Jean Goldkette and Fletcher Henderson.

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I am certain most of you are familiar with the battle of the bands between the Goldkette and Henderson bands/battle of music in Roseland in October 1926,

You may not know that Godkette and Henderson faced each other again in Feb 1927 at the J-Hop, University of Michigan. The following announcement is from the Michigan Daily, Feb 12, 1927.

Another announcement, this one from the Gargoyle.

Note  the "two-thirds" reference. There was a third band at the J-Hop: Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians. Henderson and Goldkette played in the Waterman gymnasium, Lombardo in the Barbour gymnasium. Information about the gymnasiums in ... erman.html

There is an amusing description of the competition between the Henderson and Goldkette orchestras in the Michigan Daily of Feb 12, 1927.