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Not sure how this can 'work' - or if anyone will want to read it
But put some 'Stuff' here over time, just to have a 'place' for it
AND start with a Posting I promise to Post by Sunday Afternoon

The Academy Awards - Oscar Thoughts and Picks for 2014
(is kinda already 'written' but need to edit/clean up, tyvm)

See youse guys by Red Carpet Time

(and ty DTH ... later)

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I look forward to reading it!

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Bruno's Miscellaneous Mentalistic Musings - Oscar Edition

"And the Academy Award goes to … "

Ok, in a minute, but first let's catch up on some 'other stuff'

(side note - was 1/2 'sick' with some Flu Something for a week or so, but am a 'miracle type' so did not get 'Officially Sick' and do feel for you 'normal types' cause you probably would been 'sick' and some might even have faced a really 'sick situation' that could been 'serious stuff' - think gene pool DNA resistance to various viral activities like the kind that wiped out the Native American Indians as they 'met' all the European Newbies, dig? … and also had some more 'computer drive crash problems' that forced a 'serious focus' to save/redo many 'files/films/etc' not yet dvd'd in the 'library', grrrrr, but all is 'well' now, on all 'fronts', ty tyvm)

DTH - that Posting about Jeopardy, finally found/read it (yea, bit slow at times, duh). You/others may/may not know (and maybe no one cares) but 'back in the day' I was a member of the Fla. State University 'Brain Bowl Team' and pretty damn good at 'The Game'. Had been watching the Original Jeopardy since a kid in the 60s, always did 'OK' playing from home, and even won a dollar or two in later years playing 'Trivial Pursuit Board Game'… on and on. And yes, is just Memory Palace 101 Stuff (as long as the 'original info' is stored in there somewhere).

And yes, imagine Patrick Jane would be VERY good at that Game. AND - love how Sherlock (the BBC new version) included a 'thing' about Memory Palace, but seems they had another 'name' for it (?).

And, got me watching this Week, Arthur Chu, 8+ Days $250,000+ (and Alex says he's made the 'Top 10', not too shabby) - is one of those who 'jumps around' the 'Big Money Stuff' at the bottom of the Board. Good strategy that some others have used, and 'works' as long as know those answers/questions (sure is for him, since he does 'know'). And don't think Ken Jennings used that 'style' but doubt he needed to, he is just one of those who f'king knows chit, and able to 'find' it, fast.

AND - don't get me started on 'Watson' - no, not Sherlock's Buddy, but the IBM Computer. What a joke - the 'artificial intelligence machine' that was/is so 'stupid' it didn't remember/recognize that one of the other 'players' gave a 'wrong answer' then gave the same 'wrong' answer, d'oh. As someone once said way back when about the HAL 9000 - computers will only be able to 'Take Over the World' not because they are truly 'smart' but because Human Beings will get 'stupid' (capeesh? - and more on this 'general subject' later, think of "Her").

Ha, here's a Jeopardy Game they could try - have Wikipedia/Google/Bing/Siri all 'play' - dig ? Sure find out who/what is 'best/smartest' - but careful how the 'questions/answers' are phrased/presented - THAT is the 'hitch in the getalong' with all 'this'.

As 'someone' once said, way back when …

"Any fool can come up with what seems to be the right answers, but takes a really smart person to ask the right questions"

(hummm, wonder 'who' that was ? … winky smiley wink)

(and another 'side note' ps - did finish watching all the BBC Sherlock - Serious Good Stuff. And 'one day' connect it all to Mentalist and 'Other Stuff', a LOT of 'other stuff'. Love the one 'line' given by 'someone' in the Show, to paraphrase, "Britain and Ireland/Scotland/Wales/etc, and their Literature/Art/Culture/History/etc … are a Petri Dish for Western Culture/History/etc" … THAT is a Serious Concept/Thought, and Damn Sure True, imho. The only 'hitch in that getalong' - to get "it" out of the Lab/Petri Dish and into the Global Village - aye lads/lassies, aye … SMILE)


Now … let's look at some Fine Films - seen 'em all (cough ahem, arrr matey, cough cough, tyvm) and let's do a little 'critique/evaluation' of the Pile, with a couple of 'predictions' - both 'Mentalistic of The Academy' and as an 'Artiste of Discriminating Taste for That Which Meets a Certain Criteria'

And for 'reference' … … as always the links have links

Best Actor - Matt McConaughey, 'case closed' … 'out there' as any Actor could get, imho, and he'll probably/should 'win' … and everyone else in this category just 'stay home', but Bruce Dern/Christian Bale get Honorable Mention, and Leo/Chiwtel, thanks for your 'efforts', more on that below

Best Actress (or 'Female Actor' to be 'politically correct') - Cate Blanchett, another 'case closed' (should/could 'win' too) but Judi Dench/Amy Adams ain't too shabby either, and Sandra Bullock ty but don't call us, we'll call you - and Meryl, c'mon, she gets nominated for EVERYthing, eh ?

