Let's listen to the 1921 Paul Whiteman orchestra.

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On June 16, 1921, the Paul Whiteman orchestra recorded Marion Stanford's "You're the Sweetest Girl."


The recording was advertised in The Monmouth Daily Atlas, 14 September 1921.

  YoureTheSweetestGirlAdThe MonmouthDailyAtlas14 Sep1921.JPG

12 takes were made. Take 11 was issued. Here is the link to the LOC jukebox entry for the recording. 

Click on the player to listen to "You're the Sweetest Girl," a Ferde Grofe arrangement. 

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I rented an Omaha, NE storage unit during a few late 1990s years... way south on 84th... Ralston or Papillion thereabouts.  The manager (owner? I don't know) lived in a home by the front gate, where you'd sign in & out... a fenced lot.  This manager was an older woman, child prior to WWII, and some of my old records in boxes must have prompted music conversation.  She told me, on more than one occasion, that her [great?] uncle played violin in Paul Whiteman's Orchestra.  She remembered being a young child, she said, with one of Whiteman's old records on the player in the family room at home, and her uncle there with his violin, playing along to the music.  I've no idea regarding veracity.  Her husband was deceased 1992... adult daughter present one time, I recall... and her last name then was, maybe, something like Neimeier or Neidemeyer.

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Anyone hear Bix & Izzy Friedman on this record?  Recorded NYC early April 1929 for Columbia budget labels Har-Vel-Div.


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A very interesting recording. Neither Barney Trimble nor Marvin Young were real people. They were pseudonyms for Irving Brodsky and Irving Kaufman, respectively. This information from the DAHR website.

Columbia matrix W148198. Huggable kissable you / Barney Trimble and his Oklahomans ; Marvin Young
Title Source
Huggable kissable you (Primary title) Disc label (RDI)
Fox trot (Title descriptor) Disc label (RDI)
Authors and Composers Notes
Irving M. Bibo (lyricist)
Irving M. Bibo (composer)
Composer information source: Disc label; U.S. Copyright Office files.
Personnel NotesHide Additional Titles
Marvin Young (vocalist) Pseudonym on Har 896-H and Col 1023-P for Irving Kaufman.
Barney Trimble and his Oklahomans (Musical group) Pseudonym on Har 896-H and Col 1023-P for Irving Brodsky Orchestra.
Irving Kaufman (vocalist : tenor vocal)
Irving Brodsky Orchestra (Musical group)
Irving Brodsky (leader)
  • Glossary for more information. " style="cursor: pointer;">Description: Jazz/dance band, with male vocal solo
  • Category: Instrumental with vocal refrain
  • Language: English
  • Master Size: 10-in.
Source(s): Rigler-Deutsch Index.
Berliner and Columbia issues. " style="cursor: pointer;">Take Date and Place Take explanation of how to interpret Status of Columbia issues. " style="cursor: pointer;">Status Label Name/Number Format NoteHide Additional Titles
4/9/1929 New York, New York 1 Unknown
4/9/1929 New York, New York 2 Master Harmony 896-H 10-in.
4/9/1929 New York, New York 2 Master Columbia 1023-P 10-in.
4/9/1929 New York, New York 3 Master Harmony 896-H 10-in.
4/9/1929 New York, New York 3 Master Columbia 1023-P 10-in.

This recording is not listed in either of Rust's discographies.

Irving Brodsky's band had only one recording session according to Rust:
Irving Brodsky And His Orchestra : Red Nichols, Tommy Thunen (tp) or John Egan (tp) Glenn Miller (tb) Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as) Pee Wee Russell,Fud Livingston (cl,ts) Henry Whiteman, Maurice Goffin (vln) Irving Brodsky (p) Tommy Felline (bj) Jack Hansen (tu) George Beebe (d) Irving Kaufman (vcl) also known as Robert Wood (vcl)
  New York, October 18, 1929
149076-1,2 If you believed in me (ik vcl) Har 1021-H, Special Rec 1053P
149077-2 The end of the lonesome trail (ik vcl) Har 1041-H
149078-2 I may be wrong (ik vcl) Har 1021-H, Special Rec 1063P
Here is the flipside of  Huggable:

Here is "I May Be Wrong."

You ask: "Anyone hear Bix & Izzy Friedman on this record?" Maybe Red Nichols and Jimmy Dorsey?  

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Yes, from looking through some UCSB discography of these tracks, I got the impression that Orch credits on these specific records (selected posted on my FB) were meaningless... the musicians, all of regular studio band personnel.  All the Broadway Bellhops sides, for example, were listed as Lanin bands in UCSB... SL a booker for studio musicians.  The day recording in studios, disconnected from whatever bands they played in evenings broadcasts occasions etc.

Our musician subject, then, was back in NYC from the IL rehab hosp by Feb 1929, and [from other internet source] Whiteman's Orch worked NYC area, only, steadily all of that spring, March through early summer... and recorded at Columbia studios, often, those months, including three April days {PWO} between the 5th and 10th.

Given the studio musician arrangement, and instrumentalists readily interchangeable, it seems mistaken to regard Rust's personnels as more than excellent guess.

Red Nichols, yes... or Mannie Klein... etc.

Another from that week in NYC at Columbia studios -