Jewel System

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Jewel System

Summer Sky to Grree
Summer Sky to Grree
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Jewel Ranking:
Tiger Eye
Summer Sky
Purple Dusk
Ebon Gray

*Neither Light nor Dark while being both at the same time. Opal is the halfway point. Opal with a JP higher than 50 are considered Blood Opals.

**Strongest Jewel and the most rare. The Ebon-Gray has also become somewhat of a legend during the time of New Blood; the Red and Gray also rarely seen.

The other jewels that we see in the books are not available here.

When making an Offering, the Blood may descend up to three ranks. For example, Tiger Eye could descend all the way to Purple Dusk. Or, a Tiger Eye could simply become a darker Tiger Eye, descending to a deeper Jewel Power.

How it works:

How the jewel system works for BaD is that for every 2 light characters you shall receive 1 dark jewel (after your first dark jewel roll, which you can request at anytime after starting with the board.) We would like to keep the dark jewels to a minimum, but we also know the importance and fun you can have with a dark jewel. For any further questions, please ask.

What are considered light jewels and what are dark jewels you say?
Light jewels = White to Purple Dusk
Dark Jewels = Opal to Red