Best Support M/F - Jared Leto, 'case closed' too, and more 'out there' than Matt ( ¿ and shouldn't he be under the 'Female Category' ? ) and since am 'in love' with Jenny Lawrence, go with her, been going with her since Winter's Bone - THE Future, and hope she does 'win' and tries walking up the stairs, again (badaboombadabing, wink) … everyone else, ty for your efforts

Best Writing/Directing/etc - dunno, and no idea how to 'split up' all those 'categories' in context of 'Best Picture', and not alone in that - see this article for more info … ... N5C82.html

Best Animated - no idea, and not yet seen 'all' since "Wind Rises" is not yet 'available' (grrrrr), but that one looks 'very interesting' and "Ernest Celestine" is pretty damn good

Best Foreign - again dunno, not seen them all, but "The Hunt" is helluva film/story, and worthy of a 'watch/look'

Best Docu/Shorts/etc - dunno, seen a couple, not easy to find/get (in time try to see them all), and know those Categories are too often overlooked by the 'General Public' but therein lies some Great Art, ty Academy for Shining Light on these Fine Works

Best Picture (or Film aka 'Moving Picture' and if just a 'movie' then 'movement' alone is not enough, sorry, need a 'story' to go with that 'movement')

What should not 'win' - Gravity, 12 Yrs Slave, Wolf Wall Street … yea, they 'ok' but yawners, all 'hype' and no 'substance'.

Gravity is just a 'special effect ride' with no 'gravitas' in the 'tale'

12 Yrs Slave is a 'couldabeen' if they'd stuck to the 'Original Novel' and told more of THAT Story (check wiki, et al, for details of 'Original Novel') which was more about the 'background/search' for the Man, etc - while the Movie was, imho, mostly about the 'suffering' he went through while a Slave - which is/was awful, but a well known tale and not much 'new' in their 'telling'.

Wolf of Wall Street - had seen it already before, was a 'Goodfellas Update/Re-do', and some of the 'dialog/scenes' were directly stolen remakes - listen/watch as Leo is 'walking/talking to camera' (the 'aside' scenes') and can 'hear/see' Ray Liotta's Character from Goodfellas. Once or twice to my 'ear', woulda sworn WAS Ray 'talking', had same accent and phrasing/intonations/etc. AND, that Story/Movie went on and on and on and on (3 damn hours) … yea Marty, we 'get it', they were having a 'good time' and 'spent a LOT of money', we 'get it', now tell/show us something we don't know about those 'times/people', maybe try to make a 2 hour movie and then might have a Film (cut out the 'excess', dig?)

With that diatribe of those 3 Movies (sorry, refuse to call them "Films") … I may be going against the grain of Hollywood, The Academy, and Political Correctness in USA Mass Media - yea, watch one of them 'win', but we'll see Sunday Night. And, through some 'magic process' like we got last year, we may get a mix of 'Best' via the different Categories - i.e. everyone take home a 'piece of the pie', and won't give all those specifics here, but check last year's Oscar results, should be easy to 'see/recognize' - and that 'same thing' could happen again this year.

Finally - the Six Worthy Films this year …

Nebraska and Philomena - similar 'stories/tales' of Journey, Exploration, do find/watch them both. Great Films, but sorry, hard to call them the 'Best' for this year. One interesting side note for Nebraska - fits with August Osage County as it digs deep in the USA Red State Heartland, peels back the corn and wheat and cow chit to peer beneath the illusion of the American Dream from 100 years ago. And Philomena does similar regarding Ireland, Catholic Church, and - imho - is a better told tale of suffering than 12 Years a Slave. Same 'idea' but of recent times - yes, 'slavery' is still with us today, sorry to bust anyone's bubble.

Captain Phillips - arrr matey, who can't love anything with Tom Hanks, aye. Helluva 'Real Life Story' and Very Well Crafted/Told Tale. Especially love the yin/yang presentation of the Capt and the Somali Pirate - flip that coin back/forth over again, as we 'experience' what they both were 'experiencing' during that High Seas Adventure, arrrr. And a 'Worthy Film/Nomination' but sorry - it does not 'Advance the Art Form'

