Solar Child. Her actions can surprise anyone. And when we Immortals get caught by her surprising actions, she will teach us what the word 'death' simply means."

"Don't worry about that. I will teach her first before she teaches us."

"Alright. But a word of advice, Count." The young vampire said before he finally faced Count. "Let the Solar Girl free Gaia's Son and we wont help you anymore. The Queen said that to me by herself."

And with that said, the boy transformed back to a crow before he flew into the window. Count me only stare at him leaving the mansion and took a glance on the unconscious boy right beside him.

"I wont fail. I will kill Ringo's daughter. And when I do, I will take your position as the Queen's right hand."

Part 9

Sol was just behind the door where the Count was located. She can hear the scratches of conversation that he was having right now with an unknown person.

"The Queen ... ... ... your actions. ... ... a vampire hunter ... ... ... very smart move ... ... ... called 'Vampire Lord' ... ... ... surpass you... ... ..." Is what she heard from a voice of that unknown person.

"I think they are talking about me..." The Solar Girl commented while staring at the door right in the front of her.

"No one knows. But proceed with caution, Sol. May the Sun be with you."

As the conversation died down, Sol took a deep breath and opened the door. Climbing the little stairs that leads to the stage, she finally faced the Count. Count only stare at her with a wide smile on his face like Sol was just a little bug for him to squash.

"I've been waiting for you, Solar Girl Solana."

"Don't call me using that name. We're not friends. Now where's Mani?"

"So you came here for her after all. But I'm afraid that her location changes just an hour ago. But don't worry, you didn't come here for nothing. After all, there are still 'someone' you need to save." H said and move a little to the left.

Sol gasped on what she saw behind him. It was a boy. He had a dark brown hair wearing a bandana and black long sleeved shirt under a blue jacket. He was all tied up on the chair he was sitting and appears to be asleep.

"Don't bring innocent people around here, Count!" She said in anger and pointed her Gun Del Sol at him. "This is between me and the Immortals alone! If you want to kill me then do it without dragging any innocent people!"

"Calm down, Solana. He's not involved with our fight. Lets say that he was needed for other things. And while I keep him out of the way, why don't you play with my little friends here?" And with that said, a strange marks appeared on the ground.

All the marks glowed in crimson color and out of nowhere, the same giant spiders from before appeared. This time, its not only black. There are also green colored spiders. Seeing this, Sol's eyes widen. She quickly fired some Solar Shots on the spiders while dodging their claws and the spider web they are shooting. Being caught by one of that webs will be dangerous for her since that there are also green ones.

Unknowingly to her, one of the green spiders behind shoot out a green liquid on her direction instead of a web. Because she was busy on dealing with other spiders, she didn't notice it.

"ARGH!" Sol shouted in pain as the green liquid hit her from behind. Even with the sword case behind her and the leather armor that protect her body, she can still feel the heat of that strange liquid that the green spider shoot out at her. She rolled on the floor, wishing that somehow, it will lessen the pain on her back before shooting the final spider with another Solar Shot from the Gun Del Sol.

"What is this? Down to the ground already?" The Count said while laughing at her. "Anyways, how does it feel to bath in venom?"

"Oh, I'll tell ya how it feels." Was her reply before forcing herself to stand. She switched the Gun Del Sol from right to left, and finally, pull out the sword on her back.

"You're not the only one who uses sword here, kid."

The Count spread his arms. And out of nowhere, four floating swords appeared and circled him. One of the sword stopped moving and flew directly at her. She managed to dodge this by stabbing her sword to the ground and used her right hand to do the infamous cartwheel move. Before her feet landed back to the ground, she fired a Solar Shot at the Count's direction. However, he block this by using his remaining three sword as a shield.

"Darn it!" She cursed as she sat in the ground while pulling her sword back up.

'That swords was on the way! I better find a way to remove them!' She thought but during that thought, another sword charged at her. Due to her surprise, she swing her sword enough to block the incoming attack. But the next thing that happened surprise her. Instead of falling to the ground, the sword spun so fast until it hit the Count on the chest.

'I can... Do that?' She asked herself and look at her sword in disbelief. In less than a minute, that clueless face turned to a smile of confidence. 'Man, I better thank Smith again for this!'

"Why you... How could you do that to me!?"

"Sorry." Sol said as she slowly stood up from her seat. "But when I surprised an enemy, it also surprises me."
Writing chapter 3 right now while I still have time...

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October 28th, 2015, 9:46 pm #6

Woo, moar story!

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October 31st, 2015, 7:05 am #7

Advance happy Halloween everyone!

And I proudly present to you, chapter 3!

Was shorter than the past chapters though...
[+] Spoiler
Chapter 3

Light meets its Shadow

The Count glared at the Solar Girl with his crimson red eyes. For the first time in nine long years, someone actually wounded him with an ordinary weapon. And the worst of all, that wounds were caused by an eleven years old girl who is the daughter of his lifelong rival.

Everything about this girl... It irritates him. The way her sapphire blue eyes stare at him, the she stand there preparing for his next move, the way she curved those lips... Everything that he can see about her made his blood boil. And when someone made him rage like this, he always do the same thing...

Kill them.

Spreading his arms as wide as he could, blood colored smoke appeared right below Sol's feet. Sol, of course was confused to this at first. But for some odd reason, her mind told her to step back. Following the orders of her mind, she jumped from behind, creating a two feet distance between her and the crimson smoke. The smoke suddenly fade and a spike made out of rocks appeared from her previous location. The spike sink back to the ground after a second.

Her eyes widen as she realize that the crimson smoke was following her. Ignoring her enemy for a while, she start to run as fast as she can dodging the spikes that tried to kill her from below. But that's not all of it. While she was running, she saw something in the corner of her eyes. It was once of the Count's swords, flying on her direction. Learning from her sudden actions earlier, she counter the sword by swinging her own sword at it without even stopping to run. Like before, the sword flew back on the Count's chest.

He's getting more angrier and angrier when Sol made his own sword stab on his body. He spread his arms once again and the spikes stopped. Sol stopped running for a bit and wonder why did he stop his attack. She turned around and finally realize why. The Count, and his remaining two swords were charging on her direction. Seeing that the two swords are more faster than him, she used her own sword to swing them out of the way before throwing her own at his direction and doing that cartwheel move again to dodge. His two swords stabbed on both of his arms while her sword stabbed on his stomach.

