Tell me about Bob Gillett?

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Good day! I am hoping one of you kind folks might be able to point me in the direction of information about recordings of Bob Gillett playing banjo. I am about to embark on the task of learning to play banjo, and the banjo I am to learn on once belonged to a man named Bob Gillett, who was apparently quite something in his day. My husband, Josh McPartland, inherited the instrument from his grandfather Dick McPartland, brother to Jimmy McPartland. Bob apparently gifted it to Dick when they played in a band called “The Mound City Blues Blowers.” (Incidentally, my husband also inherited one of Jimmy’s cornets, and played it at his funeral, but I’m not about to take up learning that one!) Anyhow, this Vega banjo, circa 1890 according to the family inscription on the case, is absolutely gorgeous and I’d like to pay all proper respect to it by learning about it’s history. Only I’m ashamed to say that until my husband dragged out the banjo, I had never heard of Bob Gillett. Can anyone here help me learn more? Anything you could add would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your consideration!

Ali McPartland

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Well, I feel foolish for my previous post now. Apparently, my mother in law misspelled “Gillette” when she wrote the inscription as it was dictated to her decades ago by my father in law about this banjo. She left off the “e”, which explains why my Google searches came up fruitless. Now that I’m searching the correct spelling, I see plenty of information now, and I am very much enjoying hearing Mr. Gillette play! Wow. I can’t beljeve my husband had this banjo and never told me! I REALLY can’t wait to learn now!!

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Welcome to the Bixography Forum, Ali!

Two instruments associated with people very close to Bix. What a bonanza. Bob Gillette\was the banjoist in the Wolverine orchestra. Any of the 1924 recordings of the Wolverines include Bob. They are available on youtube.

Also several postings:



Do you have photos of the instruments? Could you post then here. Any photos of Bix?

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Wow, thank you for your thoughtful reply! I asked my husband if he thought his dad might have any photos of Bix and his response was “probably.” So I’ll ask my father in law when I see him next!

As for photos of the banjo, I do have those! I just need to figure out how to post them here using my smart phone. I don’t think this site is very compatible because I was unable to navigate some of the links you sent, as well.

I’ll see what I can do, though!

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Whatdoyaknow? I downloaded the app and it works for uploading photos!

A quick tidbit before I hit the sack: My husband said that the only thing on this banjo that isn’t original is the 5th tuning peg. He said Bob never strung the fifth string and actually took off the tuning peg before he gave it to his grandpa Dick.

So my father in law had it restored before he gave it to my husband (and his brother, in an attempt to be fair, but his non-musical brother allowed my husband to be the sole owner.)

One last photo of the original case and the inscription my mother in law transcribed sometime back in the 80’s.

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Thanks for all the magnificent images. Any other treasures in your collection or in your family collection?

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Dick McPartland Recordings listed in Lor'd discography.
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All above titles also on Archeophone Off The Record 03 [CD].
[O1554] Add   Original Wolverines
Jimmy McPartland out, replaced by unknown (cnt), unknown ts & accor added, unknown (vcl-1)
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[J513]Add   Bud Jacobson
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Bluesiana (unissued)  Signature
Muskrat ramble      -
(+ 2 unknown titles)      -
[J518]Add   Bud Jacobson
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Muskrat ramble (unissued)  Signature
When Irish eyes are smiling      -
Indiana      -
Hot Club blues      -

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So, Gillette just played it as a four-string instrument? Makes me wonder if he learned on a four string and just carried on with a bigger, newer instrument.