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Johnny Depp to Direct a Keith Richards Biopic
by Christopher Campbell Feb 2nd 2010 // 3:15PM

The Rolling Stones have collectively been the focus of some great music documentaries (Gimme Shelter; Shine a Light; Sympathy for the Devil). Now it's time for the band's guitarist, Keith Richards, to go solo with his own doc. And none other than Johnny Depp will direct it, according to The Playlist. They got the info from a Serbian website featuring an interview with the actor, who was apparently in Drvengrad last month for the unveiling of a statue in his image, the ceremony for which opened this year's Kustendorf Film Festival.

It's been 13 years since Depp last went behind the camera for the Native American drama The Brave, but in a translated statement Depp said that he's wiser now and ready to direct again. He noted that while he was in Serbia, his editor was going through "kilometers" of footage of Richards. That was a few weeks ago, so the actor has likely now joined in on the process, which will surely be very different from the fiction filmmaking involved with his directorial debut. He also said that he's "very touched that Keith agreed to show up in front of my cameras." Whether that means Depp has already shot Richards or if filming is commencing soon is unclear.

Depp and Richards, of course, have worked together before. After Depp admitted to basing his performance as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies on the legendary guitarist, Richards joined the actor on screen for the third installment, At World's End, in which he played the part of Sparrow's father, Captain Teague. It would be cool if the duo were united onscreen in this new film. I'd probably pay to see two hours of them just going out for a burger together or something. Whatever the doc is like, though, I hope they remember to provide subtitles for whenever Richards speaks.

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Johnny Depp Directing Doc About Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards

2/5/10, 10:02 am EST

A rep for Johnny Depp has confirmed that the actor will direct a documentary on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, Variety reports. News of Depp working on a doc about the guitar god first surfaced in an interview with Russia’s Politika, where Depp said his editor is in the process of going through miles of archival footage. “I’m very touched that Keith agreed to show up in front of my cameras,” Depp said.

Depp has long credited Richards for inspiring his portrayal of Capt. Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and Richards made a surprise cameo as Sparrow’s pirate father in At World’s End. Richards and Depp appeared together on the cover of Rolling Stone before the film’s release, and the pair displayed an almost father-son relationship. “I was almost afraid to meet him for a long time, because there is always a fear that your heroes are going to be shitheads,” Depp joked to RS.

According to Variety, in addition to the documentary, Richards’ autobiography is due in fall 2010.

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Everybody knows Johnny Depp is a big fan of Keith Richards and that he based his Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow on the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist. But did you know he is also a keen admirer of non-fiction films? “I’m a psychotic for documentaries,” says the actor. “I adore them, you know.”

Given these two enthusiasms, it was perhaps only a matter of time before Mr. Depp got round to making a documentary about Mr. Richards, which is exactly what he is now in the process of doing. “It’s coming along great,” says the actor of his second directing gig, after 1997’s drama, The Brave. “Any time that he’s got a minute, any time I’ve got a minute. We’ve done one, let’s say, installment that was fairly intense. We shot for a few days, and we got 35 hours of footage. That’s me and Keith sitting and talking in a room that’s very, you know, apropos of Keith. We’re sitting on couches, having a drink, and talking.”

In addition to the interview footage, the as-yet untitled film will also contain performance material featuring Richards, members of his band, the X-Pensive Winos, and famous guests. “We had Patti Smith, which was miraculous, we had Norah Jones, and I think there’s going to be a few more,” says Depp, “I think we’ve probably got two more installments [to film] and then we’ll start cutting it together.”

The documentary will be the third movie collaboration between Depp and Richards. The pair both appeared in 2007′s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and will reunite in the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. “It was perfection!” says Depp of working with Richards on the latter project, which is due out May 20.

Although the Richards documentary has no release date as yet, Depp says the film will definitely get a theatrical run of some sort. That would befit a movie which was shot by Pirates cinematographer Dariusz Wolski and which, according to Depp, looks like a “a cross between The Godfather and a painting by (famed 17th century Italian artist) Caravaggio. It’s really something to see Keith in that atmosphere.”

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Keith Richards is writing a children’s book, for your children
Keith Richards is for the children.
By Sean O'Neal
Mar 11, 2014 2:39 PM

Grim fairy tale Keith Richards has announced that he is currently writing a children’s book due out Sept. 9, aimed at parents who have longed for something to read to their kids right before bedtime that has Keith Richards’ face on it. The book, titled Gus And Me: The Story Of My First Guitar, will draw from the chapters of Richards’ recent autobiography Life that don’t involve doing heroin on a toilet, recalling the Rolling Stones’ guitarist’s introduction to music through his jazz musician grandfather. “I have just become a grandfather for the fifth time, so I know what I’m talking about,” said Richards, who rarely knows what he’s talking about, regarding the “special bond between kids and grandparents” who legally claim them. Richards’ daughter Theodora will do the illustrations, while Richards collaborates on the text with Barnaby Harris and Ed Shapiro. It’s expected to be Richards’ most magical children’s book since the classic Piss Off, Moon.

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L'Wren Scott, designer to Hollywood stars, found dead
Former model was long-time girlfriend of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger

Thomson Reuters Posted: Mar 17, 2014 1:14 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 18, 2014 12:30 PM ET

Designer L'Wren Scott prepares backstage before her Fall/Winter 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week in February 2012. She was found dead from an apparent suicide in her Manhattan apartment on Monday, police said.

