"La rabia de vivir": the translation into Spanish of Mezz Mezzrow "Really the Blues."

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If you lived in Madrid in 1992 and wanted to read about Bix in Spanish, you could go to a bookstore and purchase Mezz Mezzrow's "La rabia de vivir." Google translation: ""The rage of Living. "

The book was also translated into French in 2013.

Another curiosity.
From  http://www.jewfaq.org/ashkseph.htm
  • There are several subgroups of Jews with different culture and traditions:
  • Ashkenazic: Descendants of Jews from France, Germany and Eastern Europe
  • Sephardic: Descendants of Jews from Spain, Portugal, North Africa and the Middle East
  • Mizrachi: Descendants of Jews from North Africa and the Middle East
  • Other subgroups are Yemenite, Ethiopian and Oriental
Sephardic Jews speak ladino/judesmo, a form of ancient Spanish.From radio sefarad, a program about Mezz Mezzrow.

http://www.radiosefarad.com/mezz-mezzro ... do-amigos/

Bix's "In A Mist" is played halfway trough the program.

Mezz with Dizzie, the Duke and Muggsy among others.