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Chapter 6 is ready.

Before I start, I like to say that I will try to update this as much as possible because of two things:
One, I noticed that if I delay this more and more, everything will never reach my desired goal for the series (to finish up to book 4 in 2019)
And two, I realized that my writing needs more practice. I'm messing up with grammar a lot this days and its start affecting my grades with essays. -_- I know the second reason doesn't have any connection to the story itself but writing TSS (and other fanfictions) serves my practice with English.

Okay, now that that's done, here's chapter 6!
[+] Spoiler
Chapter 6

Dark City

Part 1

-Dark City-

-July 7, 10:57 PM-

-Time before Sunrise : 7 hours and 3 minutes -

Solana stopped running and began to catch her breath as she stared at the entrance of the Dark City. True to its name, the Dark City is dark. There are no sources of light anywhere. Luckily for her, the crescent moon above the sky give her at least enough light to see the path. Her only problem now is her Solar Energy.

In such a young age, she is already aware of the fact that undead are far stronger and their number increase during the night. Defeating them is not a problem for her because of the help of the Sol de Vice but without the sunlight, she doesn’t have any other source of her energy.

Not too long, her brother landed on his foot just beside her. For some reason, his eye glowed in crimson color as he scanned the entrance of Dark City.

“It’s a complete maze inside.” He said, making Solana look at him. “It would be the best if we travelled through the roof.”

“That will be pretty easy for you.”

“Then climb the second floor of the houses until you reach the rooftop. Always go north. I’ll be waiting there.” And with that, he jump in the air and transformed to his crow form. Solana was about to stop him but before she could even speak, the crow flew above the houses of the city.

Pulling her sword from the sword case behind her, she entered the Dark City.

Part 2

After some minutes of flying, Black decided to rest somewhere and just wait for Solana to reach the middle of the town. He hovers on the rooftop of one of the tallest building in town and there, he revert back to his usual vampire form. He continue to watch the stars above but not to long after that, he felt something about to hit him from behind.

He let out a silent sigh before moving his head to the right side to dodge the axe flying on his direction. Annoyed, he slowly look behind him to see where the attack comes from and there, he saw a woman. She is around the age of 30 with a well built body. Her long black hair dance along with the wind of the night as she grip the axe on her other hand.

“Black of the West…” she said in a low tone of voice but with Black’s heighten senses, he can still hear her. “So you are the source of the Dark Matter in this area.”

“Looks like everyone still remember my name.”

“Of course, there is no way I can forget you. Because of you, the three guardians of San Miguel are gone.”

“Last time I remember, I only killed one of them.” He said and finally turned his whole body to her. The exact moment he face her, the clouds in the sky suddenly hover below the crescent moon, their only source of light. “But judging from your reaction, you are one of them.”

“Face me, West.” She said and point one of her axes on his direction. “If I kill you right here and now, I will not only avenge my friends but also purify the land!”

“You are making two mistakes here, woman.” Black replied as he pulled his Guardian sword behind him. “First, revenge will lead you to nothing. And second, you should never face me.”

Part 3

The thick clouds pass over the moon serves as a signal for them to start the battle. They both charged at each other, weapons ready on both of their hands. In the very center of the roof, the blade of his Guardian sword and her axe made contact to each other which immediately create sparks because of the force.

The woman uses almost every piece of her strength to push Black behind but as expected, he didn’t move even an inch from his location. He just stand there in the front of her, holding his sword with one hand while his crimson eye glaring at her. She clicked her tongue when she realized there is no way for her first plan to work on the Vampire Prince. Instead, she just jump out of the way and prepare her second hand axe. With enough force, the woman throws both of her axes at his direction like a boomerang. With that bandages covering the Vampire Prince’s left eye, she expected that he cannot see the left side of the battlefield clearly and she’s using that as her advantage.