Her - whoa, not sure how to 'approach' this, sorry. And probably need to re-watch to re-digest. Is helluva 'invented story' and has 'Deep Connection' to 'Watson the IBM Computer' as mentioned above, and put HAL 9000 in that mix too. If not seen "Colossus the Forbin Project" from 1970-ish, then find/watch that. They all 'fit together' in the sense of 'Tech/Computers/Internet' as we 're-invent/re-define' Culture/Humanity moving forward into this New Millennium of The Global Village. One very interesting 'spin' on this - and do your own research to verify - are many News Articles/Surveys/etc about how 'Kids Today' would rather communicate via 'Social Media/Texting/etc' than they would 'face-to-face' (dig?). They feel 'more comfortable' - somehow. Guess that 'idea' might give validity to the 'idea' also presented above about how 'computers will take over the World' - but not by them getting 'smart', just by people getting 'stupid'. This Film is an Artistic Telling of that possibility in a Science Fiction/Fact Sense. And 'very disturbing' to an Ol' Fart like me who knows Tech/Computers VERY Well, and how to 'use them' to benefit our World/Humanity, not replace it (dig?) AND - can't imagine this will 'Win Best Pic' but watch Academy fool us/me, and would love to see the 'total results' of the Voting and how far up the list this placed (dig?)

American Hustle/Dallas Buyers Club - hard choice here

Both of these Great Films are telling the 'Same Story' (put Blue Jasmine in this same 'group', also Wolf Wall Street) …

How the USA - as National Collective/Culture - been Shoveling Bull Chit for the past 30 to 40 years. From the 'fake hair' at start of Hustle, to the 'FDA/Big Pharma Approval System' in Buyers Club, or the 'Drugs/Orgies' of Wall Street and '5th Avenue Stylings' of Jasmine. Not much 'authenticity' in the USA at close of 20th Century - and, sad to say, much of it comes from my Baby Boomer Generation.

But what/how does the 'Story' really matter in how/why to pick a 'Best Film' - well, quite a lot to this 'Viewer'. Where Gravity was a fun 'roller coaster ride' - it really didn't go 'anywhere special/unique'. Yes, 12 Years Slave and Wolf Wall Street did 'go somewhere' - they told a 'Great Story', but took 3 hours to tell it over and over and over, and their 'message' could have been finalized in about 1 hour.

Hustle/Buyers Club, in contrast - Poetic Cinema - moving pics worth 1,000's of words - Art

Awww,, I hear the Orchestra playing, so time for me to wrap this up, well ...

Can Only Be One, so - American Hustle for 'Best', and keep eye on that David Russell

Up there with Alfred, Coens, Quentin, Woody, et al … making some Great Films ... Salute


And ps …

DTH - as mentioned before, I won't be posting much, if any more, over in IMDb Mentalist Thread. Not really because of the 'rude/crude tourist types'(who are predictable and easy to ignore), but cause of "IMDb Admin System" (or whatever it may be) and who/how/why they simply 'destroyed/removed/erased' that one Thread about CBI Ron. Am still amazed and pizzed off about that - made no sense, and henceforth and forever more can never trust 'them' again. So, because of that 'lack of trust', if perhaps I do post there again and pizz off 'someone', 'all' my postings could be erased/removed at the whim of 'who knows who' and for no reason, etc etc … ergo, can't take that chance/risk - and maybe/possibly one of the 'Normal/Regular Types' might enjoy knowing I'm alive/well and have something to write they might want to read - AND I'm not 'able' to pass word to them to come find me here on your Board - - So, at your discretion, if you think is worthy - perhaps you can 'publicly pass word' there somehow, and direct any 'interested parties' to find/read me here on your Board (dig all that?) … and am very sad for IMDb, and whatever has 'happened' to them, their 'system' - I was/am essentially a 'Charter Member' of that 'Board/Site/Group' from 20 to 25 years ago as it was 'invented' on the UseNet Boards, before 'WWW Web' existed, and hate to 'see/witness' what we got with their 'evolution' as demonstrated via that CBI Ron Thread Removal - sad day for the Internet and IMDb (and note to everyone - 'watch your back' now with them, and their 'boss' - - yea, forget Snowden/NSA, is the Microsofts and 'IBM Watsons' of the World better be 'worried' about, dig? … HAL 9001 etc etc … wink wink)


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Yeah you're safe here as I;m very very easygoing. If a thread of yours ever gets deleted here, it will only be because you decided to delete it for some reason.

I really enjoyed your analysis of the films. I haven't seen any of them but you can often suss out which are which in terms of quality by reading about them. speaking of the Coens, did you see Inside Llewyn Davis and if so, what did you think? I like the Coens a lot but as I haven't seen ity, I dunno if it got overlooked or not.

Yeah sherlock calls it a MInd Palace. whether that's just to eb different from The Mentalist or whether it's the British term for it, I don't know.

"Any fool can come up with what seems to be the right answers, but takes a really smart person to ask the right questions"

This reminds me of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper;s classic line at the end of one of his Piper's Pit segments--just when they think they have all the answers, I change all the questions!

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Ok I posted ti over there for posterity.