'Huh... I think I understand why they are called Immortals...' She thought and stared at the Count.

Right now, there are actually five swords stabbed on his body. Two to the chest, one in both arms and one on his stomach. However, even in this condition, he was still breathing and moving like nothing happened.

She stared at the Gun Del Sol, her final weapon, which was resting on her left hand.
'Looks like this is the only weapon that can beat him... But I wonder... Can I power up this swords with Solar Spread?'

Without any signal, the Count charged at her once again. But unlike the last time, he actually got her. Sol gasped on the sudden action and felt that in a snap, she can turn to a vampire snack.

Thankfully, her left hand can freely move, before the Counts fangs touch her neck, she pointed the solar gun on the Count's chest. She find it kind of hard because of those swords but when she do, she quickly hold the trigger creating a close up Solar Spread.

"ARGH!!" the Count shouted as loud as he can. Because of the burning feeling of the Solar Spread, he let go of the Solar Girl and kneel into the ground. His body start to release black smoke over it and burn marks appeared everywhere. She didn't stop firing the Solar Spread. And it looks like that the only thing that can stop her is when the battery run dry.

"Well... It maybe too much but bathing in venom feels a lot like that." Sol said rather playfully. Noticing that some part of the Count's body start to turn to ashes, she pull out the blue card on her pocket and held it above her head without stopping her attack.

"Elefan!" She shouted and the whole room was covered with white light.

As the light disappeared, only the five swords that was stabbed on the Count's body earlier where left to the ground.

Part 2

The Count's body were sealed inside the Living Coffin, Elefan. And now, Elefan was currently waiting for her to drag it to the Pile Driver. But before she do so, she grabbed her sword from the ground and walked closer to the young boy sitting unconscious on the chair.

Using her sword, Sol cut the rope that tied him, letting him free from his small prison. Because of the force, he finally opened his emerald green eyes and stare at the Solar Girl.

"Huh? What... Who are you...?"

"I'm Solana. Most people call me the Solar Girl. But you can call me Sol if you want to. The Count had you as a hostage. But now you're free. Tell me, are you hurt?"

"Ahh... Oh yeah... I remember now. Thanks for saving me, Master Sol."

She was taken aback by that. "Master Sol?"

"Well, you saved me from the Vampire Lord, so you earn my respect. I'm Gaea's Son, Lito."

"Wait." Otenko cut out and appeared beside the Solar Girl. "You are Gaea's Son?"

"Oh, Master Otenko, messenger of the sun! I'm pleased to met you. Yes, I am Gaea's Son. Most of the people address me like that."

"Umm... Mind if I ask but what is the meaning of the title 'Gaea's Son'?" Sol, who was the only one in the group who can't relate on their conversation, finally asked.

"Gaea's Children is a title given to someone who has the power to grow and protect the Solar Tree, the shrine of all lives." Explained Otenko. "If you, a Solar Child, are in charge on killing Immortals, Gaea's Children, on the other hand, are in charge to protect the earth that you save."

"I see... But I still wonder what the Count wanted for him to kidnap you..."

"That's the question I don't know how to answer."

"Anyway, speaking of the Count, Sol, we better drag this coffin to the Pile Driver. Purify him in the light of the Sun and maybe we can ask him where Mani is."


As the three of them finish their conversation, Sol walked back to Elefan's location and grabbed the end of its long chain. The living coffin prepared itself for a long walking distance but before the Solar Girl took a step, something stopped her.

"Argh..." She felt something so painful inside her body. She closed her left eyes and put a hand on her head.

"Master Sol!" Lito hurriedly walk to Sol's direction and put a hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright? What's happening."

"Don't worry... I'm fine... The battle made me tired, that's all..." She replied, forcing herself to smile.

"If that so, I'll accompany you. It will he bad if undead saw you in that state."


'This is bad...'

Part 3

The coffin was really heavy if you ask, though. But since Elefan was a living coffin, he made his best to lessen the weight that Sol was dragging by walking on its own. All these time, Sol's mind were focused more to the sharp pain she felt everytime she move or the very painful headache she felt every now and then rather than finding the exit. Still, even in that condition, Sol managed to drag the coffin back to the front gates of the mansion without making Lito or Otenko notice her current condition.

"Where here, Sol." Otenko's voice snapped her back to reality. She lift up her head and saw Otenko right in the front of her and Lito moving to the fountain nearby. "If you are still tired, we can postpone the Battle Drive and continue tomorrow morning. After all, the Sun will set in another 40 minu-."

"No..." She cut his sentence. "I can still keep on. If we do it tomorrow, someone might come to free him up."

"Alright. If you say so. But don't push yourself too hard, Sol. No one can replace you yet."

Actually, Sol didn't follow Otenko's advice. Even with a worn out and painful body, she still drag Elefan to the center of the Pile Driver. Like the Pile Driver in the Fog Castle, four green colored generators appeared in the four corners of the Pile Driver. She pull out the Gun Del Sol and shoot all generators without even leaving her current spot.


The Pile Driver let out its usual warning. Moving to the glowing emblem below the field, she rise raised her right hand in the sky.

"TAIYOU!!" she yell out as loud as she can before taking deep breath.

The four generators shoot out a laser like beam of sunlight at the living coffin. Because of the force, the lid flew off, exposing its content to the large beam of sunlight.

"IT'S HOT!!" The Count's voice echoed around the whole place. Sol just turn around to face the coffin and watch the Count burn and at the same, she was waiting for him to make his first move on shutting down the generators. However, before he do so, the same crimson smoke appeared below her foot.

Sol quickly realize this and jumped out of the way before the sharp rocks appeared. The crimson smoke keep following her and she don't have anything to do than to run for it. However when she do so, a strange sound catches her attention.


The first generator shut down. Sol looked at the source of the attack and saw an ectoplasm was starting to shut down the next generator.

She fired a Solar Shot at the ectoplasm... But for the first time, she missed. And because of that simple mistake, the second generator shut down.