However, her expectations where proven wrong when he made a horizontal slash when the axes are only few inches away from him. Because of the force, the axes were forced to change its direction. Before it hit the ground, the woman quickly catches it while she’s charging to his direction. She stopped on her tracks when she’s close to him and twisted her upper body trying to make a rotation. But before she can even do that, Black quickly duck down. He gripped his sword sing both hands and when the woman is close enough, he made a sonic wave that hit her directly on her stomach area.

Part 4

“Hah!” Solana shouted as she made a downward slash. The Ghoul right in the front of her quickly turned into ashes as her solar powered sword hit it. She let out a sigh in relief while looking behind her. “I guess that’s the last one.” She said to herself as she raised her glowing sword above her head, using it as some sort of torch.

In her whole life, this will be the first time she entered an Immortal’s lair in the middle of the night. She’s in a complete disadvantage since there is no way for her to Solar Charge. And right now, she’s forced to use her glowing sword as a source of light. Sure, this action of her can easily drain her Solar Energy but there is no way for her to relay on the moonlight inside a house. After some minutes of walking, she finally found the stairs to the highest floor of the house. She cannot believe it but she’s really following her brother’s words. Maybe going through the roofs is a good idea since the streets are way too dark and has way too many undead.

When she’s already in the top of the house, she put her sword back to the sword case behind her back and try to find where is the north. Black do said he’s waiting there and she’s sure there is a chance he will leave her if she took a lot of time. Before Solana could even start looking around, a small spark in one of the roofs of many houses catches her attention.

It didn’t took her long enough to decide if she’s going there or not. The next thing she knows is her feet moving on its own, trying to bring her to the direction where the sparks come from.

Part 5

The woman lied on the ground while gripping her stomach like she’s trying to remove the pain away.

She’s been training really hard since she’ just a little girl just to fight Immortals and protect the whole San Miguel. But still she cannot believe that all of those years of training will go to waste just because she can’t last for more than five minutes while facing the Vampire Prince. She hate to accept this.

No… She won’t accept this.

Removing one of her hands on her stomach area, she grabs her axe once more and force her body to stand up. It’s a little painful as expected, but she still managed to do it. Droplets of blood began to seep through her fingers however it seems that she doesn’t mind at all.

“Oh? You’re still alive? Looks like I’m messing up a lot.” Black said as he took a sniff on the air around them. The familiar metallic smell that tickled his nostrils is enough to awaken his vampire instinct one more time. With a glowing crimson eye, he look at the woman’s direction.

The woman shoot a glare at him, ready to send her axe again despite the weak condition of her body. Even with that distance between the two of them, she could feel the Dark Matter sending out some strange aura out of his body. But that’s not the thing that catches her attention. Looking on his right hand, she saw his Guardian sword glowing in rather strange color. The right side of the blade glows in crimson color, the same color as the aura coming out of his body, while the left side of the blade glows in faint purple color.

She doesn’t know what trick he can pull out of his sleeve but she’s sure that in that condition, she doesn’t have a chance to survive. Since when did her body become so weak? She braced herself for the pain she might feel once Black make his move however something or someone stopped that from happening.

“Black, stop!” a new and familiar voice rang on both of her ears. Not too long after that words echoed, the owner of the voice appeared right between them.

It was a young girl with blonde hair. She faced the Vampire Prince so she didn’t catch the face of the young girl. She wears a lot of dark colored clothes that range from thick black to grey. The only thing she wears that doesn’t match her dark colored clothes is that light purple scarf warped loosely around her neck. Even from afar, she can notice the holes and ripped part of the fabric which made her ask herself why the girl still wears it.

“She’s not an enemy! She’s on our side!”

“Solar Girl, let me remind you again that I don’t belong to your side at all!”

“I know but still-!”

“Solana…?” the woman speaks cutting what kind of argument they are having. Black’s attention quickly shifted to her as the aura covering his body slowly fade away. On the other hand, the girl turned around her smiling as she does.

“Cristina!” Solana said as she walk closer to the woman she addressed as Cristina. “Its been a while!”

