A Little Stroll Through the Bad Part of Town

Klepto Mayniac
Summer Sky to Grree
Klepto Mayniac
Summer Sky to Grree
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November 25th, 2011, 5:25 pm #1

Klepto had been in Pruul for a few weeks now. On paper, she was doing markedly well. Not only had she infiltrated the black market and found a way to blend into the crowd to make the purchase of potential slaves easier, Klepto had become very cozy with the ruler of the black market. Sure he had his issues but she was sure that any master of such a vial place. There was greed and corruption around and those tainted the soul and mind. Klepto was glad her house was away from the market. It gave her chances to allow her brain to clean itself, allow the wind to sandblast her soul and give her personality a chance to remember that there was goodness everywhere in the world. How could someone not smile when Kitten pounced on a dessert mouse and ran around with it proudly in his mouth? That was what made life precious.

On the other hand, Klepto was no closer to finding her sister and that was enraging. She had access to some of the strongest people but they were not willing to talk to her. She had been using her feminine wiles to get what she wanted but it was hardly working. These men seemed to be zipped up tight and wouldn't let her even begin to break them. That was frustrating. She was sure that she was going to have to use the darker side of her caste to get to the information. A few webs to ensnare the mind and some herbs mixed into food and drink and she was sure to get them to spill their secrets.

But how to do it and keep Eleazar of her tracks?

Plus Klepto's fingers were itching for a good theft. It had been close to two months since she had procured her last, lovely item. It had been a beautiful piece of art, sculpted by an up and coming artist that she had had her fun with in hopes of getting this sculpture. THen someone had bought it out from under her. Not that she could blame the artist. He was a spineless fool after all. But she wanted it and so she had stolen it and caused the artist's career to be launched into the world. Klepto considered that a work of humanitarianism if ever there was one. Especially when it sat on the dresser in her room so beautifully.

So she took the day to simply wonder about the black market, looking for indications of wealth whom she could steal from or for interesting items to purchase that would be new addition to her black widow craft. Already she had bought a difficult to find herb that required paperwork to be filled out. It didn't take Klepto long to pull up the information for one of her alternate identities. It was a solid name, no trouble on it at all and would send people in circles if they wanted to find her.

She walked slowly through the streets, not caring if they seemed safe or not. Her dark purple dress was tight around her torso, a collar giving way to a dark crimson underlay. Her skirt billowed about her legs while a matching hat with veil sat slightly off kilter to on her head. Her heeled shoes clicked softly beneath the folds of her skirt, hiding the sound of the approaching men who followed her for a few blocks.