'Darn it!' She cursed inside her head. 'Why in all times, it has to be right now!? My vision... Its getting blurry! If this continue on, I may lose my consciousness right here and now!' She continue to shout inside her head.

She's not an idiot so she can realize everything. Every step she took, it feels that she's slowing down. Everytime she move her body, she can feel like she's losing strength to carry her own weight. Every seconds that pass, she notice that her vision start to fade. But still she continue on running, trying to outrun the spikes that was trying to kill her. Running while trying to chase after the ectoplasm.

And with her last piece of strength, she pointed the Gun Del Sol again at the ectoplasm's location, firing another Solar Shot. This time, it hits and its enough to push it back to its coffin. Sol knew that this Battle Drive wont end this easily since two generators have been shut down. So she continue to run back to the same emblem and rise her right hand once more.

"TAIYOU!!" she yelled once again and a strong ray of sunshine centered at the Pile Driver itself. Because all of the generators are powered by sunlight, the two remaining generators shoot out the most powerful laser it ever let out. A laser enough to burn the Count's ectoplasm.

"NO!! I've been Pile Drivered... TWICE THIS DAY!?" the Count's voice echoed once more, making Sol and Otenko look at the coffin.

"Tell me! Where is Mani!?" Sol asked, still in a weak state.

"If you wanted to know that bad, then head to the floating city on the north. You will find your answer there... And maybe more than you can expect. Mwahahaha!!" It was his final words before his ectoplasm dissolved in the thin air.

All generators went back to the ground and Elefan revert back to its card form. However, Sol didn't even pick it for some reason. She just stood there, motionless like a statue.

"That was cool! So this is what the Pile Driver can do!" Lito, who was watching all the time, said in amazement and walked near the Solar Girl. "Hey, Master So-"

He didn't even had a chance to finish his sentence. A sound of a falling body made him stop. He looked at the direction of the sound and saw the Solar Girl lying and breathing heavily.

"MASTER SOL!" Lito hurriedly walk near her and tried to put her head on his lap. But once he touches her cheek, he quickly withdraw his hands. Her face felt so hot like he just touch the generator of an overheating refrigerator. "Master Sol, you got a fever!?"

"No way!" Otenko said while picking up the blue card on the center of the Pile Driver. "She arrived here in Istrakan perfectly fine just 7 hours ago!"

"Then how did she... !! Wait! I think I know! Did she face any green colored spider and she was hit by some kind of green liquid, stuff like that?"

"Well, yes. Earlier with the Count."

"Then this must be poison! Good thing I got an antidote in my bag. But this is not the right place to cure her."

"Then where?"

"I can sense a Solar Tree not too far from here. That's the most safest place I know to bring her." Lito explained before he carry the unconscious Solar Girl on his back and dashed to the location of the Solar Tree.

Part 4

Far above the sky in Istrakan, there is a giant floating village close to the sun. It was a normal village back then, where everyone allied with the Sun lives. However, today, that village is abandoned and only undead and Immortals live there. Most of its parts are destroyed but for some odd reason, this village still float in the sky like it usually do.

Inside the room located at the most highest point of the floating village, the young vampire from before look in the sky while sitting on the glassless window.

"As expected..."

"What is it?" Asked the girl behind him. She had a short black hair with a rather emotionless face, wearing a simple blue dress that reach below her knees.

"The Count was defeated." The vampire boy answered. "What an stubborn vampire. I already give him a warning and now this? Its okay if he died. But the Solar Girl freed Gaea's Son."

"The Queen wont like that."

"She's probably mad again. And I don't want to visit the castle when she's mad. It'll be too noisy."

"So, what's your next plan then?" The girl asked making the young vampire boy look at the setting sun once more.

"I'll give the Solar Girl a little visit. But maybe I'll do it when the sun completely sets."

Part 5

The sun rise slowly through the mountains of Istrakan. It was the sign that a new day has come once again. Sensing the warm sunlight that shone on her forehead, the Solar Girl finally opened her eyes from her sleep.


She looked around, trying to recognize the current place she was in. There are lots of plants around her and a giant tree with some small amount of leaves on every branch.

'This doesn't look like the Bloodrust Mansion...'

Unable to recognize her current location, Sol slowly sit up from her lying position while wondering how she ends up here in this unknown place. Soon, that thoughts escaped once a something wet dropped down from her forehead to her lap. Or should I say, the blanket on her lap. It was a piece of cloth. A thing that remind her that she was not the only person here.

'Oh yeah… that reminds me…'

"You're okay?" A voice snapped her back to reality. It was Lito, Carrying apples on both hands.

"Yeah… pretty much. Anyway, Lito, where are we?"

"We are next to the Solar Tree. Not too far from the Bloodrust Mansion. Good thing this place had a river nearby."

"Solar Tree?" she asked and finally stood up from the ground. She walked closer to the giant tree right in the middle of the area and put a hand on its bark.

"Yeah. It’s the shrine of all life. It has the power to drive the undead away. But on sadly, on this state, The Solar Tree is weak to drive the undead away from Istrakan."

"Is that the reason why there so many undead here?"

"Probably." He answers before throwing one apple at her direction. Sol catches it using only one hand and took a bite. "That’s why I'm here. As Gaea's Son, my mission is to protect all Solar Trees planted all over the world."

"I see…"

"I guess I'll be staying her until the Solar Tree fully recovered. What about you Master Sol?"

This question made Sol think. She just stared at the bite mark of the red apple on her hand with a serious face, recalling what happened back there in the Bloodrust Mansion. She already killed the Count… she already avenged her father. Why does it feel so.. empty? Sure she was happy, but for some odd reason, she felt like there is still something missing. Like something deep inside her want to tell her to keep going.

But where? She doesn’t remember where is that path that she made. It felt like the poison from yesterday turned off the light that she made for that road. . . like she just stood there in the end of an unknown road with nothing more but darkness painted all over the background. . . until Count's final words finally made her snap.

"I will continue on." Was her short reply. "I will go find Mani. I won't stop until I saw her right in the front of my eyes."

Lito only smiled at those words. He don’t know why, but for some reason, those words made him do so.

"Alright. If that’s what you want to do. Oh and here!" he said and give a small piece of leaf to her. Sol only took it and stared at the green leaf on her hands.