“I know you are happy to see me but you should never interfere my fight with that vampire.”

“But this is a complete misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding?” she asked while Solana nod in response.

“You shouldn’t be fighting. Cristina, that vampire is my brother.”

“Brother? He’s Cressent?” she said and finally decided to examine the vampire’s appearance.

Now that she stared at him for some time, she finally noticed the huge similarities he have to the Solar Girl. Despite the pale skin he have and that different color of his hair, she can still see the small part of him that reminded her of Ringo. She removed her hand on her chest and look at the wound she received. To her surprise, the wound is much smaller than she imagined but its size is still enough to make her bleed.

This is not what she expected to someone people feared as the Vampire Prince. Is he getting weaker? He is supposed to be stronger than the Vampire Lord himself but yet, Count can make even more bigger wound in just one hit. Not that she wanted that but it still bothers her. Cristina’s gaze finally shifted from the vampire’s face to the strange looking sword that rest on his hand. Instead of crimson like what she usually hear or once saw, its letting out a… purple glow?

Purple only represent two properties if her memories serves her right. Its either her own property, Cloud Property, or the Luna Property. Since the color of his sword looks paler than her own, there is no doubt that it is Luna Property. An enough proof that he really is the missing Moon Beauty, Cressent.

“So, even as a vampire, you returned, Cressent?”

“No. he never returned. I’m not Cressent anymore.” Was his only reply before he stared at his reflection on the silver blade of his sword. His blank expression turned into a frown when he finally noticed the light purple glass equipped on the hilt of his sword. ‘Now that’s why I didn’t kill her…’

“You’re still using the power of your Lunar Child Blood even though you mix with Dark Matter. You are still Cressent if you ask me.”

“And I thought only that Sunflower will said that to me.”

Solana look at the back and fort before a smile formed on her lips. Its nice to see that her brother and her close friend are not fighting anymore. She turned around, trying to look at the crescent moon in the sky but something other than the sky caught her attention. The numerous houses behind them were covered with thorns.

“Cristina” she called as the said woman look at her “What happened here?”

“It’s the work of an the Immortal.” She began. “I know that this place is abandoned and there is some sort of barrier that protect this place like San Miguel’s but a Immortal managed to enter this place and now, it’s spreading Dark Matter all over the area.“

“And you think I am that Immortal? How weak do you think I am?”

“Anyway, Brother, we must do something about this.” Solana spoke again. “I believe we don’t have much time with us. As the sun rises, we won’t be able to leave this place.”

Black only nod in response before both of them jumped from the rooftop the second roof of the nearest house. The next thing Cristina knows, the Solar Girl and the supposed to be Moon Beauty are running as fast as they can to find the Immortal on the town. Cristina put a hand on her wounded chest and slowly made her way back to San Miguel. After her fifth step however, she finally noticed something that she’s supposed to ask.

“Why is she wearing the Moonlight Scarf is Cressent is the Moon Beauty?”

Part 6

It didn’t took them a long time to find the room where the Immortal stays. For some reason, it is located on the basement of one of the many houses in the Dark City. They both descend to the stairs however, there, they met a really familiar face.

“Well, well, well, you’re still alive, Solar Girl?” a familiar voice made Solana froze on her spot. The owner of the voice is none other than the Immortal she met in the ruins, Diana. “I’m about to ask why you still haven’t used the Dark Matter but I guess just staring at you answers my question already.”

“Diana… So you are the Immortal behind all of this?”

“I wish I am.” She said with as sigh. “The Immortal you are looking for is just behind this door. But if you wanted to see him, you have to go through me.”

The young Solar Girl gulped as she heard those words. So she have to purify Diana first before she could purify the other Immortal that causes all of this mess? On her whole experience as a Vampire Hunter, she haven’t tried to fight two Immortals at once. And even if she can, there is no way she could Pile Driver them since she only have one coffin. She tried her best to calm herself down and prepared to pull her sword but her brother stopped her by grabbing her gloved hand.

