Obituary Death Record Clipping from Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette and Republican, Tue, Aug 11, 1931.

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A very interesting and unique obituary. Bix is cited as Bixie, his parents common way of calling Bix when young.
Two quotes
1."Bix Beiderbecke has left his mark on the future culture of the nation" Indeed and I will add to the world.
The complete article.


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I was impressed by this piece, mainly by the writer's insight.  Published just days after Bix Beiderbecke died, the writer correctly asserts that:
-- his work enjoyed widespread appreciation by contemporary fans (something that bears repeating)
-- Bix became a symbol of the Jazz Age (attaining mythic proportions with time -- see George Avakian's notes for Columbia LP CL844)
-- Bix would prove to be an influential artist for future generations (as described and debated extensively in this forum and elsewhere).

He was wrong that Bixie might be forgotten "as quickly as the popular songs he played," but that's how it looked at the time I guess.

Thanks for digging it up and posting!