"What's this?"

"It’s one of the few leaves that the Solar Tree had right now. If you raise it in the air, that leaf will bring you back here on its tree. Use that if you wanted to visit me- err, I mean the Solar Tree!"

"Okay. I'll remember that."

Part 6

It's been ten minutes since Sol leaved the Solar Tree. She and Otenko were calmly walking on the road that will lead them to the floating city that Count mentioned yesterday.

"Hey, Master Otenko."Sol break the silence between them. "What is that floating city that Count was talking about?"

"That? It was the city created by the Solar Children long time ago. They call it the 'Sol City'. But I believe that the Sol City was abandoned now, considering you, the last Solar Child, was right here."

"Sol City, huh?" she wondered. "I wonder why almost everything had the same name as me."

"Well, I don’t really understand why Ringo give you a name so close to Father Sun."

Sol was about to reply to that. But suddenly, their conversation was cut, not by a word, but by a crimson colored sonic wave about to charge at their direction. Both Sol and Otenko dodge this. Grabbing the Gun Del Sol from the gun case clipped on her belt, the Solar Girl pointed it at the direction where the attack come from. She thought it has to be an undead but when she took a closer look at the attacker, she was wrong.

It was the young vampire boy that talked with the Count before they fought. A strange looking sword that was glowing in crimson red color rested on his right hand, signaling that he is the one who made that attack earlier.

"So you defeated the Count. Impressive, Solar Girl."

"Who are you!?" Sol asked, without even putting her gun down.

"My name is Black of the West."

"Black of the West? You are the Vampire Prince!?"

"I see. Looks like you made a little research after all. However, I'm not a foe or a friend for now, at least."

"What do you want then?"

"I just come here to tell you something." Black said as his crimson red eyes darted at her. "You killed the Count. You already avenged your father. Now I will advise you to stop moving forward and ruining our plans."

"No!" Sol shouted and glare at him. "I won't stop until I haven’t seen Mani or my brother!"

"If that's the case, I will give you one more chance to change your mind." Black said and rise his sword again. The red glass like part of the sword that was located between the hilt and the blade glowed in crimson color. He swing it downward as fast as he can and the same crimson sonic wave traveled beside him. The sonic wave cut the large rock beside Black and keep on going until it cut the river and only stop when it hit the third tree in the forest next to it. Sol's eyes widen when she saw the huge damage caused by the simple swing of Black's sword. It was far stronger than any of the Count's attacks. But how come this boy was only a prince while Count was the lord? She couldn’t understand. . . but she have to be careful. "I won't fight you today."

"Huh?" this made Sol drop her gun.

"Like I said, I'm not a friend or a foe. I just come her to give you a simple warning. However, if you keep on going, you will face that attack head on. And maybe much more stronger than that one. The choices are yours, Solar Girl. Pick wisely because you may lose your life with this." And with that said, Black transformed to a crow and flew out of the way, leaving Sol and Otenko behind.

"Well?" Otenko break the silence between them.

"We'll continue on. If I have to face him just to save Mani and my brother, then I will do it!"

And with the decision was made, Sol and Otenko continue their way to the floating village in the north.
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[+] Spoiler
Chapter 4

Firetop Mountain

Part 1

It's been a couple of days since Black and Sol met on the road near the Solar Tree's location. Ever since that meeting, the Messenger of the Sun didn't notice or even see the sign of the brown crow that keep following them. They are all alone on their road to Sol City.

Sol have been traveling for a couple of days now, but there is no sign that she will stop soon. The only time where she actually stop walking is when the sun completely sets. Eating only the fruits and nuts that she found in the numerous forest, caves, and old and abandoned houses, she keep on walking on while praying that she made it in time to save this woman named Mani.

At last, after numerous days, she finally reached a mountain that will lead her to the other side of Istrakan. But something is wrong... Two floating giant cube was blocking the way. One of them is color red and floating on the top of the red, there is a blue colored cube. Some unfamiliar symbols were craved on it hinting that these two are not just ordinary cubes.

"What is this?" Asked the Solar Girl while staring at the floating cubes.

"This must be the Dark Seal."

"Dark Seal?"

"Yes. Its blocking the way to keep everyone out and its getting their energy on Immortals. But you can remove them if you defeat the Immortals who was powering it."

"Maybe I should try charging at it first." She said.

Hearing this, Otenko tried to stop her but before he does, Sol already ran pass him holding her sword with both of her hands. She tried to stab her sword to the red colored cube but when the tip made contact on it, the cube glow with red color. The next thing she know is she was sent flying by an unknown yet powerful force.

"SOL!!" Otenko shouted and stared at the direction of the Solar Girl. Before she could even hit the ground, Sol used her right hand to grab the ground itself and slowed her landing pace.

"That was powerful..." Was her only comment after she stood up. There are no scratch on the cube even though the tip of her sword made contact with it. It continue floating there in the middle of the way without even a care on the world.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah. Just a little scratch on the hand because of my landing. That's all." Sol replied with a grin. She looked at her right palm and stared at her wounds. It was actually a simple scratch but even so, it was bleeding a little giving her the sign that she can't ignore this even if its small.

'It will be a pain to use my sword now... I have no problems on using the Gun Del Sol with my left hand but using my sword with my left is a different story...' She thought and let out a sigh. Suddenly, she felt something. It seems that her Lunar Child blood she inherited from her mother want her to look up. Following what her insides was telling, Sol looked up in the sky and a smile formed on her face.

There on the sky, there are five glowing green orbs with wings flying around the red cube. It was Lunar Bugs. According to her adopted father, Lunar Bugs can only be summoned by the Lunar Children during full moon. And it seems that she actually summoned five of them while attacking the cube. But...

"How? It's not even full moon."

"I also have no idea how did you summon some Lunar Bugs on the midday." Otenko said. "But you better use them before they disappear."

Agreeing on the advice of her sunflower partner, Sol raised her right arm in the air like what she usually do when charging the Gun Del Sol's battery. But instead of shouting the word 'Taiyou', she didn't shout a single word at all.

