Where were Bix and Tram on July 10, 1925?

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An addition to Bix's and Tram's chronologies. Their paths intersected in early July 1925.

Bix left Chicago (where he was a member of Straight's band) on July 2, 1925. On July 3, 1925, Bix joined Nat Natoli's band at Walled Lake, MI. On July 6, 1925, Bix joined the Breeze Blowers at the Blue Lantern, Island Lake, MI. 

Tram left Ray Miller's band on July 1, 1925 and headed for Detroit, MI to discuss with Bix their engagement in St. Louis. Tram joined the Breeze Blowers on July 6, 1925. 

At this point, the Breeze Blowers consisted of (according to Evans and Kiner: Bix, Farrar, Rank, Trumbauer, Murray, Ryker, Bergin, Quicksell, Brown, Morehouse. Evans and Evans have Lodwig instead of Farrar and Doc Cenardo instead of Morehouse.

On July 10, 1925, the Breeze Blowers played the Balloon Dance at the Blue Lantern, Island Lake, MI. 
This ad is from The Michigan Daily, July 9, 1925.
This gig not listed by Evans. Tram morphed into Prumbauer!!!


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Great Misprint!!.