Glossary: Common Terms

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Glossary: Common Terms

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Common Terms
Our definitions of term's from Anne Bishop's books. If you haven't, we highly recommend you read them because they are amazing and far more helpful in understanding the BJT world then this could.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of my voice (Its smokey and sultry if that helps any). You are standing at the edge of a diving pool. You look down into the pool and see dark water. You jump in passing all sorts of colored rings that are suspended in the middle of the pool. At some point, you run out of air and have to resurface or die.

The Abyss functions in the same way. When you receive your birthright, you jump into the abyss and see how far down you can go. Same when you descend except this time, you pass through webs. If you push through the web that is yours, you push yourself into the twisted kingdom. No breaking your webs!

Yes. The blood is the life filled liquid that courses through our veins and keeps us alive. Congratulations for not thinking creatively about a new definition. Just kidding. We love you!

The blood are the people who have the ability to perform craft/magic. At one time, they were landens at one point and then the dragons gave their scales to the landens and it is the scales that turn into the jewels. Blood knows blood.

Collars and Rings:
These devices are used for keeping another person in control. Ladies get collars. Think of a choker necklace that has the ability to squeeze your neck a lot with the addition of an electric shock. Pleasant? No. But if chokers make you claustrophobic, the idea isn't pleasant from the very beginning.

Men get rings. And no, they do not go on your fingers. Think lower. No. Not a belly button ring. Lower. Yes. There. Penis. Exactly. Did you ever think that watching a guy get hit in the crotch with a ball was funny? Yeah? This isn't funny like that. Electric shock and squeeze right there. Yup. I won't go into the details of how it stays on but if you're really curious, send me a PM and if you're over 18, I'll tell you.

And how do these shocks happen? Well, some sadistic POS wears a controlling ring. Yes, on their finger. Remember, if you have have the ring/collar, you're a slave. If you have the controlling ring, you're sitting pretty in the plantation big house. Give the ring a little twist and your slave is on their knees. Oh, and with the ring, you can sense when your slave is using craft.

Cildru Dyathe:
Most of Hell belongs to the demon dead adults. There is a mystical island however that belongs to the children called the Cildru Dyathe. Now, for those of you who haven't spent time around large groups of young children or haven't read Lord of the Flies, you really should know that kids, when completely unsupervised, are evil spawns. Hellions to be punny. Really. Trust me. I spend a lot of time with kids and the fights I've seen are not nice. These are not sweet angelic children. They are tough little warrior children and they generally do not trust adults.

The Darkness in this case has nothing to do with the amount of light so don't worry, you won't stub your toe here. The Darkness is the thing that flows through all things in the BJT. Its almost as if it is a formless deity. The Darkness has control. The Darkness creates fate.

The priestesses channel the Darkness at the altars. The queens channel the Darkness through the earth, the plants and the animals. The black widows can read into the webs that the Darkness has created. The healers use the Darkness to help heal people

If you descend into the Darkness, you are going to the depths of the power the Darkness has gifted you.

You can not fight the Darkness. And yes, in this case, Darkness is a capitalized word.

Gentlemen, if you are going to have your precious jewels shot off by a bow and arrow, it is most likely to happen at the hands of a Harpy. In real life, these women were violently killed and probably sexually assaulted way. Ladies, don't worry, the men will get their just desserts later in the glossary.

Remember, if someone has been killed, they're dead. This means, they live in Hell, in the Harpy dominion to be exact. Generally, they don't do well with other people, especially men because, well, they are generally the ones who killed them in real life. So guys, hide your jewels if you ever meet one because they will want to take them from you in a heart beat.

The jewels a person has determines how strong they are. The Darker the jewel, the more power you have. The more power you have, the more things you can vanish into your own personal hide away. The lighter the jewel, the less of a threat you are considered.

But remember, jewels are not everything. An idiot who doesn't concentrate with a green could probably be outwitted by someone with a purple dusk. If both people have the same focus and have both practiced, the darker jewel will win.