Instead of ray of sunshine, the Lunar Bugs that was floating around the red cube flew on her direction. They all rested on her wounded right palm and start mending the wounds by using their glowing body to seal her skin back.

"You really know how to use your Lunar Child blood you inherited, eh?"

"It's comes in naturally to me during full moon when I was young and I kinda learn how to use it. I also don't know why. My adoptive father said that the Solar Child blood I inherited from father was more dominant than my Lunar Child Blood but for some reason, it feels like... I don't know how to say this... Like I hand another person right inside me that warn me, stuff like that... Do you get what I mean, Master?"

"Well, you're not really a full blooded Solar Child so I guess it's normal. But you should be thankful to your mother since she give you the power to call out the Lunar Bugs and heal your wounds. You're the most unique in all Solar Children."

"Yeah..." Sol replied and stared at her right palm. The wounds were gone and there are no single scar on it. The Lunar Bugs also disappear without even her noticing. She smiled at her palm. But after a second, her smile faded. "I wonder if brother also had the same power as me..."

"What do you mean?"

"They say that unlike me, the Lunar Child blood was more dominant to Cressent than his Solar Child blood. I wonder if Cressent can also do what I do..."

"He's also a half Solar Boy. So I believe he can... Although he was given the title of Moon Beauty..."

"Wait... How do you know Cressent's title?"

"I told you, I am Ringo's partner. I'm always by his side. And I'm also there when Cressent were born."

"Then how come you don't know my name when we first met?"

"I wasn't there when you were born."

"I can't believe it! You leaved father?"

"Anyway , we better get going. I sense Darkness on both east and west. Which one shall we take first?"

"Master Otenko, you're avoiding my questions. I really want to know something about my family. I grew up only knowing their names and their titles!"

"The right time will come where you shall learn everything, Solana. Good things happen to those who wait." Hearing her full name from Otenko is one of the unspoken sign that the situation was serious. Instead of pushing her sunflower partner to speak, Sol just let out a sigh and just let it fly away. "Well? East or west?"

"The east seems to be more closer from here than the west. So let's go to east then."

Part 2

Black, still on his crow form, flew to the east. He can see the blonde haired Solar Girl running in the same direction as he was flying. But it seems that even though he's right above her, she didn't notice him or even his presence at all. Well at least that's great. Considering the fact that he need to reach his destination without her knowing.

Days may have gone pass and by, this is the only time he had to do this actions. It may not look like it but Black cannot make a single move without any orders from the higher ups. When he's done with the pass mission, he will have to wait in Sol City for the voice inside his head to command him once again. He cannot make any mistakes. And most importantly, he cannot fail the task that was given to him.

He sometimes do wonder how on earth he was born.

Sure he know that he was bitten by another vampire. That bite mark on his neck is an obvious proof of it. But ever since he woke up, he doesn't have any memory of his past self. What is his real name, who are his parents, and even how he acquire that strange armored sword he wield today. However, no one is there to answer all of this question. So he decided that maybe his past wasn't necessary, just ignore it like nothing and continue following the Queen's orders. But this thought can never escape his mind...

While he is on his mission, he sometimes try to force his own brain to split out those information. As expected, nothing happened. But that all changed when he accidentally does something when he's still getting used to fly as a crow. And he decided to keep that discovery and only reveal it when the right time has come.

Black reached his destination. It was a volcano located in the eastern part of Istrakan. He was sure that he cannot go inside that volcano on his crow form without even coming out as a roasted bird. Flying right above the crater of the volcano, he changed back to his human form and let gravity does its job.

He let his body get fall right inside the volcano's mouth. He doesn't care of the intense heat and the black colored smoke it releases. He just close his eyes and calm himself down.

At last, he hit the ground. For some odd reason, there is a platform above the lava itself. It was maybe used by someone couple of years ago as a sort of elevator. However, the switch that controls the lava flows are now rusty and doesn't even work.

On the center of the platform, there is a very large iron ball that form into a shape of a golem's half body. On its head is a colorless inverted triangle that maybe functions as his eyes. But right now, it's totally asleep.

Black walked closer to the iron balls without even caring about the sound of lava popping and raising like a geyser. He stared at the colorless inverted triangle on its face and put his right hand to it.

"She's here. It's time to wake up." He whispered before taking a deep breath. "ANKOKU!!"

As he shout that word, his whole body glowed in a crimson red color. A strong wind that is enough to blow his cape up to his chest level circles around him as the crimson colored energy gathered on his right hand. Those energy where later pass down to the iron balls which made it glow in the same crimson color as him.

The wind died down at the same time his body also stop glowing. It seems like nothing happened but for some reason, he smile.

"My job here is done. You're in charge... Muspell..." He said. And with a small leap on the air, a black colored wings shoot out form his back. He used those wings to flew up and surpass the heat of the volcano.

Part 3

- Firetop Mountain -

- May 19, 9:43 AM -

- Time before sunset: 8 hours and 17 minutes -

Firetop mountain is a very large mountain located on the eastern part of Istrakan. Back on the olden days, this mountain serves as a mining ground for all of the people living in the small town around it because of its countless minerals it had inside. However, when undead take over this volcano, it killed all the living things around the volcano. Ever since that day, that small town wiped out in the map and the Firetop mountain become home of countless of undead.

The Solar Girl and the Messenger of the Sun stared at the volcano right on the front of them. The two of them were standing on the plains right at the very foot of the volcano. The only thing that they can see around is the leafless tree that was obviously about to decay and the few orange patches of grass dancing right below them. It was very hard to imagine how this plants even grow around this kind of place.

As they look up on the sky, trying to peek at the clouds above, a very strong wind with a hint of ember hurled up on direction her making her cover her eyes using her arm. The ember was pretty weak. Not enough to burn the removable black cloth that protect her arms. But still, it will be painful as hell when those hit her eyes.

"It seems that the Immortal who control that Dark Seal had the Flame Property..."

"Looks like it." Sol replied. She look around her location, trying to examine the area without removing her arms on her forehead. "This place looks wide enough for the Pile Driver..."

"Alright. I'll summon it then. TAIYOU!!" Otenko shouted and like before, his body start to glow in yellow color. The plains shake for a bit followed by a strong white light below her foot. As the light disappears, the Pile Driver appeared on their location.

