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Marlian Tahlon
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Marlian Tahlon
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It was nerve wracking, her fingers would not do as she wanted them to do, and they were occupied with their own agenda and made it very hard to finish anything today. Between the brushes not wanting to go through her hair, her hands just shaking whenever they felt like it and her stomach full of butterflies, there were also legs made from pudding of some sorts and air so thick she could not seem to draw a breath. Of course Marlian knew it was all in her head, but that did not make it any easier for her. The more she tried to ignore it all, the more problems she seemed to be having. Marlian was glad to have Aly help her today; Shalar had picked her up earlier and brought her to their home, since Tylar was not to see her in the wedding dress beforehand.

Finally she simply sat down and took a deep breath, debating a sip of her now cold coffee was pushed aside as she saw her fluttering fingers. They had been shaking on and off for a while, since Tylar had proposed to her to be exact. Marlian had no idea what had gotten into her since then, all she knew was that she was so nervous she would not have any plates or cups left if it was not for craft. She was no clumsy witch by no means and she was usually as calm as a placid lake, but lately her nerves had gotten the better of her.

What it was exactly she could not say, something had been nagging at her and then it had just turned into a full blown nervousness she could not seem to shake. It was easier when Tylar was around, she was considerably calmer then, but when he was not near Marlian seemed to be falling apart. No, she was not nervous about getting married to Tylar, she was sure of that; it was her dream come true. It was not the cooking school she intended to start after the honeymoon or the training camp her soon to be husband was putting together with her brother. She did not have cold feet and she was not afraid Tylar might leave her standing at the altar. It was none of this, because when she thought about any of it, she seemed much calmer too.

There was no rushing to get things done, Marlian had her wedding planned a very long time ago, Practical Hearth Witch that she was, she had it all written down and planned to the last detail. Her dress was ready, Tylar’s tuxedo, or monkey suit as he referred to it, was also done. It would be a very small wedding, her brother and sister-in-law would attend and the Priestess. Marlian did not want a big wedding, she had never wanted one. The food was taken care of, she had the cake ready and all that was left was for them to get dressed and get to the dark altar.

So why was she so out of sorts? She had expected some nervousness about getting married, but this full blown case of wrecked nerves was a little much. Sitting in the kitchen, Marlian pulled a note pad out and started doodling, when she was working on a problem it seemed to help her concentrate better. Now she tried it to see if she would come up with the reason for all this, and as she doodled she could see some of the sketches making some sense to her. Soon she was writing things down, filling a few pages with her neat handwriting.

Then she sat back, warmed her cold coffee and sipped it, her hands as steady as they used to be. Granted she still had the butterflies in her stomach and her heart was thumping oddly, but that was due to the fact that she would be getting married in a few hours and that was normal. Reading over what she had written and looking at her doodles, Marlian felt a little bad for Tylar. She had not realized until now that something had not been done by her for him, but she also knew that the time had simply not been right.

First she had been trapped in his suite at the palace for her own safety and she had been afraid for his safety as well, so that had definitely been the wrong time. Then she had to flee and Tylar had not been quite himself when they met back up, of course it would not have made any sense then either. Lastly they had shared the house with her brother and Aly, definitely not the time or place for it either. Now they had their own place and Marlian had been too occupied by preparing for their wedding and getting the cooking school ready to start and baptizing the house with Tylar, it had slipped her mind.

A glance at the clock told her it was time to shower and get dressed. Tylar was not allowed to see her until they were getting married, Shalar had put his foot down rather resolutely on that, He had a very good reason and Marlian had promised Tylar she would tell him later what it was all about. She was at his house since it was closer to the altar and Aly was pregnant, so Marlian did not want her to have to go far and still be able to help her with her dress. Shalar was off to do whatever with Tylar before the wedding, Marlian went to look for Aly and let her know that she was getting ready.