Tony Newstead's "Singin' the Blues"

Tony Newstead's "Singin' the Blues"

David Tenner
David Tenner

October 27th, 2017, 6:10 pm #1

I'm always on the lookout for versions I haven't heard before. This one was recorded in Melbourne in 1949: ... se/8577905 gives the following personnel:

Tony Newstead's South Side Gang Singin' The Blues
Bass [String Bass] – Ray Simpson (5)
Clarinet – George Tack
Piano – Keith Cox (3)
Trombone – Ken Ingram
Trumpet – Tony Newstead

Newstead was part of the quite lively traditional-jazz scene in post-World-War-Two Australia. (Pianist Graeme Bell and his trumpet-playing brother led the band that was perhaps best-known outside Australia.) In this recording, Newstead stays fairly close to Bix's solo but George Tack's clarinet solo doesn't sound like an imitation of anyone.

Decades later, Newstead did an album (which I have not heard) with Bill Rank called "Bix's Gang Lives." The personnel for that were listed as Bill Rank, trombone ; Tony Newstead, cornet ; Max Kaminsky, trumpet ; Tom Gwaltney, clarinet ; Spencer Clark, bass saxophone ; John Eaton, piano ; Gene Mayl, bass ; Skip Tomlinson, drums ; Johnson "Fat Cat" McRee, vocals. ... /461267991

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October 27th, 2017, 9:02 pm #2

Bix's Gang Lives. Fat Cat's Jazz 132. The legendary Bill Rank plays trombone in this 1973 album. The cornet player is the Aussie Tony Newstead, who also recorded the album "Tony Loves Bix". The remaining musicians are Max Kaminsky (tpt), Tom Gwaltney (clt), Spencer Clark (bass sax), John Eaton (piano), Gene Mayl (bass), Skip Tomlinson (drums), and Johnson "Fat Cat" McRee (vocal). Every tune in this album is associated with Bix: Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down, There Ain't No Sound Like Dixieland, Louise, Margie, Japanese Sandman, Royal Garden Blues, Riverboat Shuffle, Sugar, Rhythm King, Thou Swell, I'm Coming in Virginia, Somebody Stole My Gal.

Tony Loves Bix. Fat Cats Jazz 127.This album was recorded in 1973, just before the Australian cornetist Tony Newstead left Washington, D. C. after having spent a number of years there. Some of the musicians in the band are Spiegle Willcox (who play along side Bix with the Jean Goldkette Orchestra) and Bill Allred (a native of the Moline-Davenport area). The sides in this album are all classic Bix recordings such as Singin' the Blues, I'll Be a Friend "With Pleasure", Sweet Sue, and Jazz Me Blues.

"Thou Swell" from the Bix's Gang Lives album at 38 min in



David Tenner
David Tenner

October 28th, 2017, 2:39 am #3

A few Bix-related things he has recorded:

"Tain't So, Honey Tain't So" at ... 92&index=6 (with Ralph Sutton)

From the same album: "China Boy" ... EMH-GJk292

"Clarinet Marmalade": ... 2&index=10

And from 2010, here he is playing "Royal Garden Blues":

And from much earlier, "The Baltimore": ... qbMLHa9syx

Barnard is, however more an Armstrong than a Bix man. Here he is in 1957 playing "Confessin'":

A few other Barnard recordings of Armstrong material:

"That's My Home" ... qbMLHa9syx

"King of the Zulus": ... x&index=21

"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea": ... x&index=27

David Tenner
David Tenner

October 29th, 2017, 4:31 am #4

A couple of Bix-related items:

Washboard Blues:

Back in Your Own Backyard (with Vince Giordano's Nighthawks):

And a few Armstrong-related ones:

Swing that Music:

Struttin' with Some Barbecue:

When It's Sleepy Time Down South:

I really am sorry I didn't learn about Barnard earlier. As a reviewer wrote, "I hear Louis and Bobby and Bix, but you’re never in doubt that it’s Mr. Barnard at the helm." ... -part-one/