"Thank you, Master Otenko." She thanked her master.

"Anyways, Sol, which path should we take?"

That made the Solar Girl rise one of her eyebrows. Putting her right arm back on her forehead, Sol examine her location once again. She was trying to find another route she can take except climbing the volcano up to the top. Until she found a cave right on the western part of the wall. It was covered by some rocks, making it hard to notice. But it was the best route she could get. Sure it was more far if she took the cave but once she decided to climb, she will be open incase undead attack her.

"I think it's much safer if we take the cave..."

Part 4

Sol entered the cave with sweat falling down from her forehead and her sword on her right hand. It took her like an hour in order to remove all those giant rocks on the entrance of the cave.

At first, she thought I was easy as pushing an empty wooded crate by using her back. But so many failed attempts, she finally lean down to one of the giant rock, sat on the ground, and declared that it was a LOT harder than she thought. She even thought that she could push it using the force of a Solar Shot like what it does to undead but the solar powered bullet dissolved on the air once it hit the rock.

Unable to take it anymore, she goes berserk mode, pull out her sword and start slashing the giant rock until it break apart. Alas, after an hour, she break that rock that was blocking her way. She was lucky that that sword was a lot stronger than it looks.

'Smith is really the best when it comes to sword forging swords!' She thought while staring at the sword on her hand, which was still unscratched even if she already use it as a drill.

Sol step inside the cave without putting her guard down. Holding the sword with both hands, she slowly walked inside the cave, alert to anything may happen. Leaning into the rock wall, the Solar Girl took a small glance behind, scanning for an enemy. Until she spot one.

It was a Ghoul. Five of them to be exact. But unlike the ghoul she saw in Fog Castle or Bloodrust Mansion, this ghoul was a little different. They have the same height, same appearance but instead of the green colored skin, the ghouls here had orange. The four of them walk slowly, patrolling the room, while the last one was there steady, guarding the exit.

It seems that she won't make it through this volcano without fighting them. Without returning back her sword, Sol slowly pull the Gun Del Sol from her gun case without making too much noise. She pointed it on the nearest patrolling ghoul and clicked its trigger.

A Sol property Solar Sot come out from the tip of the gun. The yellow bullet of the Solar Gun continue to travel on the ghoul's direction and only stopped when it hit the ghouls back. The orange ghoul lost its consciousness as it sat on the ground. The Solar Girl quickly ran on its direction without the others noticing and start to fire Solar Spread until it dissolve in the thin air.

She was a little surprise since the orange ghoul took a little longer to dissolve rather than the normal ghoul.

'Maybe the color change was also a property change?' she thought.

It was her first time encountering different colors of ghouls. But she once read on the monster guide book in the library that monsters with different colors means different property. If she clearly remember, orange should represent the Flame Property. No surprise with the venue. They can all be beaten with the Sol property but not as strong as Sol property burning Dark property.


Lost on her thoughts, the Solar Girl didn't notice that one of the patrolling orange ghouls already saw her. She jumped back a little once she heard that warning and quickly looked at her right. The orange ghoul that spot her shoot out nine small creature that looks like a ball of fire, which, if her memories serve her right, called Burrnun. The nine Burrnun charged at her direction making her ran for it. Sure you wouldn't want those thing to touch you. Since if you do…

"OWW!" Sol let her voice out as one of the Burrnuns touched her left leg. That small creature burned her skin and it was painful. Luckily, the Burrnun dissolved in the air because her legs were moving as quick as it can as she ran at full speed.

A drop of tear were preparing to escape from her sapphire blue eyes but instead of letting it go, the Solar Girl force her tears to stop falling down to her cheek. And finally, she stopped on her tracks. Using the heel of her boots, she made a 180 degree turn, facing all the remaining eight Burrnun that was chasing her. the Burrnuns didn’t show any sign of stopping either. So without any word, Sol pointed her Gun Del Sol at them.

She doesn't really care if the lens of her Solar Gun was not the weakness of those Burrnuns. She don't have any other lens beside the Sol lens that was equipped to it the day she first laid her eyes on her father's gun. As long as this gun can purify Undead and Immortals, then she's good.

Before the Burrnuns come near her, Sol hold down the trigger of the Gun Del Sol. The Solar Energy that was stored in the battery of the Solar Gun turned to a light as bright and as hot as the real sunlight itself. It is the Solar Gun's infamous Solar Spread. Even if those Burrnuns have the property of Flame, they are still considered as Undead. And as long as there Undead, the Sol property can still purify them.

Sol watched them dissolve in the thin air. And when the last one finally turned to a smoke, she let go of the trigger. She put down her gun and return to her previous location. Seeing that the previous ghoul that she shoot a while ago haven't recovered yet, the Solar Girl look for the same orange ghoul that attack her using the Burrnuns earlier and shoot it in the back using her gun. The orange ghoul drop on its knees and lost its consciousness. Without having any second thoughts, she does the same to the other ghouls that was patrolling the area and while they haven't recovered yet, she ran pass them, leaving them here. Sure she could kill them but the Gun Del Sol might ran out of battery while she's at it…

But at the time like this, Sol is thinking something that seems to be useless. Looking at the part of her leg that one of the Burrnuns touched, she let out a depressed sigh.

"I need a higher boots to hide the scar that this thing will left… unless this won't heal until full moon…"

Part 5

Back at the platform inside the volcano, the iron ball that Black called Muspell still didn't show any sign of moving. It still sat in the center of the room without any care in the world.

In the western part of the room, one lava suddenly shoot out a very high geyser that was enough to make the platform tremble.

Muspell still didn't move. But looking closely, the inverted triangle on its head start to blink in crimson red color...

Part 6

Sol made her way out of the cave, wiping the sweat that form on her forehead.

She can notice the raising temperature of her surroundings every time she took a step forward and that heat was too much even for her. So to lessen the heat she felt, Sol removed the long crimson colored scarf she always wore on her neck and tie it on her left leg to serve as a temporary bandage for her wounded skin. Still, even with the scarf gone, she could still feel the intense heat like nothing had change. Sometimes, she do wonder how much sweat does the sleeveless black shirt under her leather armor already absorbed.