Designer L'Wren Scott prepares backstage before her Fall/Winter 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week in February 2012. She was found dead from an apparent suicide in her Manhattan apartment on Monday, police said. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters )

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Elle Canada editor on L'Wren Scott's death

Elle Canada editor on L'Wren Scott's death 3:47









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Fashion designer L'Wren Scott

Celebrated fashion designer L'Wren Scott, the girlfriend of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, was found dead from an apparent suicide in her Manhattan apartment on Monday, police said.

Scott, a former model whose slim-fitting dresses were favourites among Hollywood's A-list stars such as Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams and Penelope Cruz, was found hanging from a scarf.

"We are investigating it as a suicide," said New York police Detective Kelly Ort.
L'Wren Scott-Mick Jagger

L'wren Scott poses for photographers with her boyfriend, Rolling stones lead singer Mick Jagger at a Valentino gala in Rome in July 2007. (Dario Pagnatelli/Reuters)

Police said they had preliminary information that Scott was 49, although that had not been confirmed by her family.

Jagger, 70, said through a spokesperson that he was "completely shocked and devastated." Scott's family issued a statement asking for privacy.

The glamorous pair had been dating since 2001 and were often seen at celebrity events, with the 6'3" tall, raven-haired Scott towering over her rock-star boyfriend.
Death follows 2 other fashion suicides

The news of Scott's death stunned friends, clients and fellow designers. Kidman, a friend of 25 years, was "heartbroken and in shock right now and unable to say anything," her spokeswoman said.

Her death followed the untimely deaths of two giants in fashion who succumbed to suicide: British designer Alexander McQueen, who had suffered from depression, died in London in February 2010 at the age of 40; his close friend, British fashion editor Isabella Blow, died in 2007 at the age of 48.

'L'Wren was a total perfectionist, someone who absolutely embodied everything her marvellous clothes stood for.'- Anna Wintour, Vogue magazine editor

Scott became one of New York's most famous designers over the last decade, with a sensibility that catered to women's desire to feel powerful and sleek.

"L'Wren was a total perfectionist, someone who absolutely embodied everything her marvellous clothes stood for: strength of character combined with a confident and powerful style," long-time Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour wrote on

It was unclear if Scott had shown any signs in her work or personal life that foreshadowed her death.
Rolling Stones show cancelled

The Rolling Stones have cancelled their planned concert in the Australian city of Perth after the death of Scott, the longtime girlfriend of frontman Jagger, the band's promoters said on Tuesday.

The band had been due to kick off the six concert Australia and New Zealand leg of their world tour on Wednesday, but Frontier Touring said the concert would not be going ahead.

"No further information is available at this time, ticket holders are asked to hold on to their tickets until a further update is available," Frontier Touring said on its Facebook page.

Jagger and bandmates Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts landed in Perth on Monday in their private jet, emblazoned with the famous tongue and lips logo. A spokeswoman for the Perth Airport said the aircraft remained on the tarmac.

Jagger's daughter, Georgia May Jagger, cancelled a planned appearance at Australia's Melbourne Fashion Festival this week, according to local design house Camilla, who she was scheduled to model for.

Cause of death expected Tuesday

New York police said a woman was found "unconscious and unresponsive" in an apartment building in the upscale Chelsea neighbourhood. Fire officials, who responded to a cardiac arrest call, said the woman was dead when they arrived.

Julie Bolcer, of the city's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said the office had not received the body nor begun work to determine the manner of death.

"Given the timing, that individual will probably be examined tomorrow and if everything is straightforward, the cause and manner of death would be available by tomorrow," she said.

Foul play was not suspected, police said.

A single bouquet of yellow daffodils was placed in front of the glass-fronted, high-rise building where Scott lived. Police cordoned off its entrance as a swarm of media gathered across the street.

Musician and fashion friends of the couple took to Twitter to express their grief.

"Devastated to have lost my friend," tweeted rocker Bryan Adams, who has photographed Scott. "Rest in peace my dear I'm gonna miss you. Condolences to all that were close to her."

Jagger's first wife, Bianca, said she was "heartbroken to learn of the loss of the lovely and talented L'Wren Scott. My thoughts and prayers are with her family."

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs said: "You'll forever be missed."

Fashion career started in modelling

Scott, born Luann Bambrough, was raised in Utah by adoptive parents. She started her career as a model in Paris before becoming a stylist and designer.

Her love of fashion began when she made her own clothes as a teenager, according to her website. As a model in Paris, Scott became more interested in making clothes than modelling them.

After moving to Los Angeles, she worked as a stylist and designed privately before creating her own collection.

"She pushed aside interest in what was happening in fashion trends and on the runways, and designed for women, to give them confidence with their bodies in looks that were so beautiful," said Eric Wilson, the fashion news director at InStyle magazine.

Her styling background proved important to who she was as a designer and she was constantly shopping for the women she dressed.

"That experience gave her an incredible amount of ammunition when she started designing her own clothes. She knew what worked best for all body types," Wilson said.

She cancelled a planned show for her fashion label at London Fashion Week last month.

The last collection that she showed, in September 2013, was inspired by Japanese culture and featured embroidery and sleek lines: white below-the-knee dresses belted at the waist; red, black and white skirts, shorts and jackets; a bold yellow dress and pants.

Scott collaborated with many in the fashion and beauty industry, including Lancome for her first makeup collection, and designed Italian-made shoes, handbags and eyewear, and a small holiday collection for Banana Republic last year.