Jewel Powers(JPs):
Jewel power tells us how dark in your jewel you sit. Again, the larger the number, the darker the jewel, the more power. Same rules as above apply. A JP of 66 could be outwitted by someone with a 23 but if they're both practiced, 66 wins.

Blood members have power but nothing dark enough to have a jewel. Landens have no craft power. Kindred are animals with jewels or who are Blood.

You can find rankings and the jewel list here.

The American Heritage Dictionary definition of kindred is "1. A group of related persons, as a clan or tribe." Got it?

Oh...not helpful? Alright then. Try two. The kindred are related to blood humans by being blood animals. Yes. Animals. We haven't found any limitations to which animals can be considered kindred but they're interesting because they have to combine pack rules with blood protocol. They also seem to have a knack for finding sacred places in the earth.

The best thing about kindred is that the mystical animals are all kindred. Dragons. Unicorns. Arcerian Cats (check races) Etc.

The landen are another race of people. So why did they make it into the glossary? Because they're a completely awesome, special group of people who deserve to be mentioned twice. Why do you ask? Because I said so!

No, just kidding. They are humans without the craft of the blood. That means they have to defend themselves, make things grow, heal each other and travel without the aid of jewels. Here's the thing though, here, they have the addition of machinery and gun powder. This does not apply to the books however.

Mother Night:
Quiz time. What is the Darkness? No cheating. Do you remember? I'm going to go check my phone so I'm putting you on the honor system that you are not going to scroll back up and review the Darkness. Deal?

*looks down for a few to read whatever interesting thing has popped up on her phone* So. Do you have your answer now? Very good. The religion of the Blood.

Mother Night is kind of the personification of the Darkness. She's not really a person per say but she is treated as such. The term Mother Night can be used in many different contexts. You can use her name in vain during bad times with a sassy little whisper. It can be used in shock. It all depends on the tone of voice.

So shaving. How do I explain this? Well. Actually, I think Mel Brooks explained the process a bit better then I could in his amazingly awesome movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights. So here is a clip for your viewing pleasure. Mouse click here!

Don't worry. Its short. I'll wait. Go ahead. *plots world domination for 45 seconds*

Alright, you got the basic idea right? Its a circumcision except this time, we're taking it all, not just the foreskin. *offers the men some ice* Yes. EVERYTHING that could possibly be important to a man. Why you ask? Well, there are a few options:

1) You did something REALLY bad and pedophile like and we want to make sure you don't do it again.
2) Well, again, some people are twisted and they enjoy watching this happen. Its good to have the power sometimes

Now for the consequences of being shaved. Most people are going to assume that you were shaved because of option 1 and you will therefore be shunned, possibly killed and your family will have a large amounts of dishonor. Really, we don't want to think about this too much. Just cringe and move on to the next topic.

Twisted Kingdom:
When you break through your web of the abyss, your mind and inner chalice (representation of your mental well being) simply can't handle it. You are thrust into the twisted kingdom. Its a place that only black widows can safely see and once you are there, there is no coming back. Only Witch was able to help anyone come back.

In the twisted kingdom, you see the world but in a completely different way. Nothing is the same. Not quite like the movies in the 70s when people are on acid trips but its still very strange and those who are in the twisted kingdom are obviously not in this world. There is no mistaking it.

There are two ways to use the word witch. Un-capitalized, it refers to all women who are Blood members. However, capitalized, it refers to a person. The story is that Witch is anyone female with a black jewel but in reality, she is so much more than that.

Witch is a gift sent by the Darkness. She is the answer to the prayers of many people. Her job is to solve problems like, oh, I don't know, wiping all of the tainted blood from the face of the earth. Yes, not an easy job and there are sacrifices but she's pretty awesome.

*This Glossary was created for a site called New Blood. No copyright infringement is intended. These are just my ways of explaining the concepts.