As she continue on walking, she then realize why does her surrounding felt so hot. At this very moment, the Solar Girl is standing in the southern part of a giant platform that was surrounded by lava and ember. On the middle of the platform, there is a large iron balls gathered all together in a shape of a golem's half body. The sound of the lava popping welcomed her making her frown.

"Great. This explains better." she said to herself, staring at the iron ball right in the front of her. She do wonder why there is a large Iron balls here gathered all together and why on earth there is a platform in the middle of a lava filled room. Ignoring those questions for a while, the young Solar Girl try to find a way to go further but after she realize that there's no more path to keep on forward, she sigh.

"Master, is this really the place?" as she asked that question, Otenko appeared right beside her.

"That's weird… I'm sure this is the place."

"Maybe we should just go and take the west then?" She wondered. "By the way, can I ask a question before we leave?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, its kinda weird to find a floor right in the middle of the lava. And why does that iron balls form a shape of a golem?" Sol asked, pointing at the iron balls not too far from them.

Otenko walked closer to the iron balls to inspect them more carefully. For some odd reason, those iron balls are not just a display on this platform. Realizing something, Otenko scratched his chin using one of the leaves on his stem.

"Oh yeah. This is the Firetop Mountain…"

"What is it, Master?"

"Sol, this is not an ordinary statue. This is Muspell, the ancient guardian of the Firetop Mountain. He was powered using the Flame Property and said to guard not only this volcano but also the small town nearby hundreds of years ago. As for the platform, this is called the Megarock floor. I don't know much about the Megarock floor but I believe that it follows the flow of the lava."

"I see." She said and stared at her surroundings. Suddenly, the Megarock floor start shaking.

Sol's eyes widen as the sudden movement of the ground. The force is the same as when the Pile Driver is being summoned by Otenko, but without the strong light. She put a hand on the ground to maintain her balance while the other hold the Gun Del Sol, preparing herself from any harm. She stared at the iron ball in the front of her and gasp. The iron ball start to stand up revealing its true form.

A large iron golem with its glowing red inverted triangle eyes glaring at the Solar Girl sitting in the ground. The Iron Giant, Muspell.

Part 7

The young Solar Girl stared at the giant iron golem in the front of her eyes in a surprised manner. Golems. They are one of her most hated type of undead ever. Turning to a ball and chase its prey like crazy, how on earth you won't hate them if you are once a victim of this clay? But then, what more if that golem had a body made of iron and it's like three times bigger than the normal one?

"Sol, it looks like Muspell is in the control of the Dark Matter and he is the Immortal controlling one of the Dark seals in the northern part of Istrakan! You have to defeat him in order to continue on." As Otenko said that, he disappeared in a thin air.

"This will be tiring…" Sol whispered to herself as the memory of her run in the forest flowed back inside her head.

With a load roar, Muspell charged at her and prepared one of its arms to squash the little Solar Girl on her place. Sol quickly saw this and rolled to the other side in order to dodge, making sure she didn’t do it too much unless she wanted to fall in the hot lava. Considering that Muspell's body is made from iron, one smack from his little arms will break her bones to pieces. Plus, her movement is limited thanks to the lava right below the platform under them. So she had to extra careful if she wanted to make out this battle alive.

Finally standing up from her seat, Sol pulled out the Gun Del Sol from its gun case and shoot out multiple Solar Shot at Muspell's direction. Unlike what those Solar Shots do to undead, it seems that this time, her Solar Gun could only do a small damage toward this iron golem. She also think of using her sword but then she realize that it would be dangerous because of their distance. So right now, she only can count on the Gun Del Sol, wishing that its remaining battery will make it until the end of the battle.

Realizing that he didn't hit his target, Muspell turn around to face Sol. He let out another roar before slamming both of his arms on the ground. The force was enough to make a light explosion around him and shake the floor below them.

Sol, unprepared from that attack, lost her balance and fall flat on the floor. She closed both of her eyes shut and put a hand on her forehead wishing that the slight dizziness she felt will fade away as fast as it can. Before she could open her eyes, the same felling inside her warned her about something from above. Without having a second thought, she took a step back dodging that something. It was a giant rock from above and more of it are falling at her direction. Sol did her best to dodge them all without minding the sharp pain that she felt every time she tried to move her left leg. As she dodged the last falling rocks, a loud rumbling noise snapped her back to reality. Looking behind, her face suddenly filled with horror.

"Oh dear…" she whispered and quickly ran.

Behind her is Muspell on his ball form, chasing her nonstop. She tried running in different way. From increasing her speed, zigzag, curve, straight, but no matter what she does, Muspell still tries to chase her and there's no sign of slowing down either. In addition, their limited space made it hard for Sol to dodge Muspell's rolling.

Without any sign of slowing down either, Sol pointed her Gun Del Sol behind, making sure that it will hit the giant iron golem that was chasing her. she clicked the trigger of it, sending a solar shot on his direction. like what happen before, the Solar Shot didn't deal a very high damage but at least it is enough to make Muspell stop chasing her. Sol turned around to check Muspell's next move while trying to catch her breath. However, something is wrong.

Muspell's body start to glow in purple color. Was it Property change? Or rather a special attack? She don’t know. But no matter what is it, she had to be prepared. Especially since she could feel that the Gun Del Sol is about to run out of battery. Muspell finally stop glowing but the result of its glow made Sol stomped her right feet in anger.

"OH, COME ON!!"she shouted before continue to run once again.

So what happened? Its nothing more than Muspell actually divide himself in to three normal size golems and now, there are three golems that was chasing the young Solar Girl. As she ran on her full speed, she felt another sharp pain from her wounded left leg. Not only that, she felt like it can give up on carring his body weight anytime soon. So instead of continuing to run in a straight direction, she jumped at the left side of the field, avoiding the golem. As expected, she didn't land pretty well. It's thanks to her leather armor that she don’t get any scratch on her chest because of her fall. She took a glance at the golems that was chasing her but something is wrong.

"Huh?" she asked herself, adjusting the headband on her forehead. 'That’s weird… they're not chasing me? Are they just running in random direction? Or they can't actually see me?' she keep on making her observation while slowly standing up from the ground.

