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Dead ravens? The red color of Verdandi’s eyes became dull for a brief moment, but as her anger built up, the dullness faded bringing out a murderous gleam in her practically glowing red eyes. “Dead ravens you say!?” she shrieked in discordant voice that was becoming more bird-like every second. “H-How dare you remind m~~~KYAAAHH!” She stood there trembling with her arms thrown out to the sides. Icy, blade-like feathers ripped through her outfit and her arms were replaced by a pair of powerful wings. In a matter of seconds her body had lost its humanoid form and was replaced by the form of a monstrous raven. Tilting her head to the side, Raven Verdandi stared maniacally into the dark matter of Alucard’s illusion. “You’re going down!” she screeched as she pushed herself away from the ground and spiraled toward Alucard. Sharp bits of her icy feathers scattered in random directions as the bird-like vampire propelled her body. In her fit of rage, she had completely forgotten about the human: now all she wanted was to hear Alucard’s screams of pain.

Lita and Zazie were both dragged to the linen rooms by the ghoulmaid the second they finished their breakfast.
Zazie blinked a few times in confusion. A few moments ago they were sitting in a cafeteria and now they were back to folding sheets and cleaning up the filth ghouls left in the inn’s guestrooms. After the ghoulmaid exited the room by slamming the door, Zazie looked over to Lita.
“Eh, they work lots….” She remarked to the Earthly Maiden who nodded in agreement.
“So, when do we meet up with the others?” Lita wondered out loud as she thought about reuniting with Django and the other two—but she was more excited to see Django.
Zazie shrugged. “They’ll prob’ly come lookin’ fer us later—After our shift.”
Lita sighed.