My phone, the facilitator

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10:09 PM - May 08, 2018 #1

Last May, my phone developed a still-- unexplored anomaly. When I click on, the opening screen background is often (not always) a capture of an image from something I recently watched. Swipe up, the capture fills the screen.

First episode was a shot of James Comey from his Congressional testimony. I like Comey's face. (Have even hypothesized an earlier photo without bags under the eyes might please me less.) This endearing phenomenon lasted a few days, then evaporated. To eventually be replaced by Jeff Sessions' face from *his* Senate testimony! O, the horror!  (Yes, I must have inadvertently triggered these images but don't know how. Still bewildered.)

Cut to today. The opening image is now Bix's face! That precious solo image from Wolverine days of Bix, the serene, self-contained seer and seeker of mysteries. Joan of Arc was no more stunned or suddenly blessed than I am now when she communicated with St. Anne and other guiding voices.

Where is the Dauphin? Get ready to ride!