'Hmm… I wonder…' she thought again and using the metal plating of her boots, she made a loud noise that was enough for all those golems to hear.

All three golems stoped on their tracksand now aim for one direction: the location where the young Solar Girl stands. Instead of showing any fear, Sol just stand there like she doesn't care about the three iron golems charging at his direction. when she notice their small distance, Sol finally decided to dodge by doing her usual cartwheel move. As expected, the three golems ran over each other, which she is sure that that dealed a high damage. The three golems glowed in purple color once again and this time they all gathered together forming Muspell's former appearance.

Once again, Muspell rolled into ball and charged at Sol's direction. Sol was preparing to run but when she move her left feet behind, she notice that she was just one step away from the lava. Great. She's cornered. There's no way for her to escape.

'Unless…' she thought and waited for Muspell. When he's close, she quickly move to the right and ran behind him. The young Solar Girl looked at Muspell and saw that he was about to fall from the lava. He spun both of his iron arms in order to maintain his balance but that will be hard because of his body weight.

Seeing the opportunity, Sol pointed her Gun Del Sol at Muspell's back. With its very last energy left, she pulled the trigger of the gun but for some odd reason, the Gun Del Sol didn’t release its infamous Solar Spread. Rather its like a Solar Shot gathering more energy from the very end of its battery.

"Why don’t you try to make a splash?" and with that said, she finally let go of the trigger, sending a Solar Shot on Muspell's back.

The Solar Shot is a little different from the other Solar Shot she made since its much more bigger and it was much more powerful for just a single shot to push her whole body five inches from her previous position. But on the good side, it has a really strong force for one single shot to push a giant Iron Golem in the pool of lava.

It takes Muspell a lot of time inside that lava. Until one lava geyser pushed his iron body from the pool of lava. Muspell's body landed in the center of the room with smoke escaping out from his body. The inverted triangle on his head start losing its crimson red glow as well as his arms start falling on the ground.

Thinking that it was already over, Sol picked the blue card from the pocket of her grey skirt and raised it in the air.

"ELEFAN!!" she shouted. In less than a second, Muspell's body was now inside the living coffin. The coffin shaked for a couple of times until it finally calmed down. Elefan is now waiting for Sol to pull the chain but something is wrong.


Sol stared at the Gun Del Sol on her hand, which doesn't have any more energy stored on its battery. On this state, the gun might be useless but for some odd reason, the young Solar Girl still stare at it curiously.

"Is something wrong, Sol?" Otenko asked while appearing behind her.

"Its just… the Gun Del Sol… it released a Solar Shot I never saw before. Worst, it looks like I'm not in myself while doing so… is this gun… can do more than a shot and spread?"

"Gun Del Sol is not an ordinary weapon so it can do more than you can imagine." Otenko started. "It's attack depend on how strong its wielder is or the lens that was equiped to it. We can worry about that later. We can't leave an Immortal like that. We have to purify him with using the Pile Driver."

"Right." Sol obeyed her master's order as she grab the chain attatched on Elefan.

Part 8

Sol finally dragged the coffin to the same location where she entered the Firetop Mountain. She let out a sigh of relief as she lean on the rock wall. Even with Elefan's legs, Muspell is super hard to drag along. Its far more heavier than the Count's coffin! Plus the wound on her left leg doesn’t help in the situation. Oh, how she wanted to see the full moon already.

As the sunlight welcomed her skin, she realized that she haven't charge her Gun Del Sol yet. pulling the Gun Del Sol from its gun case with her left hand, she let go of the chain and raised her right hand in the air, making sure that the Sunlight will hit her palm.

"TAIYOU!!" She shouted and the ray of sunshine hit her body once again, filling the battery of the gun one her hand. When she felt it was full once again, she grab the chain once again and start dragging the coffin toward the center of the Pile Driver.

The Pile Driver give out it natural glow as she put the coffin in the middle. Firing a regular Solar Shot on each generator like the usual, she walked on the southern part of the circle, raised her hand in the air and do the usual thing.


The same rumbling noise rang on her ears and the generators turned the sunlight into laser that hit the coffin that contain Muspell's body. Muspell let out a loud roar as the pain on of those solar laser hit his body. The purple smoke start to pop out from the coffin making Sol grab her gun once again and prepare for the ectoplasm to make its first move.

(Believe me, I tried to write the Battle Drive but I kinda feel that I'm repeating the same thing all over again so I will skip all the Battle Drives starting with this chapter…)

Part 9

The battle drive is over and all the generators return back to the ground. Sol picked up the blue card in the center of the Pile Driver but she notice something under the card. An item that seems to be so familiar but at the same time, the first time she saw it.

It’s a glass. A vermilion colored glass that shine brightly at the sun's rays. The young Solar Girl grabbed the mysterious glass from the ground and stare at it to examine it more. She cannot find the reason why. Why does she feel that she know this foreign item? Until reality hit her.

'Wait a minute…'She asked to herself using her thoughts and grab the Gun Del Sol and look at the yellow glass on the top of the gun. Looking back and forth at the glass attached to the gun itself and the strange glass on her hand, she finally realize what is the mystery item. It was…

"You did it!" Otenko's voce made her snap back to reality. "You didn't only purify the Dark Guardian, you also retrieve back the Flame Lens! Well done, Solana!"

'So this is the Flame Lens?' She thought. 'I wonder how powerful this thing is. More importantly, I wonder how to change the Gun Del Sol's lens?'

"Anyway, let's go to the west. We must purify the second guardian in order to reach the Sol City."

"Right." Was her only reply before she and Otenko leaved the Firetop Mountain.

'Maybe I can figure out the Gun Del Sol's secret on the way…'
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Umm, you do know that Sabata isn't a Vampire right, he's just corrupted by Dark Matter, so, assuming I'm right and that Black is Cressent(and thus the Sabata stand-in completely, we already saw Sabata's Friend or Foe line), shouldn't he not be a Vampire here

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Cloudmonkey98 wrote:Umm, you do know that Sabata isn't a Vampire right, he's just corrupted by Dark Matter, so, assuming I'm right and that Black is Cressent(and thus the Sabata stand-in completely, we already saw Sabata's Friend or Foe line), shouldn't he not be a Vampire here
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