“Brother?” she asked, staring at him with her sapphire eyes widen.

“I’ll take care of this. You go deal with the other Immortal.”

With a nod, Solana ran pass Diana and went straight to the next room. Diana send her a glare before she faces Black again.

“What a traitor you are. Working for us for as long as you can remember then suddenly joining the side of the Solar Girl? I wonder how messed up Hel’s head is when she ordered Count to turn you into a vampire.”

“I hate it when I have to say the same thing over and over again.” Black said as he pull out his Guardian Sword, this time, making sure that the Dark Lens were equipped instead of the Luna lens. “I don’t belong on any side. I fight whoever I wanted.”

Part 7

A young boy sat in one of the overgrown roots that pop out from the ground. There are no trees of some sort nearby but with his powers, he can create one whenever he wanted it. On his claw like hand, a red rose is located. It already lost some of its petals as he keep on pulling them while chanting something. On first glance, you will mistaken him as an ordinary boy. But for the eyes of the Solar Girl that stand right in the front of him, its different story.

His pale skin and red eye are enough to tell that he’s an Immortal. Without wasting any time, the Solar Girl pull out her sword from her sword case using his left hand and charged at the young boy. She’s fully aware that the damage she will cause when she use the sword with her non dominant hand were weaker but it is the only thing she knows to save her very little Solar Energy.

Without even lifting a finger, the young boy summoned a vine to catch the attack for him. He let out a sigh without looking at Solana and continue his actions of pulling more of the rose petals. This time, with the very little space between them, she could hear what he was saying.

“Yes… No… Yes… No…” every time a petal hit the ground, he whispers those words silently. What is he doing?

Out of curiosity, Solana moved away for a few meters. The vine that used to block her attack went back down to the ground while the boy resumes. This time, his voice where audible.

“Yes I kill, No I won’t.” is he trying to decide his actions with the use of that flower? Soon enough, the final petal of the rose fall into the ground. With a rather creepy smile, he jump down from his seat as the roots disappeared back to the ground. “The rose has decided our destiny!” He said happily without removing that creepy smile on his face.

He stared at the Solar Girl directly on her eyes and noticed something.

“Oh, how rude of me, I haven’t introduced myself yet.” And he bows down. “My name is Ross. The Earth Ruling Immoral. As you can see, I’m probably one of the youngest Immortal you’ve seen, yes?”

The young Solar Girl only nod in response. He was right. She have never faced an Immortal that took a form of a very young boy. Judging by his appearance, his age shouldn’t be too around Hiro’s… that is if he is a human. As an Immortal, he doesn’t know how old he really is.

“By the way, how do you feel?”


“You are bitten by a vampire, right? Feeling anything weird?” Now that he mentioned it, she never feel anything weird at all ever since she woke up. To tell the truth, she would never recalled being bitten by a vampire if Ross didn’t ask that question.


“No? Now that’s weird. Its either the reaction is too weak that your Lunar Child Blood can stop it or the Moon did something that we haven’t discovered yet.” He said but before Solana can even reply, he let out a short silent laugh. “Heh, still, the rose told me our destiny, Solar Girl.”

Ross pulled his own coat and throw it in the air. By the time the cloth hover in the air, he suddenly disappeared out of Solana’s sight. Solana’s eyes widen as she began to look around the whole room for a sign where did he go. Did he leave? No. that’s not possible. Black and Diana are just behind the exit and she doubt that the other door in the room lead outside as well.

“Solar Girl Solana.” Ross’ voice echoed in the whole room signaling that he haven’t taken his leave yet. “Your name is enough to tell s Immortals that you are always shinning, giving light and warmth to everyone. And that bothers us. How about I take you somewhere new? To a place where the Sun doesn’t rise!”

