The Rules

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The Rules

Summer Sky to Grree
Summer Sky to Grree
Joined: February 18th, 2011, 4:53 am

February 19th, 2011, 10:28 am #1

1) Be respectful of others and everybody be nice to everybody! If you do this, there really shouldn't be a problem following the rest of the rules. We're all here to have a good time after all!

2) Create an OOC account. All OOC posts will be from this account Please use your character accounts for play only. This makes it easier to stalk...I mean, keep track of things. Don't forget to introduce yourself here!

4) Please be responsible when creating characters. If you do not have time to play several characters or do not intend on writing for all of them, do not create several characters. This wastes other people's time when they plot with you and are left hanging.

5) No badgering or bothering others for posts. Everyone is on a different schedule; please be patient.

6) Rulers must post ONCE A WEEK in order to keep their territory. If a Ruler does not, the player will be informed and put on probation. If the lack of activity continues, the territory rulership will be open for another player after three weeks. This does not apply if we are informed about an absence.

7) No spamming! No seriously. If you are a current member or a member who has not played in a while, don’t spam our members. You will be kicked off the board.

8) No God-Moding. Play your own characters. Don’t play someone else's unless you have express permission. You cannot harm or kill another character without permission. On the other hand, your character also cannot go unharmed in every conflict. If a Rose Warlord Prince gets into a fight with an Opal Warlord Prince , there is very little possibility of the Rose not being hurt in someway. This is why there are Jewels and JPs. Please respect the system.

9) No less than 2:1 Light/Dark Jewel Ratio. Why? Because. Really, this ratio is pretty darn good. You can have a good amount of control over what range your character will be located in. As this board wants to seek out what it would be like to have more light jeweled and landen than dark, we would love it if you had more light than dark. That will most certainly get you kudos and some extra marks.

10) Keep the drama fo' yo' mama. Except for IC, that is. We love drama when it comes to plots and characters, but it doesn't belong in the c-box or OOC chat. This is a stress free fun environment for playtime! Leave your issues at the figurative door...or play them out. Roleplay is the perfect place for issues, after all.

11) Graphics - Avatar size is maximum 180x250. Signature size is maximum 200x500.

12) Sex and violence. It is out there. Please post in the title "NC-17" or PM an admin to change it for you. Please try to keep any explicit sex or extreme violence to a minimum - there could be minors viewing, after all. Take it to a PM or IM if it is getting a little hot and heavy. Please be aware of who you are playing with, darlings.