Right after he said those words, countless of vines pop out from the ground. The vines do remind her of the vines that she can summon when using the Earth Lens and Gun Del Sol combo but now isn’t the time to compare them to one another. Solana switched her sword from left to right, ignoring the fact that she have to save as much as Solar Energy , and began slashing the vines that move closer to her. All of them try to grab her and she know that even if one of them warps around her foot, something bad will happen.

Unfortunately for her, a small vine crawled near her right foot unnoticed. Before she could see it, it already warps her whole right leg and pull her body up on the ground. Solana wince in pain as the vine pull her body up in the air while at the same time, gravity try to pull her body back to the ground. Before she could think of a way to escape the vines that hold her up, Ross pop up from the ground as high as he can. He slammed both of his green claw like hand on the ground. Gigantic spike that’s probably also made from plant pop out from the ground near the Solar Girl’s direction. Because she managed to use her body weight to swing herself to the right side, she managed to dodge it. The spikes quickly went back down but soon, another one pop out. Perhaps Ross could only summon one at a time?

She’s not liking the flow of this battle. She’s now up in the air with nothing else to do tha to swing right and left as she dodge the gigantic spikes that appeared right below her. She’s in a total disadvantage. Even if she managed to escape the vine, her low Solar Energy isn’t enough to beat him. Its making her blood boil. She doesn’t know what happened but as she keep on thinking that way while her emotional state is like that, she felt something weird.

It doesn’t feel like her Solar or Lunar Child Blood reacting to anything. In fact, this s the first time she felt this way. She dropped her sword as she could feel her heart beating faster, way faster than the last time she ran too fast because of Golems back in Istrakan. And it began hurting her chest. Perhaps, she’s tired? But that’s impossible. Her eight days of adventure in Istrakan is enough for her to know the limitation of her stamina and she know she haven’t reach that limit yet. Unknown to her, the Moonlight Scarf that her brother gave to her began to let a faint purple glow. Solana’s too busy to find out what’s wrong with her body so she didn’t notice it.

However, Ross did. He stop his attacks and stared at the girl hanging upside down while she’s gripping her chest area like she’s grabbing the pain away. All the vines, except the one that holds her leg, went back down to the ground… or, at the time like this, soil is a more accurate word for it. Could it be? A smile escaped from his lips as he keep on watching the poor girl.

“I see. That scarf helps your Lunar Child Blood to hold the reaction down.”

“Argh…”Solana tried to reply but nothing came out of her mouth aside from growl of pain. Now she understood why Black gave such important thing to her. Its not because he’s worried about the cold of the night but because he’s worried that this might happen. And due to her unstable emotion, she still end up this way.

Is there a way to stop it? She have to think fast. Black is too busy dealing with Diana so she can’t ask for his help. Now come to think of it, when did she start relaying too much to her brother? She better find a way to fix this on her own if she don’t want Black to ignore her for the rest of his life. With her remaining strength, she tried to open her eyes. Both she and Ross gasped at the same time.

For some reason, she can see much more clearer and much more sharper than before. Is that normal? She thinks not. On the other hand, Ross’ surprise expression slowly turned to a delighted one. He spreads both of his arms as if he is proud about something.

“Those eyes! I can’t believe you will gain those eyes!” her eyes? What’s wrong with her eyes? “Who could think that you will have the eyes of an Immortal first before your body changes?”

Eyes of an Immortal? Then that means her eyes aren’t blue anymore but crimson red? No. she can’t accept that. Without thinking, she swings her body more to the left. The strength of her movement seems to be enough for the vines that hold her leg snap and she end up flying to the wall. However, that didn’t surprise her. She knows that sooner or later, the vine will let go of her if she keep on swinging. The problem is she doesn’t feel any pain when her back hit the wall. Her leather armor is designed to protect her body from blades but not the impact. She’s supposed to be happy for the result but because of the strange changes on her eyes, and possibly her body, it bothers her.

Solana stood up from her lying position then stared at her palms. For some reason, her body feels lighter than before. All the pain she received from dodging the spikes quickly disappeared. The scarf warped on her neck still glows but she’s still worried.

“The change feels weird, right?” Ross’ voice snapped her back to reality. “It should happen while you are asleep like what happen to me and the Moon. You’re probably the first one who undergo changes while awake.”

Solana didn’t reply to everything he’s saying. She’s in a battlefield for Sol’s sake! She shouldn’t be worrying about this right now. The enemy in the front of her is a Immortal. Even if he is delighted with the sudden changes of her body, he can still do something to harm her. The way he can summon a vine without doing anything to block her attack before is enough to tell her that.

Since her sword is too far away from her, Solana just charged at Ross direction with her right hand clenched to fist. As always, Ross still keep that very relaxed face. Suddenly she saw something on the ground that was about to pop out. She quickly changed her direction before it hit her, and for the first time, she act before her instinct warns her. Seeing this, Ross start to lost his cool. He keep on summoning vines and spikes to stab Solana before she could even get close to him but with the combination of her sharp eyes that can see his next movement and that instinct that keeps on warning her, all of his attacks didn’t hit.

After a while of dodging and changing directions, Solana finally noticed that her sword did fall somewhere close to Ross. In that last minute, she changed her plan. Instead of going directly for him, she decided to grab her weapon back first. It didn’t take to much effort for her top do so but when she hold the hilt of her sword with her Sol de Vice, the blade glow in different color. It usually didn’t bother if the sword have different glow because it does change if she equip different lens but the problem is it’s the first time for her to see the blade glow in that color. Its does not belong to any color of the Lens that she have or the usual golden yellow… Its crimson red.

But she doesn’t have the time to react to that. Removing that to her mind, she quickly moved in the front of her enemy and sent one last glare before she positioned herself. Instead of being surprised, Ross still smile.

“Heh. To die in the hands of a not fully awakened Vampire Solar Girl isn’t so bad.” That was his last words before Solana made a horizontal slash that divide his body into two.

Smoke comes ot of his body instead of blood like what will happen to a normal person. She quickly searched for her pocket for a certain blue card and raised it in the air.

“ELEFAN!!” she shouted on the top of her lungs. Before Ross’ body hit the ground, the living coffin sealed it inside of it.

Now that the battle had ended, she can have all the time she wanted to examine the changes to her body. She first look at the Sol de Vice on her right arm and noticed that the pattern covering the metal isn’t glowing in golden yellow color like it used to. Instead, it glowed in crimson red. Same goes to the blade of her sword. However, both the Sol de Vice and the sword lost their glow in less than a minute. Probably she ran out of Solar Energy. With the shinny blade returned to normal, she can now use it as a mirror. Like what Ross said, she now have the same eyes as Black and any other Immortal she faced (maybe she’ll remove Garmr and Muspell on the list though). She’s about to ask herself on how can she bring it back to its natural color but after she relax her body, her eyes returned to its usual sapphire blue.

‘Perhaps it have some kind of connection to my emotion?’ she asked herself.

Her question went unanswered as she began to drag the coffin back to the plaza in San Miguel.

Part 8

Solana stared at the sky for a moment.

She is already outside the basement of one of the houses in Dark City. To tell the truth, she’s already outside the Dark City. Up in the sky, she can see the dawn. Its probably the time where the weird barrier of Dark City activates again.

Even though she won the battle with Ross and she’s one step away from helping Lito bring the Solar Tree back in San Miguel, she still feel a bit down. On her return, she never see Black anywhere. It seems that he already leaved the Dark City without waiting for her. Maybe something happened during his fight with Diana? She know that Black is one of the strongest vampire alive so she shouldn’t be worrying to much but something doesn’t feel right. With her master gone, she cannot afford to lose her brother too.

“Brother… please be safe.” She said quietly without removing her eyes on the sky before she continue to drag the coffin back to San Miguel.
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